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The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

Hello lovelies!

I am FINALLY writing up my City Girl’s blog post. Is it just me or has life just got a little bit hectic at the moment? I need to up my organisation game massively if I want to keep up with everything!

A couple of weeks ago, on a chilled Friday night, I happened to tweet about how much I wanted to go to a blogging event. With no events in the near horizon I guess I was feeling kind of sad! But at around 11pm, Holly / Lorna appeared on twitter asking me if I wanted to join them at their event the next day, because someone had dropped out – they were like my guardian angel, and of course I SAID YES PLEASE!

Then it dawned on me, I AM NOT READY FOR THIS EVENT AT ALL!

Do I even have any clean clothes?! I need to wash my hair! Everything needs to get on charge immediately! Do I know anyone going?! Will I find the venue okay?! All of these little things that all turned out to be absolutely fine! After a few hash tag searches #thecitygirls I found I knew a lot of people going – PHEW! I was then SO excited.

Beforehand I met up with the ever so lovely Sass and we decided to get a taxi to the train station, our taxi driver was very jolly – I so wish I vlogged this! We grabbed a Starbucks, of course, and made our way to our platform – we were surprised that we had to actually wait for the train, we thought we would be so late!

The train was really busy, which unfortunately meant we didn’t get to sit directly next to each other and vlog and cool things like that. WE SOON ARRIVED IN SHEFFIELD! We kept asking….. why are there SO many Police men around!? We even went up to some and asked for the nearest post box, and they decided to tell a joke, that we didn’t get AT ALL. It turned out there was a match on, and this explained the rowdy men drinking on the train at 11am!

The weather was weird at this point, it decided to pour it down as we left the station, but then it turned into a beautiful day! GOOD, because we got really lost, and it turned out we walked straight past the venue!

Once we arrived… at Bloo 88 in Sheffield, we ordered ourselves a cocktail pretty much straight away, YUM. (Even though Sass was really hungover and tired, she was still convinced by the barman…)

The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield Cocktails Bloggers

We then headed upstairs to the room we were based in for the day! And the lighting was PERFECT for photos, such a blogger priority! The room was so lovely, so much hard work and effort had been put into making the room so fabulous, with a beautiful atmosphere.

The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield VOSS Water Bloggers

VOSS water were making sure we were kept hydrated at this event. I really love the bottle, I plan on reusing it and making some fruity infused waters! The social media team for VOSS are also absolutely incredible – so supportive! 

The City Girls Event City Hearts Charity Bloo 88 Sheffield

The event was raising money for the charity City Hearts. A charity I hadn’t heard of before, but a worthy one indeed! Amber made a lovely emotive speech, it really put life into perspective. Primarily, they support people who have been rescued from horrific life situations, such as human trafficking. I think they are a wonderful charity that need a little bit of a boost, every penny really matters to them, which is why I had to participate in the raffle!

The City Girls Event LUSH Cosmetics Bloo 88 Sheffield

LUSH Sheffield were at the event, and wow! What blogger doesn’t love Lush, so I was so excited to see that they were there!!! The ladies were lovely, giving advice. You could also make your own face mask if you wanted to! I was particularly interested in a new product of theirs, Powdered Sunshine. It is a powdered Sun cream! I thought this sounded amazing because I am always SO greasy on holiday and sand just constantly sticks to me! The Sunblock also sounds FAB, sun protection that you can apply in the shower?! Lots of amazing goodies in LUSH at the moment to prepare you for your summer holiday. 

I then popped to the Benefit Stand, and had my eyebrows sorted out! I was shown by the lovely lady how to shape them to suit my face – this was really useful! I am such a brow newbie, but as a blogger I feel I need to up my game on them really, but I am SUCH an eyebrow wimp – like serious tears and sneezing fits when I even pluck one hair! 

The City Girls Event  Bloo 88 Sheffield Cocktails Bloggers

Then it was LUNCH! Yum! As you can imagine…. I didn’t manage to really get any photos of the pizzas, they were wolfed down really quite quickly! But MmMm they were delicious and very fresh, I really liked the one with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and olives. (I think, I could totally be inventing my own pizza here) Plus a few more cocktails of course…. the raspberries mojitos were fab, and the personalised cupcakes were adorable!

The City Girls Event Panache Lingerie Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

After lunch I went and saw the lovely Zehra at Panache Lingerie. I was really nervous about having my boobs measured, but it was a long time needed task, and I am SO glad I braved it. It is so great to now know my size! I was wearing the TOTALLY wrong sized bra that day. Panache have kindly sent me a set in my size, I received it yesterday and it is truly BEAUTIFUL, I will be writing up a post very soon on this! Thank you so much Zehra! 

Lots more lovely brands were about, but for some reason I didn’t get photos of them! Just so much going on! Cinnamon Bun designs had some beautiful prints, I managed to feature them in my vlog below. 

Raffle prizes were then announced (some really great prizes too!) and then as we SADLY departed and said our goodbyes (IT FLEW BY) we were then given our goodie bags. WOW, I can’t believe how much was packed into these, I felt like my arm was going to fall off. I would like to thank all the brands SO MUCH, your generosity amazes me, and I am sure to feature these products in future posts. Fancy a peek into the bag?


The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

Isn’t it a fab goodie bag! I love The Bloggers Programme bag too, lovely touch! Some fabulous brands inside here, including LushBatisteLee StaffordNairBlanxBenefit, and Manuka DoctorThere were also some Stoats bars, but they were munched extremely quickly on the train home – delicious, thank you Stoats!

The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

I forgot to feature this fabulous Enchanted Forest colouring book in the goodie bag above! The extremely talented Johanna Basford has produced a really gorgeous colouring book. I have really enjoyed using this – SO calming, and the detailing of these illustrations are AMAZING.

Finally…. I actually VLOGGED this fabulous day too! As much as I could anyway… You can watch that here if you wish! Thank you so so much Holly and Lorna, you did an INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE job, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Leeds in the near future.

A few of the lovelies I met at the event: LornaHollySassGabbyAlexLauraLauraRinicaClaudia

If you could please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and give it a big thumbs up too I will be so so grateful! I love all your support, each and every one of you.  

Also, I fully recommend visiting Bloo 88 in future if you are ever in Sheffield. Lovely atmosphere, fabulous staff, and delicious food and drink! Thank you for having us! 

Thank you for reading lovelies, sorry it was a long one – hope I get to meet some of you at an event very soon!

Kayleigh xoxo


  1. May 16, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    Yay! I love reading everyone's posts from the day, your pictures of your goody bag are so good! I really struggled with mine, we were so spoilt 🙂 Lovely post Kayleigh, wish I could have got to speak to you properly! xx

  2. May 16, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    Hehe, I still don't know what the police man were saying about the crossword!!! It was such a fun day, I still can't believe I was persuaded for that drink even though I felt so ill!

    Sarah xxx ||

  3. May 16, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    Oh my god! Looks like you're having so much fun! I'm really happy for you. I laughed when you talked about having no clean clothes! It happens to me all the time so that's relatable XD by the way I am a HUGE fan of lush and so is my lil sis. I also love Voss water. You rock the city girl! 🙂

  4. May 16, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    Oh my god! Looks like you're having so much fun! I'm really happy for you. I laughed when you talked about having no clean clothes! It happens to me all the time so that's relatable XD by the way I am a HUGE fan of lush and so is my lil sis. I also love Voss water. You rock the city girl! 🙂

  5. May 17, 2015 / 4:10 am

    Awesome! That event looked like so much fun and for such a great cause! I can't believe how much stuff was in your goodie bag!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  6. May 17, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    Ahh we had so much fun that day – I loved when we all went for a mooch round sheffield after too, and the excitement of going through our goodie bags on the train 🙂

    Can't wait for the next one!

    Gabby xo

    Blog – What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  7. June 6, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    Sounded fab! Wish I could of come as I am desperate for my brows to be done & my bra size to be measured since I lost weight. I emailed a few weeks ago to be included in the Leeds Event as that's even closer to me & am praying I get an invite. X

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