As of January 2017:

Veryberrycosmo is a PR friendly blog which means I am willing to work with brands and companies, as long as the product or cause is suitable and fits in with my blogs theme. Any products that have been gifted to me from now on will be marked with a *

Saying that, all my thoughts and opinions about a product or service will be completely my own. If I don’t like a product,  I will say this very clearly! I look to blogs a lot when I am buying my own products, and honesty is essential. I like to view my readers as my best friends, why would I tell my best friends to buy a product that is truly horrible?!

If you would like contact me about an opportunity, please do email veryberrycosmo@gmail.com and I will aim to respond within 48 hours! Please note, that I cannot completely guarantee to post about your products, unless payment is made.

Kayleigh xoxo

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