CHRISTMAS | Gift Shopping Made Easy, With Debenhams

Oasis Francine Parka Coat, Debenhams

Department stores are amazing. You can literally buy ANYTHING from them. 

(you can’t buy everything from them, but you sure can get a lot of things)

From sofas… to kitchenware.. to lipsticks.. to clothes.. to luggage.. and to cameras, you can be sure that Debenhams has got your back. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping AT all – to those people who completed their shopping in like August, this post isn’t for you, unless, yano, you are preparing for Christmas TWENTY FLIPPING 17′

I always leave my shopping until the last minute, and I don’t even know why I do it. It happens every single year, and each year I always say ‘next year I will start earlier’ but we all know how that story ends. The thing is, I’m not very good at deciding what to buy people, and it is becoming harder each and every year. I find that when it comes to buying someone a present… if they REALLY really want something, they WILL have purchased it themselves already.

You know the drill, you see that super gorgeous lippy, the one that will TOTES suit that scarf you got last week. 

You may walk away without it FOR NOW, but it will be itching at you in your mind, BUY THE LIPPY, BUY THE LIPPY, and you always end up going back to buy it. My dad is the perfect example of this, he puts things on his wish-list and then buys them, without taking them off his wish-list, and then I end up buying him them. *HEAD SMACK* (to clarify, he hasn’t been eying up lippies, just saying)

There are some items out there, that to me, SCREAM perfect gifts. The kind of thing that you love opening and receiving, but maybe hate buying them yourself, you get me?

Coats, Scarves & Hats

Oasis Francine Parka Coat, Debenhams

You can never have too many coats or scarves, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. This applies to both men and women, Jordan seems to get a coat for his Christmas present every year! Investing in a coat wardrobe is probably one of the most sensible ideas, a coat truly MAKES an outfit. I swear I look like I wear the same thing everyday, because yes, I do only have one coat suitable for the colder months, I need to change this don’t I?  

Lorelai Gilmore is the perfect example of this, with her absolutely amazing coat collection – this woman gives me such coat envy, and yes she is a fictional character. 

I think a new coat is one of the best gifts you can ever receive. There is something about the price-tag of a coat that makes us go ahhhh, it’s frightening to put a large sum of money into one piece of clothing. But when you think about how much you use a coat, it is well worth the money! Receiving a coat for Christmas relieves the spending pain, but can also be seen as a really caring gift – they want to keep you all safe and warm! 

I’m absolutely loving my Oasis Francine Parka at the moment, it is SUPER cosy, Soph can vouch for me here, she couldn’t stop stroking the inside lining! I feel like a snug marshmallow when I have the hood up, it makes me smile so much. It comes in two or three different colours, but I felt the navy blue colour was more *me* – if you’re thinking about buying a coat for someone for Christmas, really think about that. Your sister Melissa may only wear her blacks, whites and greys, not because she is boring, but because these are the colours she feels more comfortable in. Don’t try and force her to wear neon pink. 

Oasis Francine Parka Coat, Debenhams

I feel like a coat and scarf go hand in hand. If you’re buying someone a coat, then finding a lovely scarf that compliments the coat, in my opinion, is really thoughtful. I’m all about the thickest wooliest scarf I can find, I particularly have a weakness for check patterns too. When buying someone a scarf, have a think about their style. Do they like flowers and nature? Do they like stripes? Do they like quirky shapes? 

My scarf is from Oasis and sadly, you can’t buy it from Debenhams, but I have picked out a couple that I love love love love love. This Camel and Pink Check Scarf is beautiful, and I think it would compliment a lot of hair, and skin colours, as well as outfits. I love the thickness and shape of this Wine Stripe Check Scarf, I feel warm and cosy just looking at it! These are just a few of the scarves I love, but Debenhams sure have LOADS to choose from… 46 pages to be exact. 

Oasis Josie Pom Pom Hat, Debenhams

Browsing on Instagram like…. HOW DOES EVERYONE PULL HATS OFF BUT ME. Yes, I feel ya. But one day, I was like YANO WHAT I can wear a hat. Everyone can wear a hat if they want to. Yes, it is a piece of fashion, so you are always going to be like ‘will it suit me’ but it keeps your head so toasty and warm, and there are times in life where warmth is the priority. I definitely fully appreciated my little bobble hat on Bonfire Night this year! Buy someone a hat this Christmas. Even if you have never ever seen them wear one before. It could be their new addiction! 

Sometimes you need someone else to open your eyes to new things. 

It appears that my Oasis Josie Pom Pom Beanie Hat* has been taken off of the site, sad times. However, there are still LOADS to choose from, I am actually having to refrain myself from making another purchase, simply because my hat doesn’t go too well with my coat and scarf! 

Beauty & Fragrance

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow, Debenhams

So, you’re shopping for a beauty lover? You may think, well they love beauty, so what on earth wouldn’t they have, don’t they have it all?! But that isn’t true. Boy, I love my products but the majority of my make-up collection is drug-store, apart from my lipsticks, because BAE. There isn’t anything wrong with drug-store products, they are brilliant! If I’m honest I never even called them that until I became a blogger, oh the cliches. 

Drug-store pieces are amazing for everyday occasions, but there is something amazingly special about a piece of high-end make up. The packaging is so beautiful, that you won’t want to use it and cradle it for weeks. They smell different. Promise, give em a sniff. They make application effortless. I could spend hours and hours trawling around the beauty floor of a department store, walking out with my hands absolutely covered in swatches. 

I don’t know a single beauty lover that would be sad to open an Urban Decay Naked Palette. Urban Decay are truly the QUEEENS of eyeshadow palettes. The shadows are buttery, easy to apply, they have brilliant staying power and come in some BEAUTIFUL colours. My personal favourite is Naked 3* because I am very into coppery, pinky, glittery tones. I feel it is the most wearable palette for everyday use. (out of Naked 1, 2 and 3) Of course, the brand new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette is absolutely perfect for everyday because all twelve shades are MATTE. 

Urban Decay Concealer, Debenhams

I don’t think I have ever spent any more than £5 on a concealer, simply because I find that the cheap ones do the job, until now. I’d heard a lot about this Urban Decay Naked Concealer* amongst the Bloggersphere’ and quite often I’m like… is it just a hype? Is it actually any good? But this could well be the best concealer I have ever used. It’s really high coverage, and the palest shade is brilliant at hiding your TIRED under eyes. Pop this under your Christmas tree, grab one for yourself, for your sister, mother, father, whoever, it is a life changer that is sure to make anyone smile. 

Urban Decay recently relaunched ONE HUNDRED brand new Vice Lipsticks* So you’re going to have to get one for your beauty lover this Christmas, right? All in different colours and finishes, to suit all lipstick lovers. There are some classic shades in there, but also some rather unusual ones. Which one to choose, you ask? I’m going to leave that decision up to you, because it is flipping hard. You may end up with the entire hundred in your basket. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Debenhams

There aren’t many people in the world that I would trust to pick out a fragrance for me. Scents are very much personal preference. Because of this reason, if you plan on buying a perfume or cologne for someone you are going to have to be extra sly. By sly, I mean taking someone on a shopping trip and picking up every fragrance you can and asking them to sniff it.


You will be so sly, that they will have absolutely no idea. Well they might realise, but at least you are buying a scent that they actually like eh? 

I’m currently loving Flowerbomb* by Viktor & Rolf. It’s a very popular fragrance, and I can see why. It’s subtly flowery, and musky at the same time, kinda sexy. It is beautiful for special occasions and would make a lovely gift. Gosh it’s hard to describe scents, have I sold it to you? 

Hope this post has helped with any last minute Christmas present ideas for all the friends and family! Pretty sure I am going to be buying my entire gift list from Debenhams, because it is SO easy and all in one place, plus I don’t have to leave my bed, and who’s winning there. That’s right. I am. Also… don’t forget to treat yourself this Christmas too!

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*Debenhams gave me £75 to spend on items of my choice for this collaboration, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. November 29, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Debenhams is my actual fave cause they have so much choice! I always buy my mum hats and scarves and I LOVE that hat!! Fab post gal xo

  2. November 30, 2016 / 10:36 am

    I love Debenhams, especially for my makeup purchases! x


  3. August 31, 2017 / 7:45 pm

    Love these photos of you, especially that first one <3

    Sophie xx

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