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Boux Avenue Casey Check Shirt

Hello lovelies!

I guess I should say Happy September……. even though, we all know it is October tomorrow. Opps. I haven’t been around too much over here on Very Berry Cosmo lately, but I have still been very much active over on my social media channels, as you all probably know! I like to remain connected and in the loop with all my favourite strawbs somehow. I have been focusing more on job hunting and my health lately, since I have been having all sorts of bodily problems.. yay… but you could say I am BACK? 

Very Berry is going back to posting regularly, can I get a woop woop? 

I’m sat here writing and I’m rather giddy… I’M BLOGGING. I’M BLOGGING. I’M BLOGGING, and all for a brilliant reason. Unless you have been under a rock lately you will know that I am now a Boux Avenue Brand Ambassador, which is so flipping amazing, because it is a brand that I have loved for a long long long long time. As you guys all probably know, let’s face it, I am not exactly the most ‘fashionable little bean’ – I like clothes, yeah, I like dressing up in something new for a party or something and feeling really pretty, but I wouldn’t exactly say I am a style goddess. Plus factor in the fact I have gone up around 2-3 dress sizes lately, I wouldn’t say I am the most ‘body confident’ I have ever been. But a really lovely pair of underwear can TOTALLY CHANGE THAT. Which is what I love about Boux.

You want 20% off Boux products…. don’t you? 

Let’s start with the bit you’re interested in, you’re not exactly going to say no to the above are you? Well, it is your lucky day because I have a super duper lovely 20% off code for all my strawbs. 

Simply use ‘BERRY20’ to save 20% off all full-priced items at Boux, aren’t I lovely? Now it is time to tempt you… 

Boux Avenue Sofia Balconette Bra
Sofia Floral Balconette Bra* (£30) and Sofia Floral High Waisted Briefs* (£17) 

Boux Avenue Lucie Lace Triangle Bra
Lucie Lace Triangle Bra* (£20)

Boux sure do sell some BEAUTIFUL pieces of lingerie, for all sorts of occasions. I am usually drawn to the really girly pieces such as the Sofia Floral Balconette Bra* (£30) above. I remember seeing Lucy Meck model it, and I was like I HAVE TO HAVE IT. To finish the set off, I picked up the High Waisted Briefs* (£17) because they were SO flattering. I’m not overly confident about my tummy at the moment, it sticks out a little too much for my liking and these are PERFECT for that. It covers and distracts, the added details focus in on your natural curves – LOVE these. 

The Lucie Triangle Bra* (£20) is also a seriously gorgeous piece, the lace is subtle, sexy and feminine. You can grab this one in all sorts of lovely colours, such as blue, coral, or red, but you can never go wrong with a black set. I personally think this set suits smaller boobs better because it doesn’t have under-wiring, but it makes it SUPER COMFY. 

Lingerie is what Boux is mainly known for, but it isn’t all they sell, they aren’t a one trick pony. *sassy finger clicks*

Now guys. Don’t laugh whilst I attempt to be a fashion blogger…

Boux Avenue Casey Check Shirt

Boux Avenue Casey Check Shirt
Boux Avenue Casey Check Shirt* (£26)

This time of year is EXCITING. For a number of reasons… beginning new years at college/university and of course, it is approaching Christmas. (Yes I just said the C word, soz) I hope you are all lovely and settled, whether you are a fresher, second year, final year student – YIKES I FEEL YA, or beginning any other new adventures.

ANYWAY. University was HARD work, much harder than I could have ever imagined. You will have times where you’ll laugh more than you ever have before. You will have times where you’ll cry more than you ever have before, and that is okay.

Boux Avenue Casey Check Shirt

You will have times where you just will not want to get out of bed, but your mind is going crazy because you have so so so much work to do, so much so, that it doesn’t even feel a little bit possible.

I must admit, it feels rather nice being on the other side, but you WILL get there. Those times where you feel you can’t get through it, you CAN and you WILL. But in case you need some extra persuasion… I thought I would give you a few University tips to help you out in those ‘I CAN’T DO IT, CAN SOMEONE BRING ME ALL THE SNACKS IN THE WORLD’ times.

Boux Avenue White Chiffon Scent
Boux Avenue White Chiffon Candle* (£10) and White Chiffon Room Spray* (£10)

1) TALK TO PEOPLE. Whether they are your course mates, flat mates, University tutors, ANYONE, go talk to that person on the bus if you really want to, just don’t bottle it all up – you are only going to explode at one point. The chances are, they are likely feeling the same kind of stresses as you.

2) Invest in comfortable lounge wear. I had very little contact time at University, which meant most of the time I was at home stressing over x essay, y design…. you get me. You just want to be as COMFORTABLE as possible, I found myself literally only buying lounge wear throughout my University years, simply because that was essentially my ‘uniform’ for that year.

The Casey Check Shirt* (£26 worn above) is PERFECT for this, it is so so soft, and is flattering in all the right places… yano, in case you bump into your crush in the hallway, although I wouldn’t suggest mingling with your housemates…. it is always awkward! Although I can’t talk… I was in a 3 year relationship with my housemate! DON’T DO IT. If check shirts don’t tickle your pickle, there are other beautiful designs such as the Tranquility Stripe Shirt (£26)

Pair your lovely shirt with some COSY SOCKS* (£5) – cosy socks are honestly the BEST. That soft feeling surrounding your toes when you wiggle them. University is tough, and probably the first time you are *really* independent and away from your family, if anything can make you warm and cosy, it is worth buying.

3) Don’t be so hard on yourself. You ARE allowed time off. It’s so easy to get yourself down and swept under all of your work. Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines, disgusting word huh? It’s easy to forget that you are only human, there is only so much you can do. The more pressure you put on yourself the more likely you are to buckle and burn.

Have time for yourself, go outside, see people, have a lovely soak in the bath. Be structured, set yourself a REALISTIC plan, have certain slots reserved each day to concentrate on the things that make YOU happy, and make you… well, you. You can’t be expected to work… ALL of the time.

4) However, when you do sit down to work… DO IT. Thats kind of how having your own time off works. I was SO bad at this… and I still am, but lately I have been trying to put my ALL into projects instead of half arsing them. Yes I do love watching Gilmore Girls whilst doing tasks because it makes them seem less tedious, but they end up taking SO much longer. Open the task and just DO it. Set up a nice cosy atmosphere, MUSIC, soft clothes, all the snacks within arms reach, light candles around the room… whatever it takes for you to DO your work. Don’t tell your landlord that I told you to light candles though, because that is naughty. 

My current favourite candle is the White Chiffon Scented Candle* (£10)… YES Boux do, do candles! and this scent is so lovely and fresh. If you have ever ordered anything from Boux, you will know they pop lots of lovely scented petals in your parcel and they are the White Chiffon scent. It is BEAUT.

5) USE STUDENT DISCOUNT. If these tips don’t help you get through your student woes…. don’t forget there are some AMAZING perks about being a student, with discounts being a BIG BIG one. There are all sorts of lovely Boux Avenue Student Events happening all across the country over the next couple of weeks, so I hope there is one near you to enjoy:

Cardiff St Davids – 4th October, 3-11pm
Cabot Circus, Bristol – 4th October, 6-9pm
Hull – 4th October, 6-9pm
Trafford Centre, Manchester – 4th October, 3-10pm
Guildford – 4th October, 3-8.30pm
Merry Hill – 4th October, 3-10pm
Belfast – 4th October, 3-9pm
Kingston – 4th October, 6.30-9pm
Brighton – 5th October, 6.30-10pm
Lakeside – 5th October, 3-10pm
White City, Westfield – 5th October, All Day
Intu Chapelfield Norwich – 6th October, 5-9pm
Bluewater – 6th October, 3-9pm
Oxford Street – 6th October, All Day
Southampton – 6th October, 6-10pm
Bullring, Birmingham – 13th October, 4-10pm
Bath – 13th October, 6.30-9.30pm

At these events you will receive 20% off full-priced items, and also a FREE limited edition goodie bag when you spend £50, which means it is well worth a visit! Find all events here:

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Don’t forget to use my 20% off code ‘BERRY20’ whenever you are next shopping at BA, because you NEED NEED NEED those items, there isn’t any time for guilt around here! Do send me snaps of what items you pick up or what you are lusting over, I would love to see them! Good luck with the start of your new term! See you soon strawbs!

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*This post is in collaboration with Boux Avenue, however all thoughts and opinions are my own* 


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