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FOOD | Making Wonderful Memories, at The Alchemist

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass

Hello lovelies!

It's been about three weeks now since I last posted on Very Berry Cosmo. I guess I have been feeling a little bit low about blogging recently, pretty much falling out of love with it. I expressed my thoughts in my latest YouTube video - thank you for all the comments and lovely direct messages that I have received in regards to this! It also makes me feel sad that a lot of you feel the same too :( BOO.

This is meant to be fun...this blogging thing...

was one of the things I said during this video, and I guess it is one of the quotes that has stuck with a few of you. It is meant to be fun, so why does it keep me up most nights? Worrying and worrying about getting my next piece of content out, to the point where no content goes out at all? Where the flip did all the pressure come from all of a sudden? 

Blogging has given me SO much. For one, I am far more confident in social situations, such as maybe meeting someone for the first time, or standing up and giving presentations. Secondly, I get to work with some AMAZING brands, heck... did you hear my latest news? I'm a flipping Boux Avenue Brand Ambassador! Thirdly... and this is kind of what this post is going to be about, the people I have met from blogging is 100% my favourite part.

I'm currently living up North, whereas my hometown is down south in Gloucestershire. I was at the University of Leeds for 4 years, and now that little chapter of my life is over... I don't actually know a HUGE amount of people up north. University friends have moved on, moved back to their hometowns, found new towns to explore and make new memories and adventures. I guess you could say I am quite lonely. I don't know very many people up here, to the point that it makes me feel like I don't really have any friends.

The majority of people that I socialise with and tend to meet up with, are people that I met on the Internet. Am I ashamed of this? HELL NO. I even met Jordan on the Internet, and he is currently one of my favourite humans. 

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass

The Alchemist is my favourite favourite cocktail bar ever. There are currently two in Leeds, two in Manchester, one in London, one in Birmingham and one in Liverpool, and let me tell you,  I am sure they will be expanding even further, across the country FAST. I love a lot of things about The Alchemist, first off - the drinks are one of a kind, and they are made in really exciting ways, definitely not just your traditional cocktail from this place! IT IS ALL SCIENCY. Not even a word, but roll with me here... Also, it is probably the most blogger friendly decor place I have ever seen, and what is not to love about that? 

So when the Trinity Leeds bar, invited me to try out their NEW Cocktail Masterclass I literally was like YESSSSSSS PLEASE. I didn't really know anyone going, but I took it as an opportunity to meet some new faces, as said above, I don't know very many people up here anymore :( 

The Alchemist, Peaches and Cream Cocktail

The night began with a 'Peaches and Cream' cocktail, which was made by our lovely Masterclass host, Andy. I won't lie, it was probably my favourite drink of the night, it went down far too easily, like squash! The drink is a new take on the classic bellini, featuring peach, pink grapefruit and lemon, and OF COURSE the prosecco bubbles! At the Alchemist it is all about the extra details, look how cute the prosecco looks in the little conical flask! Pouring it in and not letting it bubble over sure was an experience!

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass
The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass

It turns out that I did in fact know three of the other lovely bloggers already that were attending the Masterclass, including one of my bestie bloggers, Maisie. She was my cocktail making partner for the evening and first up we made the 'Key Lime Pie.' This drink is relatively new on the menu, however I had actually already tried it before because I am Alchemist OBSESSED. It contains rum, coconut rum, apple juice, lime juice and ALL the vanilla meringue foam.

I'm quite surprised they let ME use a blow-torch.... especially after alcohol consumption, on no food, but there we go, it turns out I was a natural... even if I do look TERRIFIED, so does Maisie...

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass
The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass

It was then SENSIBLY decided that we should probably have some food....... trying their HOME-MADE truffle popcorn, aka trying anything truffle flavoured for the first time, I must say I felt Oh-so-sophisticated. 

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass
The Alchemist, Lightbulb Moment Cocktail

The second drink of the Masterclass was called 'Lightbulb Moment' and I must say... it was my favourite to make, even if it scared the life out of me. THE BUNSEN BURNERS CAME OUT. It was like being back at school, except it was fun, oh so much fun. Oh and there was dry ice and that's kinda cool isn't it. The first picture of this blog post is the drink in it's 'light bulb' form. I was quite sceptical about the drink itself, because it contains ginger beer, and I can't stand ginger, *ugh gingerbread* but it turns out I really enjoyed it. The gin and the Pimms must have concealed the flavour slightly! YAY BOOZE. 

The third drink of the night was called 'Bounty' and yes you guessed it, it was a coconut drink. I didn't get any photos of this drink, and if I am honest I don't really remember making it. That's the thing when you make your own drinks... the measurements kind of go out the window and I think I made my drinks FAR too strong - opps! I think it was a Wednesday night too!

The Alchemist, Cocktail Masterclass

Anyhow, Kayleigh, get to the whole point of this blog post..

I came away from the event feeling so good and so happy, and I swear it wasn't just the booze talking. Making wonderful memories like these will be what I look back on and cherish. These days, I much prefer to spend my money on experiences rather than physical things, I feel the sentimental values hold a much stronger place in my heart, and overall happiness. I had SO much fun making my little cocktails with my bunsen burner, and watching all of the scientific magic happen before my eyes. Going to a cocktail bar is great and everything, but creating the drinks yourself is far more memorable and rewarding, all night you just want to be like HASHTAG I MADE THIS. 

I'd like the thank The Alchemist for inviting me to this absolutely brilliant event, I had SO much fun, and so many giggles with the amazing girls that were there, it really helped with my feeling of loneliness <3 You can book your own Cocktail Masterclass here - For £30 per person you receive the four drinks, and for £35 per person you receive the four drinks, as well as the platters of food. Anyhow, I think it is well worth the money considering the cocktails are around £7-£8 each on their own, and you get to make wonderful memories with your friends whilst making them! This isn't your typical Cocktail Masterclass! 

Have you ever been to the Alchemist? 
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*The Alchemist invited me for a FREE cocktail masterclass, in exchange for an honest review*

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

LIFESTYLE | Sharing The Blogger Love

Sharing Blogger Love

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're well as usual, welcome back to my berry filled blog! That Lame Company, also known as Chloe and Charlie, released a rather cool blogging print last week or so, and I knew I just had to SNAP IT UP ASAP. It comes in Gold or Rose Gold foiling.... believe it or not, the above print IS rose gold, but flipping heck is it hard to photograph!

Blog, Tweet, Snap, Repeat.... 

Do you ever feel like this is your LIFE? Maybe factor in other responsibilities such as full-time work, yano, adult-ing, maybe you have children to look after and all sorts of other commitments too, but as far as your blogging life is concerned, this is it, on repeat ALWAYS.

It is hard to not get yourself in the mind-frame that all of the work that you're putting into your blog just isn't getting you ANYWHERE. Like you are just stuck in the mud, you might even feel like your blog is taking steps BACKwards, I know I feel like this quite often. 

But it is going somewhere. TRUST ME. It IS, and anyway, you should be oh so proud of your blog. You have created something that didn't used to exist AT ALLLL on the Internet, and now it does. That is pretty amazing huh? 

Sharing Blogger LoveI quite often have my days where I am like "uggggh I am SUCH a horrible person, why the flip does anybody like me" - I just feel like I am not the kindest version of myself at the moment, basically kinda how I felt just before I went on my anti-depressants to begin with. I WANT to spread more kindness to people - I want to make people feel happy, and like I have made their day. 

I was in the shower this morning (why do all the good ideas seem to come along when you are washing your body?) and I had a bit of a brain-wave. I have wanted to start advertising on my blog for like EVER, and have just never had the time. Now that I have more time I thought YESSS I can finally have advertising on my blog.... but if I am honest, I don't want to take peoples money. 

So this got me thinking... How about I pick one blog each month that I am really really enjoying in various ways, their social media presence, their blog content, their photography etc etc, and showcase them on my blog in anyway that I can?! So that is what we are going to do from now on!

Each month I will select a blog that I am loving, you can also email me some suggestions - I would LOVE to find shiny new blogs to obsess over. They will feature in my side-bar - just above my popular posts section, I will also retweet and share their blog posts during the month as much as I can. At the end of the month I will compile a blog post together of the three posts of theirs that I loved the most! This idea will hopefully bring a wider, fresh new audience to the chosen blog, as well as making the person feel good. I'd like to think it will be motivating to get you out of that 'blogging slump' as said above. I know I LOVE being mentioned in tweets like this, where someone has specifically singled you out - you feel special, you feel good!

For August, I have decided to choose Chloe from Lady Writes!

Lady Writes
Chloe has a really gorgeous blog. I found myself the other day scrolling around her blog, and I think I was on there for a good hour or so. Her layout is fabulous, the photography is flawless. What draws me in though is her content, she writes about a huge variety of things, although mainly beauty based. I don't look at LOADS of beauty blogs - I mainly love lifestyle ones, but Lady Writes is one of the beauty ones that I do go to, and trust. I must say I am rather envious of her Rosie for Autograph collection - it is stunning! 

I am really excited to have the 'blog I am watching during 'X' month' on Very Berry Cosmo - I hope you are excited too! This is just one way that I am going to spread a little kindness each and every month. Check out Chloe's blog here!

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Thursday, 4 August 2016


What If I am Pregnant?

Hello lovelies! 

Just to quickly point out, dad etc I am NOT pregnant, my mind just likes to play tricks on me.

There is a lot of pressure on girls these days, SCHOOL, UNI, CAREER CAREER CAREER, and hearing all sorts of things such as "you're too young" for certain situations and I think because of all of this chat, I have had a fear of becoming pregnant ever since I probably started my period. My most popular post ever on my blog was about my experience with the Contraceptive Implant, something the doctors and I decided would be best, in order to battle these fears. I also love how much I have helped people with that post, quite a lot of you have said you have too got yourself the implant after reading my post - I hope life has improved for you since you got it! 

I was the kind of girl that had scared herself so much after reading all sorts of stories on the internet, that she thought she could get pregnant from like a bus seat. Obviously you can't... I am sure I am not alone here, and that many of you are afraid of becoming pregnant, which is why I felt it was important to address this subject today on my blog. It's not that I don't want children EVER, I just don't wish to have them at this point in my life. 

What If I am Pregnant?

The implant is absolutely great, it has totally changed my life. The only problem, is that I don't get regular periods - I really miss having these periods in a structured manner, plus periods are the *you aren't pregnant* monthly reminder that I am sure you girls hate, but also love at the same time. The thing with contraception methods is they work because they TRICK your own body into thinking you are already pregnant, and therefore can't get pregnant again. That is what is happening at the moment, I FEEL pregnant, I'm so convinced that I am pregnant for the majority of the year because it genuinely feels like there is something going on in my body. Constant bloating, urges to wee all the time, itchy / sore boobs - the list is endless!

I know these are symptoms for all sorts of issues, but with my OCD mind I can't help but use those two words...

What If. 

What if I'm pregnant? I know I have an implant, but it is only 99% effective - What if I am the 1% that it doesn't work on? It will get to a point that these questions get all too much, and I act on my compulsion of buying and using a pregnancy test. That will calm my mind for a bit, but really not long at all. What if it was a dodgy pack and the test didn't work, What if I have tested too early and there isn't enough of the hormone to detect it on the test - etc etc, my thoughts are endless. 

When I have calmed down and have managed to convince myself I am not pregnant, my mind will THEN move onto other things, why does my stomach always hurt, why are my boobs itchy and sore... What if it's breast cancer? 

Thats the thing with OCD. It is all about the 'WHAT IF' - What if I haven't locked the door? What if I left my straighteners on? What if I have dangerous germs on myself? What if I accidentally put bleach in someones food? What if, what if, what if. I worry too much about the future.... I want to live more IN THE MOMENT, IN THE NOW. Why do I worry about things that haven't even happened, and might never ever happen? This is something I hope to work on over the next few months. 

If any of you have ever purchased a pregnancy test, you will know how intimidating it can be going up to the till with the box in your hand, especially if you still look about 16, like me, you can get some really interesting looks! This is why I love shopping online on Superdrug. You can purchase any of these items that you might feel embarrassed to usually purchase, from the ease of your own home. 

Also, did you know if you have a Superdrug Health & Beauty card (if not, why not?!) you can get FREE standard delivery on all orders - it is amazing, and super super helpful. I thought I might mention it in this post because I know not a lot of people know about this fact, I know it has changed my life! I love online shopping but I absolutely hate paying for delivery, I will do anything normally to reach the minimum spend - so I hope you find this little face useful!

Can any of you relate to this post? Do let me know in the comments! 

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*This post contains gifted items, however all life rambles are my own*
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