Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I am Stuck

Hello lovelies!

Happy May...... I know I know, it is already the 17th of May, and I am acting like it is the 1st of May, heck, I wish it was. Where is the time going?

I'm Stuck Guys. Yano when you get your car stuck in the mud, because you TOTES shouldn't have driven in such muddy conditions in the first place, and you spend ages trying to get yourself out of that mud. Wheels turning, mud flying everywhere, you may even need to get some people to give you a hand to get out. Thats kinda how I feel right now. 

It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and whilst I think this is brilliant - I am so pleased that there is a week dedicated to this, I do think that people should be mindful of mental health all throughout the year.

I am stuck in a LIFE RUT, and I am not entirely sure how to get out of it. I can't quite help feel that I am a failure, and that I am disappointed in myself. Constant disappointment in yourself isn't good for your self esteem, thus not good at achieving a healthy motivated mind. I've worked so hard towards my degree, ever since I began it in 2012, and I quite help feel I am letting it slip out of my grip.

GOODBYE OCD STIGMAI only have this one project to go, and whilst I absolutely love the topic I am doing it on, (educating people about OCD, which I am sure you are all already aware - please follow my new Twitter!!) I am extremely passionate about it, and I am receiving all sorts of lovely supportive comments for doing it. The trouble is, sometimes I find working on this topic somewhat triggering, and in some cases can make me feel extremely anxious, resulting in me curling up in a ball and not being able to do any more work on it for a day or so. I like to believe that sleep can cure anything. You can be in a right grumble but you can go to sleep and awake the next day, feeling positive, and energetic, and generally much happier than before you went to sleep. 
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