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#B3CharityRevamp For Martin House Children's Hospice

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is about a lovely little event that I attended last night. (That is what I originally wrote when I began this post…. but I went to this event over two weeks ago now 🙁 Oh man! BAD BAD blogger) I have definitely made this post MUCH harder to write… I always find it harder to write a post about an event that was so long ago now. Waaa! … I will learn. 

Anyhow. This was a super lovely event run by PR company Branded 3, a cute evening to raise money for the excellent children’s hospice, Martin House. 

For those of you that don’t know, Martin House is a really lovely charity in the North. They provide a friendly, safe and positive environment for severely ill children, who sadly will not get better 🙁 They provide care for the child, support for the families, whilst being in a lively, fun and loving atmosphere to ensure the children have the best quality of life as possible. They are SUCH a lovely charity.

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms Leeds

The event was held at the Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom in Leeds. Once I finally arrived… (I always seem to get lost when finding blogging events, YES, even in Leeds) I got to see how beautiful the venue was, that we were going to be spending our evening in! It got me very excited for a girly giggly evening. I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of the tea rooms before, but I would fully recommend them! The food on offer was really tasty plus the staff were amazingly fun and entertaining!

Look at how pretty everything was set out for us! 

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms Leeds

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms Leeds

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms Leeds

The evening began with a few games! The first game was really funny, and now I am really sad that I didn’t capture any of it in photographs! We had to ‘style our own outfit’ – Martin House had provided us with a few not so fashionable pieces, and us bloggers provided a few pieces to sell and use in the games too. We had to create an outfit with these clothes BUT we had to use at least one Martin House piece… 

It was kind of like that moment in RuPaul’s Drag Race where they have to like RUN to grab their pieces first…. 

My Martin House piece wasn’t too bad I don’t think, it did have a few stains on, but it added to the character of the outfit I think! After we had all picked our outfits we had to stand up and show everyone our pieces! (You could kinda tell who the fashion bloggers were, ahahaha opps.) Lots of giggles and after some ‘serious’ judging we found out that Bee had won the one4all £100 voucher! She is very lucky with winning at the moment! 

People were then given the chance to purchase any of the donated clothing items, with all money going towards Martin House of course! Then it was time for AFTERNOON TEA! (But in the evening, which I thought was rather cool) 

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms LeedsJust Grand Vintage Tearooms Leeds Scones

The food was delicious! I loved the scones covered in the cream and jam. I was also extremely happy to find that I pretty much liked all the sandwiches! No fishy ones!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The staff were lovely and very helpful. They were working very hard, getting prepared for their next working day whisking up a batch of rocky roads! Thank you so much Just Grand! 

Whilst we were munching on our lovely foods, including popcorn from Propercorn. We were given a quiz! Everyone in my team was wearing striped clothing: Leanne, Rhianna and Alexas if we had planned our outfits together! I won’t lie, I wasn’t that much help with the quiz because I couldn’t see the questions, but my team mates rocked it and happened to win! So thank you very much guys! We all won makeovers and photo shoots with a photo studio in York – looking forward to going to this with my bestie! 

Finally, the charity auction! Branded 3 had done really well to select out some wonderful prizes! It was great to see how excited people were getting when bidding for the items. Gabby was particularly keen! But good for her, all her money went to a fabulous cause!

This is what happens with bloggers, when it gets late, a little too much prosecco is involved AND there is a fan. haha oh dear! 

Don’t we look fabulous? These photos with Alex, Sass and Gabby make me giggle, but also make me sad because we had to say goodbye to Alex, who is in Sweden for the next year doing her masters. Miss you already chick! xoxo

#B3CharityRevamp For Martin House Bloggers

#B3CharityRevamp For Martin House Bloggers

At the end of the event we were kindly gifted some lovely PERSONALISED Snapdragon goodie bags! Isn’t it amazing! I am guessing they noticed I like peanut butter. I will probably do a post on this recipe soon so keep an eye out!

SnapDragon Goodie Bags

SnapDragon Goodie Bags

Lots of lovely goodies inside, so a big thank you to the brands for their generosity!

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! It was a really wonderful event. It was great to see my lovely Leeds girls again – plus meet some new faces! Whilst raising money for a lovely charity, Martin House! I don’t know how much we raised in the end, but I am sure they extremely appreciate any money, if you have any to spare! – it really is a fabulous cause, that needs all the help it can get. A big thank you to Branded 3 and Just Grand for an absolutely wonderful evening. 

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  1. August 31, 2015 / 7:44 am

    What a lovely location for such a great cause, I wish I had been closer by and not all down south haha xxx


  2. August 31, 2015 / 5:04 pm

    This looks like such a brilliant event, and everything looks so cute, especially the venue and how everything was set up! It looks like you had a fab time too sweetie 🙂 xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty Diary

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