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Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods

Hello lovelies!

I would like to firstly, apologise for how POOP I have been on Very Berry Cosmo recently. I haven’t posted in over a week (and a half now) and I just feel so so horrible and bad about it, but it is just one of those times I guess! Moving house last Wednesday, working full time still and not currently having any Wifi in my new property makes it a little bit of a challenge I guess. But I AM BACK, I am here! 🙂

I just want to start this post with…. HOW DO YOU SAY THIS BRAND? Is it… just nakd? or is it naked? Because I have heard both ways of saying it and I seriously don’t know… all I know is I LOVE THESE DELICIOUS THINGS. 

Anyway, back to the post. I have loved these bars for some time now. The flavour ranges are great, absolutely gorgeous branding and most importantly, they don’t contain any little nasty ingredients.

These gorgeous HEALTHY Nak’d cereal bars. Yes, HEALTHY. When I say healthy, I mean, that they contain natural ingredients. They mainly contain dates and quite often cashews, with fruit juice and a hint of natural flavouring. So you can enjoy the sweet goodness that you love, and not feel guilty. I wouldn’t suggest eating like 10 of these in a day, because yes they do contain quite a lot of sugars. But they are NATURAL sugars that do the body good, just take it easy on the teeth yeah?

So when the lovely Fran contacted me on behalf of Natural Balance Foods and asked if I would like to be sent a DELICIOUS case of 18 bars, in a mixture of flavours*…. I just couldn’t say no! I was just SO excited to get the opportunity to try out some of the flavours that aren’t available at my local store! I like to have one kept in my desk drawer at all times for that little energy boost to get me through the day.

You may have seen recently that I have been moaning on
twitter (a little…. A lot) and generally feeling really quite sad. (also
explains my quietness… I am scared) Basically I have been suffering from a really, really,
really, sore tummy for some time now, and this week I’ve been having a lot of doctors tests to figure out what is going on in there. I admit I am PETRIFIED
for the results. The natural human response is to think the ultimate worst, particularly
when you are someone who experiences a lot of health anxiety, linked to my OCD.
(I basically have a huge fear of dying young) but who doesn’t?  I spoke about this in my previous post why do we worry?

One of the things that I am being tested for are
intolerances. Nak’d cereal bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free, plus they are
also vegan, which makes them the ultimate versatile snack! Until you really
have to think about the ingredients that are in your food, I don’t think you
really realise how difficult it is to continue your normal habits and diet whilst
cutting out wheat dairy or gluten. The first thing to cross my mind when I
think about having  an intolerance is………

PIZZA???????? And CAKE. 

You guys know I LOVE pizza 🙁 But there are lots of
really delicious alternative options out there in supermarkets, for things like
milk, pasta, cheese, cereals, cakes, you name it, stores seem to be increasing
their ranges. The misconception that free from foods don’t taste as nice is
complete crackers, I have found some really gorgeous foods including these
Nak’d Bars! SO MANY FLAVOURS TO TRY heart eyed emoji. (They aren’t to
everyone’s taste, but I guess that is the same with all foods!)

Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods

Want to learn more about dietary needs? I do hope this page helps, I know it can be daunting at first,
and really hard to cut out your habits at first, but if my tests come back
positive this week I am sure we can get through this together! Drop me a
! I may even do a future foodie series on foods / meals you can eat when
you are suffering from intolerances, but hey, I am not a chef… so don’t judge

Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods
My personal favourites are Berry Delight, Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Delight and Bakewell Tart! 

Have you ever tried Nak’d Bars? Do you have a favourite
You can buy them in lots of stores including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and
Waitrose, or you can buy in bulk – with a wider variety on the Natural Balance Foods website!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I might go and have a
Berry Delight one now… MmMmM… because let’s face it, breakfast options always
taste better at night time.

100% yummy, 100% vegan, love your body, nature is nice!

Take care lovelies, I love you a lot!

Kayleigh xoxo

*this post contains gifted items, however all opinions are
my own*


  1. July 4, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    I am seeing these bars on so many blogs! Its making want to try them so bad! lol My body doesn't digest dairy properly so these bars would be the perfect snack! I wonder if they'd ship to Canada?

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. July 4, 2015 / 12:35 pm

    Love this post 🙂 hope your results are all okay my lovely! I've tried a one of these bars before and think I'd need to try them again to be fully convinced but I can't believe how many flavours I didn't know they did?!? Need to get my hands on a Bakewell tart one 🙂 🙂 sounds heavenly xxxx

  3. July 4, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    Lovely post Kayleigh! I have never tried these bars but they look nice! On another note,hope you feel better soon! Have a great weekend hunni xx

  4. July 4, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    I've only ever had one of these once but loved it – I can spy and cocoa mint one that I just HAVE to get my hands on! I love these kinds of bars when I'm on the train/running late for something/after a work out 🙂
    Fingers crossed all is well with your test results! But at least if you do have an intolerance you can still chow down on these beauties! Sending good vibes to you, and hope you settle into your new house ok!

    Katie xx


  5. July 8, 2015 / 6:33 pm

    I totally love these bars Kayleigh! Haha I'd never thought about saying 'nakd' before… I don't even know how to pronounce that! (I'm saying it over and over again right now btw and my family are giving me funny looks! Hehe). I only wish they weren't so expensive 🙁 aw Hun I really hope your results are okay. I also have a huge fear of dying young! We need a catch up soon, I miss you 🙁

    Sarah xxx

  6. July 15, 2015 / 11:14 pm

    I love your photos!! I'm a big fan of Nakd bars and tried almost all of them now. I love how many different flavours they have and they're great for baking too!

    Ami xxx

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