Sunday, 26 July 2015

LIFESTYLE | Why Am I SO Indecisive?

Indecisive University Student Dissertation Graphic Design

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is kind of one of those rambly ones. One of those posts where I haven't really had any thought about what to write. I am quite simply tucked up in my bed, cosy, on a Sunday afternoon and talking to you about life, and how I feel right now. I love these posts. I think they are my favourite.

So, what are we talking about today?


I have always been quite indecisive. You know the drill, that situation where someone asks you where you want to eat and you just reply like I don't mind, you pick. Bang, that is the problem. Being afraid of confrontation, just wanting to settle for what the other person wants, almost to please them. (Even though you really crave a really tasty Wagamamas) So yeah, okay I am a pleaser. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

TRAVEL | #BloggerSleepover with Sykes Cottages

Blogger Sleepover Honey Stone Sykes Cottages Holiday Travel Bloggers Peak District

Hello lovelies!

Okay this is a post (and vlog) that I am super super super super SUPER duper duper duper excited to share with you all! You may, probably, definitely will have seen myself and 5 other bloggers go a weeny weeny bit crazy with the #BloggerSleepover hashtag for a few weeks or so now. But particularly crazy last weekend because that was when we had our gorgeous weekend away!

This might be a long one.....

I spent the weekend with Alex, Rhianna, Emma, Sophie and Lou. It was wonderful, it was like living in a little blogger house! I love these guys, I really do. I don't even really call them my 'blogging friends' anymore, because to be honest, they are simply my friends now, and I don't know what I would do without them! *awwwwh soppy moment* It does bring a tear to my eye when I think... I met these girls on THE INTERNET? What?

So, where did we spend the weekend? THIS gorgeous little Sykes Cottage in the Peak District - Honeystone.


Friday, 17 July 2015

LIFESTYLE | 50 Things To Do When You Don't Have Wifi

50 Things To Do When You Don't Have Wifi

Hello lovelies!

Some of you may be aware that I moved house just over two weeks ago and I stupidly didn’t set up broadband in advance, which means I have been without wifi since then. No Netflix SOB SOB. (don’t worry though, I have been seeking out wifi spots for PLL, I HAVE to)

Living without wifi is really quite hard, especially when you are a blogger. You don’t REALLY think about how many daily activities in your routine require it… UNTIL you take it away. I have already spent so SO much on 3G on my phone, opps!

In today’s post I thought I would make a list of fun things you can do without the holy grail that is WIFI. I mean, for most of my childhood I didn’t have it… and I turned out okay, didn’t I?!

Let your inner child out!


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

LIFESTYLE | A Little Life Chat, From Me To You

A little personal lifestyle chat tea and cake Victoria Sponge
Photo taken by the lovely Sophie <3 
Hello lovelies!

I think today might well turn into quite an emotional rambly… but I guess that is just how I am feeling this week! I really apologise in advance if the post seems like it just doesn’t make sense... you are seriously having the raw cut, straight from my brain right now, as if we were sat down in a coffee shop together, with a lovely hot drink, and a big slab of cake, just talking about life. Me to you.

University is a great experience, it really really is, and I would recommend it to anyone, I really, really, really would…….


All I can say is, University can just be SUCH an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

I find I feel quite anxious and on edge throughout the University year because I constantly just want to do my BEST and stress out if I don’t achieve what I expect to. But to be honest, this part of University didn’t surprise me - all the deadlines and everything were expected. However what I am talking about today is something you don’t really think about when you send off your shiny UCAS application…. And that is SAYING GOODBYE.

Summertime is such a wonderful time, but also such a sad time. You get the freedom from deadlines (that you have literally been wishing for your LIFE, for the last 9 months) BUT it is that time of year where you have to say bye to your University friends. WHAT? I don’t get to live with my best friends for three WHOLE months?! How does one survive….. Who am I going to have pizza with at 3am? Who am I going to talk to when I am feeling sad at ANY HOUR?  

But all is okay, because you know you are going to see them again soon and living with them, literally attached to the hip in no time.

Not this time.

I joined University in 2012 and now it is 2015, it marks the year of graduation. (With courses being typically 3 years long) I am doing a four year course, but a lot of the people I know were doing three year courses which means they will be leaving Leeds this year SOB SOB SOB. It saddens me so much that a few of my besties aren’t going to be in Leeds, they are going out there into the big old world looking for jobs, it is such a weird feeling because we started this experience together, but we aren’t finishing it together. (& gosh I know they feel sad for leaving too) I feel I shouldn’t be here without them. I KNOW I will see them again soon. I find I am fine when I have events booked in the calendar to meet up with them, I feel in life I get upset about the unknown quite a lot. Having the time scheduled in the future pleases my mind a lot, and gives me something to look forward to. 

Just over a week ago my boyfriend moved out of our accommodation. And that was WEIRD. I have lived with him since first year in halls, so you can imagine how strange it is for me now that he isn’t going to live with me. I won’t lie. A bit of space really has done wonders I think. I am literally SO excited to see him next week at his graduation and you can imagine that excitement bubble kind of dies when you see someone everyday. But like I said, it is all okay at the moment because I have this scheduled in, so we will probably have to have something planned in immediately after to put my mind at rest and to look forward to. It is so hard to go from living together then totally switching it up to long distance :(

I think I am just the kind of person who sometimes finds it hard to accept that life moves on. You aren’t going to be friends with the same people forever, life moves on, people move around the country / world, you change as a person whilst meeting all sorts of different people along the way. I hardly talk to anyone who I used to hang out with a lot at A-Level age, but that is life I guess! Sometimes it is just not meant to be.

The main reason I am writing this post is because I am coming towards the end of my year in industry this week. Friday is my last day working for the University of Leeds, and I have honestly loved my year so much. I have learnt so many skills, grown as a person and met some wonderfully fabulous people. I know how much I am going to HATE saying goodbye, even though I am going to meet up with them still next year, it doesn’t matter, I will still be SO sad. You can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to absolutely BALL my eyes out on Friday, and at my leaving do tonight actually! 

Yes. I am THAT girl. I am absolutely pants at saying goodbye. I really am.
- DO not look at me in the eye (I can’t do this, it makes me weep)
- YES that is my lip wobbling uncontrollably
- Try not to talk too much about what is happening either hahaha.

Basically, saying goodbye is POO, I wish we never had to do it! Saying goodbye just isn’t a comfortable human emotion. I hate saying goodbye to my dad at the train station when I go back to Uni, I hate saying bye at the end of relationships, falling out with friends, I hate saying goodbye to my friends / boyfriends at the train station. Gosh aren’t train stations horrible places to be! I just don’t like not seeing the people I love and care about for prolonged periods!

However, sometimes saying goodbye is a good thing. Saying goodbye to my nan last year when she sadly passed away was the most heart breaking thing I have ever gone through, but the closure was also what I needed, and I am so glad I visited her in the chapel of rest, a very very sad, but very much needed moment. One that I will cherish forever.

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies, Can you relate to this, do you hate saying goodbye? Or am I the only one who literally can’t look someone in the eye when I say bye, without wanting to ball my eyes out! (Obviously only works over a prolonged period… I won’t cry if I am going to see you later that day or something, that would be silly!!!

*Sorry for the ramble, our drink is probably very cold now!!*

Love you lots, 

Kayleigh xoxo

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

FOOD | Nak'd, Delicious Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Goodness

Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods

Hello lovelies!

I would like to firstly, apologise for how POOP I have been on Very Berry Cosmo recently. I haven’t posted in over a week (and a half now) and I just feel so so horrible and bad about it, but it is just one of those times I guess! Moving house last Wednesday, working full time still and not currently having any Wifi in my new property makes it a little bit of a challenge I guess. But I AM BACK, I am here! :)

I just want to start this post with.... HOW DO YOU SAY THIS BRAND? Is it... just nakd? or is it naked? Because I have heard both ways of saying it and I seriously don't know... all I know is I LOVE THESE DELICIOUS THINGS. 

Anyway, back to the post. I have loved these bars for some time now. The flavour ranges are great, absolutely gorgeous branding and most importantly, they don't contain any little nasty ingredients.

These gorgeous HEALTHY Nak’d cereal bars. Yes, HEALTHY. When I say healthy, I mean, that they contain natural ingredients. They mainly contain dates and quite often cashews, with fruit juice and a hint of natural flavouring. So you can enjoy the sweet goodness that you love, and not feel guilty. I wouldn’t suggest eating like 10 of these in a day, because yes they do contain quite a lot of sugars. But they are NATURAL sugars that do the body good, just take it easy on the teeth yeah?

So when the lovely Fran contacted me on behalf of Natural Balance Foods and asked if I would like to be sent a DELICIOUS case of 18 bars, in a mixture of flavours*.... I just couldn't say no! I was just SO excited to get the opportunity to try out some of the flavours that aren't available at my local store! I like to have one kept in my desk drawer at all times for that little energy boost to get me through the day.

You may have seen recently that I have been moaning on twitter (a little…. A lot) and generally feeling really quite sad. (also explains my quietness... I am scared) Basically I have been suffering from a really, really, really, sore tummy for some time now, and this week I’ve been having a lot of doctors tests to figure out what is going on in there. I admit I am PETRIFIED for the results. The natural human response is to think the ultimate worst, particularly when you are someone who experiences a lot of health anxiety, linked to my OCD. (I basically have a huge fear of dying young) but who doesn’t?  I spoke about this in my previous post why do we worry?

One of the things that I am being tested for are intolerances. Nak’d cereal bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free, plus they are also vegan, which makes them the ultimate versatile snack! Until you really have to think about the ingredients that are in your food, I don’t think you really realise how difficult it is to continue your normal habits and diet whilst cutting out wheat dairy or gluten. The first thing to cross my mind when I think about having  an intolerance is.........

PIZZA???????? And CAKE. 

You guys know I LOVE pizza :( But there are lots of really delicious alternative options out there in supermarkets, for things like milk, pasta, cheese, cereals, cakes, you name it, stores seem to be increasing their ranges. The misconception that free from foods don’t taste as nice is complete crackers, I have found some really gorgeous foods including these Nak’d Bars! SO MANY FLAVOURS TO TRY heart eyed emoji. (They aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I guess that is the same with all foods!)

Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods

Want to learn more about dietary needs? I do hope this page helps, I know it can be daunting at first, and really hard to cut out your habits at first, but if my tests come back positive this week I am sure we can get through this together! Drop me a message! I may even do a future foodie series on foods / meals you can eat when you are suffering from intolerances, but hey, I am not a chef… so don’t judge tehehe.

Natural Balance Foods Cereal Bars Nak'd Healthy Wholefoods
My personal favourites are Berry Delight, Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Delight and Bakewell Tart! 

Have you ever tried Nak’d Bars? Do you have a favourite flavour?! You can buy them in lots of stores including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, or you can buy in bulk – with a wider variety on the Natural Balance Foods website!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I might go and have a Berry Delight one now… MmMmM… because let’s face it, breakfast options always taste better at night time.

100% yummy, 100% vegan, love your body, nature is nice!

Take care lovelies, I love you a lot!

Kayleigh xoxo

*this post contains gifted items, however all opinions are my own*

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