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The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is one of those…. YUMMY ones. You know, the kind of post that makes you want to just lick the screen?

About a month ago now (bad blogger) myself and four other bloggers (Emma, Alex, Kellie, and Em) were kindly invited to a little evening at The Botanist in Leeds Trinity & boy, were we in for a TREAT.

I had been to The Botanist once before and had an absolutely wonderful time. Both the Watermelon Martini and Strawberry & Marshmallow Dessert Kebab are to die for. I fully recommend these both. BUT ANYWAY. This isn’t about those delicious items, it is about the absolutely wonderful evening I had.

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

When I arrived I was greeted by the absolutely lovely Katie, she was honestly SO fabulous. The evening wouldn’t have been the same without her. We had these cute little frames on our table describing what our night had in store, was such a nice touch! Plus these little music request vouchers for the musical act later that evening!

I am not going to write too much during this blog post, since I feel it is a “the photos speak for themselves kind of post…” plus The Botanist has a gorgeous character and personality. We couldn’t stop talking about how “Blogger friendly” the venue was, we were definitely the heart eyed emoji this evening.

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

We began the evening with the signature ‘The Botanist Cocktail’ one of their top sellers, and I can see why. It was absolutely delicious, the perfect flavours to balance out the alcohol. Plus doesn’t it look lovely? “Green Mark vodka, Havana 3 rum, elderflower liqueur,
red amaranth, mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice
topped with lemonade” (Taken from The Botanist Menu) MmMm

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Mojitos
MORE… cocktails! I went for the blueberry mojito, and I can’t quite remember what Alex went for… but you could choose from strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, apricot, peach, cherry or passionfruit. (£7.95)

Then Katie thought that it might be time for some food…. which was probably a VERY smart move, these cocktails are stronger than you think, especially on an empty stomach! 

I had a bit of fun with my camera for these photos, I kept forgetting I was on video mode (I was vlogging this day, you can find this below!) Please excuse the blurry photos below for this reason… they aren’t quite as ‘crisp’ as I would have liked! (The cocktails also didn’t help!) Opps!

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
Endless amounts of amusements… “Please pass me the WHEELBARROW of chutney
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The bread baskets were SO CUTE, and ahh the salt and pepper onion petals were by far my favourite nibble of the night, they were SO DAMN GOOD. (£3.50) 

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Trask Band Live

The entertainment for the night were the fabulously upbeat Trask. We were very lucky for our table to be right in front of the band, and we adored the little silver drum! The boys provided great entertainment for the evening, plus adding to the cosy atmosphere. My photo and description may not capture the atmosphere as well as my vlog, so that will be below! I used my song request voucher and asked for them to play Valerie, because what a classic. 

Finally… near the end, promise

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Brewers and Botanists

Okay, so this is a new idea at The Botanist and a quite a SCARY concept for me, being the total ‘I do not AT ALL like beer person’ So what do I do? I order a beer and a cocktail. The Brewers and Botanists concept is basically for those indecisive people that can’t decide whether they would like a beer or a cocktail, so why not have both?!

The flavours have been selected and formulated in order to complement each other. I chose the Number Three (£8.95) and WOW the cocktail was absolutely stunning, as expected, EXTREMELY sweet, with it having Disaronno in it. The Beer… Hmmmm, it was still not to my taste, but it really helped having the cocktail to drink it down with, and I managed to drink the whole bottle! I basically took one sip from one, then the other… vice versa! SUCCESS, The Botanist managed to make Kayleigh drink a beer… something I never thought would happen!

I also VLOGGED this lovely day. You can see this below!

Did I make you hungry? 

Thank you so much to Katie, and the rest of The lovely Trinity Leeds Botanist team, we all had such a wonderful evening and I think we can all agree we were well and truly spoilt. Thank you to the lovely girls I spent my evening with also.

Have you ever been to The Botanist? They are based in Alderly Edge, Birmingham, Chester, Manchester, Newcastle and of course LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS. 

I fully recommend taking a trip there, the atmosphere is fabulous, very up beat and jolly, and like I previously said, the decor is BEAUT. Blogger perfection. 

Thank you for reading lovelies, Catch you soon,

Kayleigh xoxo

*This evening was kindly paid for by The Botanist, however all opinions are my own* 


  1. June 16, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time 🙂 (I mean I have heard about it a few times hehee), glad you finally finished the post last night/this morning and were able to sleep. Lovely photos!! 🙂

    Mojichlo xxxxx

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