Tuesday, 23 June 2015

LIFESTYLE | Why Do We Worry?

Why Do We Worry? Health Lifestyle Chatty Post
I really really really struggled choosing an image for this post, so you are going to have to have the closed eye smiley from yours truly I'm afraid! 

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is one of those kind of rambly ones, focusing on a question that I ask myself a lot, it is constantly on my mind... Why do we worry? (Shall we see how many times I say the word worry in this post, I have a feeling it will be a lot...) 

Now, I know it is in fact an extremely normal human mind process, but where does it cross the line? Everybody worries, they are lying if they say otherwise. But why do some people worry more than others? 

Why do I worry about absolutely everything in life, yet so many other people appear so so care free.

People that don't have the 'worrysome' problem, also described as anxiety, just don't quite understand. They may just tell you *to stop worrying* but that just doesn't really work does it? It is like telling someone to not think of a cute kitten, and then the mind will instantly think of a cute kitten. (awwwwh kittens) How often do people question 'why' you are worrying? Probably not all that often, because that can be seen as an effort, they could be getting themselves into a really long ramble that they perhaps don't really want to listen to, they may have their own life problems. 

I know that if someone asks why I am worrying I could quite literally talk for days. But what people may not understand is that just talking REALLY REALLY helps. So you hold on really tight to those people that question why.

What Do I Worry About? 

Pretty much everything. Not quite. But seriously a lot of things......
- Money
- Fire
- Burglars
- General Crime 
- Pregnancy 
- Under Performing In Employment
- Failure
- Teeth
- Losing My Senses
- Friendships and Relationships
- Disease and Dying
- The Unknown 

A pretty standard list that I am sure a lot of people worry about, but the CONSTANT worrying is just so so so so so so draining and exhausting and it is just so.... 


There is nothing productive about worrying. It pretty much sucks away all of your time. Quite a lot of the time I like to have a nap (three hour sleep) whenever I am feeling particularly anxious, and that takes up a lot of time. As much as I say that 'worrying is a waste of time' I still JUST CAN'T stop, even if it is what I want the most in life right now. 

I question my life choices far too much... WHAT IF I do this, and then this happens. The responsibility I feel for my actions and anything that happens to me is just ridiculous. And notice how the majority of my worries are in the future / also may not even happen. So why? 

I want to live in the present, and enjoy the life I am CURRENTLY living, no worrying about what the future holds, because what happens is just what happens. To enjoy those beautiful things in life.... Feel the wind through my hair, listen to the birds, inhale the crisp air and freshly cut grass. Feel the sun on my skin (when it is ever out, Leeds sort it out) tickle my tastebuds with all things delicious, sightsee all the beauty that is out there, capture it, live it. 

I most definitely want to live a very fulfilling life and endless worrying about it now, will not do anything good, nor productive. As usual I want to end with my favourite quote "Don't worry about the things that MIGHT happen, concentrate on the things that ARE happening"

Hope you enjoyed my little ramble lovelies, I will be dead impressed if any of you made it to the end! Can you relate to anything in this post? You might also like my 10 Things To Do When Feeling Anxious Post. 

Catch you soon - Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

Saturday, 20 June 2015


Hello lovelies!

So in today's post we are talking all things BOOB. 

Last month at The City Girls Event in Sheffield, I was very fortunate to meet the lovely Zehra from Panache Lingerie. Panache offer a range of GORGEOUS lingerie sets, particularly in the larger cup sizes, typically D+ with some styles offering a K cup. (They have a few styles to choose from in B+ cup also) 

Zehra was kindly offering a fitting service, which at first I felt really quite nervous about, BUT it had been one of those things that had been on my to do list for a VERY long time. 

C'mon ladies, let's be honest.... do you ACTUALLY know your boob size? (I sure didn't...) 

Panache Lingerie The Importance Of Measuring Bra Size Boobs
Panache Lingerie The Importance Of Measuring Bra Size Boobs
Zehra kindly sent me this beautiful 'Kali Balconnet Set in Cobalt*' in my ACTUAL Size!! 

When I told a friend I was being sent a lingerie set, they were like oh gosh are you going to wear it and take photos?! and I was like ohh noooo! (Great if you feel confident enough to, but I sure as hell don't!) By the way... taking photos of bras, is REALLY CHALLENGING. Bravo to whoever does this for a living.

Anyway, back to the post. The importance of getting measured, and the little tale I have to tell. Recently I had been complaining about my bra constantly digging into me and really being quite painful. This made me think that I was wearing the wrong size, and I assumed that I needed to go up a band size. Wrong. 

On the day of The City Girls I was wearing a 36B, purely because it just felt nice, it felt comfortable, it stopped me complaining from the ache I was feeling, yet it felt supportive, it was my new favourite bra. Psychologically I felt that it was my correct size, even that one was starting to feel 'too tight' Zehra probably was really quite shocked, she pulled at my bra band to show how loose it was, and really how unsupportive it was. It turns out I was a 32... She said that if I continued to wear that bra, my boobs will sag alot quicker. NO girl wants to hear that. I totally didn't know that wearing the wrong bra size could do this... please tell me this isn't common knowledge and I am not alone?! Moral of the story, go get measured! 

Us girls have enough things to add to our body confidence list, no need to add that into the mix... BUT OH it is amazing how much confidence a beautiful piece of lingerie can give you!

Panache Lingerie The Importance Of Measuring Bra Size Boobs

"Crafted for fit. Style for fun" So true, this bra is super super comfortable, fits in all the right places, with comfortable wide, supportive straps. The band size is where the most support comes from, followed by the straps, and then the cups. It is really important you are measured to ensure a comfortable fit! 

Panache Lingerie The Importance Of Measuring Bra Size Boobs

I explained to Zehra that I always found the front bit of bras to dig in really tightly. I find that the area near my ribs sticks out really quite a lot. She said to look out for bras that curve up more in the central region, rather than a straighter cut. It is really hard to explain without properly showing you, but the bra I chose is a a really good example of what kind of cut you should look for if you are suffering similar issues!

Panache Lingerie The Importance Of Measuring Bra Size Boobs
Panache have a gorgeous booklet with their entire collection in. They also do swimwear and sportswear, plenty to choose from! 

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! I hope I have inspired you to get your boobs measured! If not, Panache have some really good measuring advice on their website. They also have such a beautiful Spring / Summer collection at the moment, I plan on splurging on payday, since I now only have one bra that fits me perfectly, I have my eye on the gorgeous fern set! Do you have any Panache Lingerie?

Thank you so much to Zehra, and Panache Lingerie for sending me this gorgeous set and for measuring me!

Lots of love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*This post contains gifted products, however all opinions are my own!*

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

FOOD | Bloggers Cocktails Giggles At The Botanist

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is one of those.... YUMMY ones. You know, the kind of post that makes you want to just lick the screen?

About a month ago now (bad blogger) myself and four other bloggers (Emma, Alex, Kellie, and Em) were kindly invited to a little evening at The Botanist in Leeds Trinity & boy, were we in for a TREAT.

I had been to The Botanist once before and had an absolutely wonderful time. Both the Watermelon Martini and Strawberry & Marshmallow Dessert Kebab are to die for. I fully recommend these both. BUT ANYWAY. This isn't about those delicious items, it is about the absolutely wonderful evening I had.

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

When I arrived I was greeted by the absolutely lovely Katie, she was honestly SO fabulous. The evening wouldn't have been the same without her. We had these cute little frames on our table describing what our night had in store, was such a nice touch! Plus these little music request vouchers for the musical act later that evening!

I am not going to write too much during this blog post, since I feel it is a "the photos speak for themselves kind of post..." plus The Botanist has a gorgeous character and personality. We couldn't stop talking about how "Blogger friendly" the venue was, we were definitely the heart eyed emoji this evening.

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers

We began the evening with the signature 'The Botanist Cocktail' one of their top sellers, and I can see why. It was absolutely delicious, the perfect flavours to balance out the alcohol. Plus doesn't it look lovely? "Green Mark vodka, Havana 3 rum, elderflower liqueur, red amaranth, mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice topped with lemonade" (Taken from The Botanist Menu) MmMm
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Mojitos
MORE... cocktails! I went for the blueberry mojito, and I can't quite remember what Alex went for... but you could choose from strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, apricot, peach, cherry or passionfruit. (£7.95)

Then Katie thought that it might be time for some food.... which was probably a VERY smart move, these cocktails are stronger than you think, especially on an empty stomach! 

I had a bit of fun with my camera for these photos, I kept forgetting I was on video mode (I was vlogging this day, you can find this below!) Please excuse the blurry photos below for this reason... they aren't quite as 'crisp' as I would have liked! (The cocktails also didn't help!) Opps!

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
Endless amounts of amusements... "Please pass me the WHEELBARROW of chutney"
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers
The bread baskets were SO CUTE, and ahh the salt and pepper onion petals were by far my favourite nibble of the night, they were SO DAMN GOOD. (£3.50) 
The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Trask Band Live

The entertainment for the night were the fabulously upbeat Trask. We were very lucky for our table to be right in front of the band, and we adored the little silver drum! The boys provided great entertainment for the evening, plus adding to the cosy atmosphere. My photo and description may not capture the atmosphere as well as my vlog, so that will be below! I used my song request voucher and asked for them to play Valerie, because what a classic. 

Finally... near the end, promise

The Botanist Leeds Trinity Food Cocktails Bloggers Brewers and Botanists

Okay, so this is a new idea at The Botanist and a quite a SCARY concept for me, being the total 'I do not AT ALL like beer person' So what do I do? I order a beer and a cocktail. The Brewers and Botanists concept is basically for those indecisive people that can't decide whether they would like a beer or a cocktail, so why not have both?!

The flavours have been selected and formulated in order to complement each other. I chose the Number Three (£8.95) and WOW the cocktail was absolutely stunning, as expected, EXTREMELY sweet, with it having Disaronno in it. The Beer... Hmmmm, it was still not to my taste, but it really helped having the cocktail to drink it down with, and I managed to drink the whole bottle! I basically took one sip from one, then the other... vice versa! SUCCESS, The Botanist managed to make Kayleigh drink a beer... something I never thought would happen!

I also VLOGGED this lovely day. You can see this below!

Did I make you hungry? 

Thank you so much to Katie, and the rest of The lovely Trinity Leeds Botanist team, we all had such a wonderful evening and I think we can all agree we were well and truly spoilt. Thank you to the lovely girls I spent my evening with also.

Have you ever been to The Botanist? They are based in Alderly Edge, Birmingham, Chester, Manchester, Newcastle and of course LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS. 

I fully recommend taking a trip there, the atmosphere is fabulous, very up beat and jolly, and like I previously said, the decor is BEAUT. Blogger perfection. 

Thank you for reading lovelies, Catch you soon,

Kayleigh xoxo

*This evening was kindly paid for by The Botanist, however all opinions are my own* 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

LIFESTYLE | A Letter To My Best Friend

I hope you don't mind me using this image, you look BEAUTIFUL 

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is a little bit of a different one, potentially one of the shortest but sweet posts I have ever written, one that I have been scared to write, but one that I am completely utterly excited about, so LET'S GO.

"Ok, so Hi BB <3 

First, you are probably thinking.... why has Kayleigh sent me a link to a random blog, OH WAIT.... that is Kayleigh's face to the right, since when did this girl have a blog?!

I have honestly been meaning to tell you / show you my little space on the web for quite some time now. Each time I have gone to tell you I have just completely chickened out. I don't even know why, because I am extremely proud of my little blog.

I first began Very Berry Cosmo back in October / November 2014 when I was perhaps feeling a little bit lonely. Doing a placement year is quite a lonely process, yet extremely rewarding at the same time. I never expected this many people to read my blog, or for myself to actually keep up with it, but here we are almost 8 months later, and I couldn't be happier. 

Because I didn't expect to keep up with it like I have, I decided I just didn't want to tell anyone in person about my blog. It was like my little secret self development project. You have made some comments about how you think I am happier mentally these days, and I think it is because of this little project, it makes me so happy that you have noticed this.

My blog journey has been a little bit of a whirl wind, it started off slow, but recently I feel it has picked up really quite a lot. The main reason I feel I need to tell you about it is because I feel guiltyI want to share my life with my best friend!! People have started to find my blog, friends on my course, my family (AHHH) so I wanted to share it with you too.

I have been attending quite a few events recently, and I feel you have noticed this. WHO does Kayleigh suddenly keep going out for cocktails with?! I am so sorry for not telling you sooner, but now I have told you I would like to invite you to come for cocktails any time, the girls I have met through blogging are truly lovely and I think you would love them too.

This also explains my lack of social media activity.... because I have some shiny new accounts, that you can find by searching @veryberrycosmo on Twitter and Instagram. (Be warned I talk a lot, and it is probably annoying)

So there we have it... I hope you enjoy my blog BB, please do have an explore and I hope I have a new reader!! :) 

IT FEELS SO GOOD to get this off my chest. 

Love you lots, Miss you already, COME BACK TO LEEDS,

Kayleigh xoxo "

For anyone else reading this piece, I hope you liked it. I FINALLY TOLD HER! I felt I was better at writing this out rather than speaking it, plus I wanted to just kind of SHOW her my blog. Do you have anyone you wish to show your blog? Maybe you could try this out...

Talk soon lovelies,

Kayleigh xoxo

Sunday, 7 June 2015

DUSTY GIRLS | Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Dusty Girls Make Up Moo Goo

Hello lovelies! 

Today I thought I would talk about a brand that I am absolutely ADORING at the moment. They could well be my beauty brand of 2015 so far. And that brand is Dusty Girls.

A few weeks ago, Chloe and I met up for a meal, and a few drinks afterwards. On our way home a guy decided to come up to us and ask us "Why aren't you wearing any make-up" We were really quite stunned by this, just stood there like huh really? I can't quite remember our response, but I sure remember his.... "It's Saturday night you sluts!" oh I'm sorry.... I didn't realise that not wearing make-up on a Saturday night made me a slut.... Dressed up in jumpers with rucksacks and big coats, we evidently weren't out for the life of the party.

Funnily enough.... we were actually wearing make-up! I think I was wearing concealer and mascara, and going for a natural look. And WHAT is wrong with that?! What that guy doesn't realise is how much that kind of comment, can really knock a girl. These days there are so many campaigns out there trying to embrace the natural beauty and build self confidence in women and that one little comment can literally shatter it all to pieces.

This is where Campaign CAKE FACE comes in. 
On the side of the Dusty Girls product packaging they have written "Dusty Girls say no to cake face and yes to natural, healthy skin. Beauty is within but there's no harm in highlighting our good features. Our number one beauty tip? Smile!"

I ADORE ADORE this message, I honestly couldn't say it any better myself. There are always questions...... Why do girls wear make-up? Who are they wearing it for? The answer is ME. I wear make-up to enhance my features (mainly for special occasions) and I ENJOY it. I am perfectly happy not wearing it, however this wasn't always the case. You can read about my previous experiences here.

These products I am mentioning below are all natural, not tested on animals and without the nasty chemicals that a lot of beauty products have. They aren't only made with natural ingredients, but they are made to LOOK natural too. Because we really are all beautiful, just the way we are. Farmed by the same people as MooGoo, you can really trust that they have thought about putting your skin first.

Dusty Girls Moo Goo Pink Ladies Mineral Blush
Dusty Girls Moo Goo Pink Ladies Mineral Blush

This is the Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Blush in Pink Ladies* (£15) It is absolutely STUNNING. I featured this blush in my March favourites so I won't talk into it too much. But I completely utterly adore this product. It is the perfect gorgeous summer pink, to give you that healthy flush, with a teeny bit of shimmer, but don't worry it won't make your face sparkly! It is SUPER pigmented, this totally surprised me with it being a natural based product. I like to apply this using my Real Techniques Blush Brush. I absolutely love love love it, buy it right now!

Dusty Girls Moo Goo Fair Minerals Light Kabuki Brush
Dusty Girls Moo Goo Fair Minerals Light Kabuki Brush

This is the Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder in Fair Minerals* (£17.50) Before this foundation, I hadn't ever used a mineral powder based foundation before. If I am honest, I wasn't entirely sure on how or why they would work! Boy was I wrong, I absolutely adore this product!

This foundation and the WONDERFULLY soft, Kabuki Brush* (£7.50) go hand in hand! They work absolutely perfect together. Just swirl the brush into the little pot, and apply to your skin in circular motions to build a natural coverage. You can layer it up for more coverage if you wish. I like how this feels on the skin, very light, as if you aren't wearing anything, but getting that coverage that you desire. This is why I think this foundation would be gorgeous for use on holiday. On holiday it's hot enough as it is, and I want my skin to be able to breathe. I don't wear make-up a lot on holiday, but I do like to get dressed up in the evenings, and I think this foundation would be absolutely perfect! It also has an SPF15! 

With it being a powder formula, I think it is really important to moisturise morning and night, in order to avoid it drying out your skin. I know a lot of people do this anyway... but speaking from my personal experience - I admit I am fairly lazy in my morning routine...

Dusty Girls Moo Goo Earth Cream For Acne Prone Skin Light

This is the Dusty Girls Earth Cream for Acne Prone Skin in Light* (£11.00) I don't really suffer from acne prone skin, but this product is still lovely and provides a really sheer coverage and no clogging! I must say, it doesn't have the most 'pleasant' aroma, but this is because of the natural ingredients and once you have buffed it into the skin you don't notice it anymore. 

Ok, so what REALLY surprised me was how well this product matched my skin tone, considering they only have two shades, light or medium. HOW?! When I have so much trouble finding a matching foundation in the drug store.....

Overall a gorgeous product, I would say that is has a little bit more coverage than the minerals powder. As you can see it has quite a thick consistency, but it blends really well. I think it is quite like a BB / CC Cream, but I haven't tried those before! But ALL skin-loving, natural, edible ingredients... if you did fancy eating it... if that kind of thing tickles your pickle.

Dusty Girls Natural Make Up Beauty Moo Goo Samples

Dusty Girls offer a free sampling service, in order to make sure you receive the correct shade! They come in cute little pots like this. The Earth Cream only has two shades, but the Minerals comes in nine, based on your skin tone and under tones. There is a little quiz you can take on the Dusty Girls website in order to decide! Looking back, I probably would have suited the Fair Minerals with Sunset Tones more than the Fair Minerals, because of my pink undertones. So always try the samples first! 

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Will you be picking up any Dusty Girls products soon? Please do embrace your natural beauty, and don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise!

These products are all made with natural ingredients, to give that healthy glow. The natural make up look is very 'in' at the moment... even if it still takes 30 minutes to achieve it.... Self confidence is so so important, for wellbeing and mental health. When I wear Dusty Girls product I feel more confident in myself, than if I wasn't wearing anything at all, and the ingredients aren't bad for my skin!

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*This post contains gifted products, however, all opinions are my own, I absolutely adore Dusty Girls!*

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

LIFESTYLE | Goodbye Excessive Unnecessary Alcohol

Lifestyle Blogger Personal Post Ditching Alcohol

Hello lovelies!

I will admit I have really struggled motivating myself to blog this week, partly due to feeling really down and also partly due to the fact that I just couldn't decide on what to post about next! I have too many ideas at the moment! And you know that good old procrastination technique, where rather than tackling that large list of yours and solving your problems, you avoid them.... not helpful!  

So with this struggle in mind... I thought I would just speak about what is on my mind right now. I feel I can't really speak this in person to anyone because I would probably stutter and get a little bit upset, which is kind of why I have and love my blog so much.

I feel there are quite a lot of blog posts these days in the bloggersphere about reducing or cutting out alcohol all together. I don't know whether it is to do with age, or the realisation that it really isn't too 'cool' to get absolutely hammered every night.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do love a girly night out with a few cocktails (my Instagram shows....) and this is perfectly fine. What isn't fine, are the nights out with the excessive over drinking where you just slightly cross over that line.

I don't enjoy these nights out anymore. 

They might be all fun and giggles for about an hour or so, and maybe sometimes they are needed to let off a bit of steam, but that is all.  I don't like how I feel in the morning,  I don't like not remembering anything and most importantly,  I don't like myself as a person.

Recently I wrote a post about how I have been feeling recently, you can find that here. I spoke about 'angry / sad' Kayleigh kind of taking over 'happy' Kayleigh's life. Which is all very true, but far more apparent, after maybe a little bit too much to drink.

On Friday night I had one of these nights. And on Saturday I had one of these horrible days. I came home after this night out and I apparently said some truly disgusting, nasty things to my boyfriend that I have absolutely no recollection of saying at all.

He told me what I said on Saturday and it made me cry, a lot. I guess alcohol over exaggerates any emotions you might be feeling at the time, and blows your feelings out of proportion. For example, if I was feeling unhappy with him for whatever reason, alcohol would come along and storm all over the situation. He is fine and forgave me and I am truly grateful for that, however I am not fine with it. I wouldn't have forgiven me. I feel really sad about it all and it just makes me not like myself as a person. This was all down to the nasty devil, too. much. drink. 

Lifestyle Blogger Personal Post Ditching Alcohol Afternoon Tea Hilton Double Tree Sky Lounge

Also, feeling absolutely dreadful on the Saturday due to my horrible hangover was not the ideal day. Sorry to the poor lovely Leeds bloggers that had to put up with me moaning at our afternoon tea event at the Double Tree Hilton Sky Lounge - love you girls! After a lovely day with these girls I got home and my anxiety levels just continued to rise.

I hate not remembering the events of the night before. I like to be fully in control of my situation and surroundings. I remember parts, and the rest is kind of hazed, and this is not enough for me. I pretty much start imagining scenarios, the 'what if's' of the night. It often makes me wonder how I get home safely and not lose anything! I spend days, even weeks after a night out worrying about what may have happened that night, that I can't remember.... aren't these nights out supposed to be fun and all?!

Saying all that, it is my University Summer Ball on Saturday, and I am really looking forward to having this last event with my boyfriend since he graduates this year. I am not letting alcohol ruin this night for me, so I am only restricting myself to a few drinks. Just need to find a dress still.... and that is another nightmare in itself! 

GOODBYE excessive unnecessary alcohol, I won't miss you.

Thank you for reading, sorry for my little rambling spree... once you start I guess you can't stop! I hope you enjoyed this post... I am not completely ditching alcohol but I am 10000000% reducing my drink on nights out. I think I will be a much happier, chirpier, less anxious person for doing so. Can you relate to anything in this post?

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*PS I love all your support, please don't make me cry in the comments!!* 
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