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BEAUTY | My Top Three MAC Lipsticks

My Three Favourite MAC Lipsticks 

MAC Lipsticks My Three Favourite MAC Rebel Girl About Town Chatterbox

Hello lovelies!

As you have probably guessed from the title and the photograph - I am going to talk about my three favourite MAC lipsticks! Before I started blogging, I only owned one MAC lipstick, and that was Ruby Woo - it is gorgeous indeed, but to me these three are just something out of this world! Since then I have accumulated eight... I mentioned in my previous post 33 Facts About Me that I thought I had nine, so looks like I better go out and buy myself another! hehe.

I do like dupes, because there are a lot of lipstick shades similar to the ones I am showing you. But sometimes I do just like to treat myself with the MAC equivalent, it feels just that little bit more special.

I love love looking at MAC lipstick posts, partly due to my fear of actually going into the store - so I like to look at loads and loads and LOADS of swatches on the internet and often risk buy it and hope for the best that it suits me! I own about two which I don't like too much on me, but today is about the lipsticks that I just CANNOT STOP WEARING. 

These three are just STUNNING. (& boy I don't stop talking about them on twitter... @veryberrycosmo) My hardest decision when preparing for a night out is which of the three am I going to wear this time?! I think these lipsticks are essential for any girls collection! Plus if you are looking to buy your first ever MAC lipstick I couldn't recommend one of these more OR all three! You won't regret it....

Please note, this is what they look like on my lips, but they might not look the same on yours. My lips are naturally really quite red, making it hard for me to suit the paler nude shades. 


MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

MAC Chatterbox is a beautiful girly pinky shade. This is the shade of the three, that I am most likely to wear in the day!! I LOVE that about this one. It is an amplified finish, which is definitely my favourite MAC lipstick finish. I would say it suits pale skin more than darker skin, since it might wash out a darker complexion slightly. Only downside with this one is that because it is a really creamy formula, the staying power isn't the greatest. Which was surprising for me, since amplified finishes usually have INCREDIBLE staying power. But all in all, a beautiful lipstick. 

Girl About Town

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town, where can I start? OH WOW. When I first purchased this lipstick around Autumn last year I was TOTALLY obsessed with it. I still am. It is the PERFECT blue toned fuchsia pink. An amplified finish, that LASTS FOR HOURS. Perfect for the lazy lipstick applier like myself. As far as I am aware it seems to compliment all skin tones, and it goes well with lots of outfits too! (or it does in my wardrobe anyway!!) I LOVE it, the total statement for a girly giggly night out. It needs to be in your make up bag!


MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Rebel is gorgeous, and kind of sexy.... It is definitely one of the darkest lipsticks I have ever purchased, and WOW I love it. Although if you pat it into the lips rather than gliding it, you can produce a more pinky toned colour. If you do buy this lipstick - do expect lots of compliments whilst wearing it! It is truly stunning. It is a satin finish, making it not too drying but also having that staying power that I love. One thing, it does cling to the bad dry parts of your lips, so exfoliation is key before using this one! SUCH a gorgeous colour, so glad my boyfriend purchased it me for my birthday, I think he wanted me to shut up about how much I wanted it!

Hint away to the partners ladies!! It is a winner, and then they can admire you in it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post lovelies! People often ask me what lip shades I am wearing in my photos, so I thought I would pop my favourites into a post! All three receive lots of compliments, particularly MAC Rebel.  

Do you own any of these lipsticks? Do you have any MAC recommendations for pale skin, I would love to build my collection even more, even if my bank balance doesn't want to!

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*I have previously written posts about MAC Ruby Woo and Saigon Summer if you wish to view them!*


  1. I have both Chatterbox and Girl About Town...looks like I'll have to buy Rebel now too ;)

  2. Gorgeous shades! I think I like Chatterbox best! I love the look of lipstick but I find when I wear it, you can see dry patches on my lips no matter how moisturized they are! Its so irritating!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. I also love MAC lipsticks! And I totally agree that sometimes its just nice to treat yourself with a lovely mac lipstick! Having said that, I think its time to treat myself to another mac lipstick :p me thinks the rebel shade!! Xxx Great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

  4. All three of these really suit you but Rebel is BY FAR my favourite on you, really striking. I'm in the process of writing a MAC lipsticks post too.

    Laura xx

  5. Oh thank you for this post - Girl About Town looks to be the perfect shade that I've been looking for but hadn't quite managed to find!! All 3 look great on you which means that I'm now tempted by Chatterbox too! x
    Laura | Loved By Laura

  6. Oh wow you beautiful girly ♡ these lipsticks look amazing :) I definitely couldn't get away with something as light as chatterbox but it's so perfect on you! I still don't own a mac lipstick :'( I really want rebel to be my first & seeing it on you & you look stunning BTW, I just want it even more!

    Love seeing your favourites honey, looking gorgeous as ever ♡

    Love Claire xx

  7. You always look SO good in lipstick!! I totally love Chatterbox... I might try this out actually, I think you're right about it suiting pale skin so maybe I could give this a go. I am always a bit scared to wear bright lipsticks but this pink is so pretty and like you say, perfect for wearing in the day!

    Sarah xxx |

    p.s. Can't wait to see you tonight :D

  8. I love this post! I am a big fan of Ruby Woo on myself, and I am considering buying Candy Yum Yum, which is a bright pink, or Touch The Earth, which is a nude shade. I'll probably buy both, but deciding which one to buy first is difficult :) Since reading this post I'm thinking of getting Rebel as well, as I have been looking for a darker shade for a while now.

    I wrote a review on the Ruby Woo shade, if you'd like to take a look:


  9. I haven't got rebel but Ive wanted it for so long it's beautiful! I'm really pale and I love wearing Saint Germain do if you like bright pink I would suggest that one ☺️

  10. You're a terrible influence Kay, now I NEED to get a Mac Lipstick. The next time we're together we're hitting up JL and buying me a lipstick! Rebel does look gorgeous on you!

    Emma xxxx
    Writing Essays With Wine

  11. Hi! I’ve wanted girl about town for a looong time now!! You look so pretty with these 3 shades, I understand why they are your favorites! ;)

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  12. Girl about town is my all time fave!
    Jennie Emma

  13. I am sooo trying to mix up my lipstick collection a bit and brave some darker colours.. & I think Rebel will be my first purchase, it looks so pretty! They all look gorgeous on you :)
    Nicky xx

  14. Love the shade girl about town and it really suits you so as a ginger myself can only hope it looks good on me too ;)

    Leanne x

  15. Chatterbox is super pretty on you, but wow rebel is definitely your colour.. Just wish I could pull it off xx


  16. Obviously, as a pink lip lover, I need chatterbox :)
    Passing Fancy​

  17. I don't own any of these three but they all look gorgeous! I think Chatterbox is top of my list, it looks stunning on you :)

    Sabrina Jaine xx

  18. My first Mac lippy was Angel which I love to wear in the Summer. I have girl about town too! I love the look of rebel it looks like Rimmel 107. I'll have to get that for the winter months. X

  19. Rebel is also one of my faves too! I've defo just put up a "Top 3 Summer Mac lipsticks" too haha.
    Hope you're well.
    Sam xx

  20. love girl about town but my absolute fav is lady danger! Great post lovely and i must check out these other 2 as they look gorgeous xx

  21. I love Mac Lipsticks...... have a look :) xx

  22. They are all beautiful but I love that Girl About Town. I haven't been able to bring myself to purchase a MAC lipstick yet, I always stick to my trusty and reasonably priced Avon.

    Caroline xo |

  23. I only have 2 Mac lipsticks , but think i need Rebel!! xoxo

  24. Rebel is one of my all time favourites! All 3 of those lipsticks look so pretty on you. Great post :) xxx

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