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LIFESTYLE | 10 things To Do When Feeling Sad

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad

Hello lovelies!

I wrote a post back in March called 10 Things To Do When Feeling Anxious, and you all loved it! So I thought that today I would do something similar, but 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad instead. Sadness and Anxiety often go hand in hand, making both lists very similar and pretty much mix and match, feel free to use any technique that works for you!

These are just a few of the things I like to do, on those days when I just don't feel myself. 

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Busy B Weekly Planner Pad

Keeping Busy and Being Productive

Now I don't know about you, but when I am sad, I just DO NOT want to leave my bed at all. I feel like wallowing and feeling grumpy, even though it doesn't help at all. What really helps, is getting up, and getting on with a few things on your to do list. You may not feel up to doing the things on your list (which is where the other things in this post come in) but I like keeping my mind busy from the sad thoughts PLUS I don't know anyone who doesn't feel happy and proud when they can tick lots off of their list! This Busy B Desk Pad* is super super cute!

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Mr Candle Jasmine Green Tea

Light A Candle

There is something about lighting a candle or few, that just changes the ambience of an entire room, plus scented candles make the room smell DIVINE. I am currently burning the brand new scent, Jasmine Green Tea* by Mr CandleThis scent is really fresh, and I think perfect for calming and relieving sadness. PLUS Mr Candle, Candles have a ring inside them worth between £10 - £500, need I say no more?!  

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Spotify Happy Sad Playlist

Listen To A Happy Playlist

There is nothing like playing a happy, feel good playlist, blasting it up to full volume then having a good sing-a-long and a dance! You can either create your own, and fill it with all your favourite songs, that make you just feel amazing, or there are many playlists to choose from on Spotify!

Listen To A Sad Playlist

Listening to a happy playlist is great, but I feel a combination between listening to a happy playlist, and a sad playlist is really important. Sometimes you NEED to have that little cry. Let it all out, I think it is healthy to cry every so often. Pick out those songs that really mean something to you, and hit that little sad spot.

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Enchanted Forest Colouring Book

Get Creative 

Being the creative person that I am, I just love getting creative, it cheers me up. Johanna Basford has produced some really gorgeous adult colouring books. I was lucky to receive the Enchanted Forest*, and it is truly WONDERFUL, seriously so so detailed and the perfect tool for distracting those sad thoughts.

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Food

Buy Your Favourite Food

My favourite foods never fail to make me smile. Treat yourself. Buy the food you love the most. 
I adore Walkers Sensations, Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps, plus Pret Cranberries in Coats are my FAVOURITE. The important thing about eating these foods on your 'sad day' is to NOT feel guilty. It is totally fine to treat yourself every so often, particularly on those poopy days. Or have some balance, healthy foods can be delicious too, I have an obsession with berries at the moment.... suitable for my blog name don't you think. 

Get Some Fresh Air 

Fresh air is amazing. The days I stay inside for the entire day are always the days I usually feel my most down. Like today actually.... Go for a walk, even if you have no idea where you are going. Sit in your garden. Admire the scenery, breathe in the fresh air.  

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Loreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Luminiser

Wash Your Hair 

There is something amazing about the 'I just washed my hair' sensation. Whenever I am feeling rubbish, I will wash my hair, even if it doesn't really need it. It ALWAYS makes me feel better. I am really enjoying the NEW Loreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminous. The range is half price in Boots at the moment! 

Lifestyle 10 Things To Do When Feeling Sad Mac Lipstick Girl About Town Essie Nail Polish Naughty Nautical

Put On Your Favourite Lippy And Paint Your Nails

Do you have that lipstick that just gives you that little bit of extra confidence? So what if you are staying in the house all day, doing chores or what not. You put that lipstick on! Likewise with painting your nails. 

Spend Time With People You Love 

This one is important. The people you love will always want you to be happy, they don't want you to feel sad. Thus spending time with them when you are sad, they are bound to make their effort to cheer you up! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post lovelies! I really like writing these ones for you, plus I love helping people out - so I hope some of these help at least one person!

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*I also like to Read, Watch Netflix, and Have a Pamper, but I didn't want this post to be TOO repetitive! Check out my 10 Things To Do When Feeling Anxious Post Here

Monday, 18 May 2015

BEAUTY | My Top Three MAC Lipsticks

My Three Favourite MAC Lipsticks 

MAC Lipsticks My Three Favourite MAC Rebel Girl About Town Chatterbox

Hello lovelies!

As you have probably guessed from the title and the photograph - I am going to talk about my three favourite MAC lipsticks! Before I started blogging, I only owned one MAC lipstick, and that was Ruby Woo - it is gorgeous indeed, but to me these three are just something out of this world! Since then I have accumulated eight... I mentioned in my previous post 33 Facts About Me that I thought I had nine, so looks like I better go out and buy myself another! hehe.

I do like dupes, because there are a lot of lipstick shades similar to the ones I am showing you. But sometimes I do just like to treat myself with the MAC equivalent, it feels just that little bit more special.

I love love looking at MAC lipstick posts, partly due to my fear of actually going into the store - so I like to look at loads and loads and LOADS of swatches on the internet and often risk buy it and hope for the best that it suits me! I own about two which I don't like too much on me, but today is about the lipsticks that I just CANNOT STOP WEARING. 

These three are just STUNNING. (& boy I don't stop talking about them on twitter... @veryberrycosmo) My hardest decision when preparing for a night out is which of the three am I going to wear this time?! I think these lipsticks are essential for any girls collection! Plus if you are looking to buy your first ever MAC lipstick I couldn't recommend one of these more OR all three! You won't regret it....

Please note, this is what they look like on my lips, but they might not look the same on yours. My lips are naturally really quite red, making it hard for me to suit the paler nude shades. 


MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

MAC Chatterbox is a beautiful girly pinky shade. This is the shade of the three, that I am most likely to wear in the day!! I LOVE that about this one. It is an amplified finish, which is definitely my favourite MAC lipstick finish. I would say it suits pale skin more than darker skin, since it might wash out a darker complexion slightly. Only downside with this one is that because it is a really creamy formula, the staying power isn't the greatest. Which was surprising for me, since amplified finishes usually have INCREDIBLE staying power. But all in all, a beautiful lipstick. 

Girl About Town

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town, where can I start? OH WOW. When I first purchased this lipstick around Autumn last year I was TOTALLY obsessed with it. I still am. It is the PERFECT blue toned fuchsia pink. An amplified finish, that LASTS FOR HOURS. Perfect for the lazy lipstick applier like myself. As far as I am aware it seems to compliment all skin tones, and it goes well with lots of outfits too! (or it does in my wardrobe anyway!!) I LOVE it, the total statement for a girly giggly night out. It needs to be in your make up bag!


MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Rebel is gorgeous, and kind of sexy.... It is definitely one of the darkest lipsticks I have ever purchased, and WOW I love it. Although if you pat it into the lips rather than gliding it, you can produce a more pinky toned colour. If you do buy this lipstick - do expect lots of compliments whilst wearing it! It is truly stunning. It is a satin finish, making it not too drying but also having that staying power that I love. One thing, it does cling to the bad dry parts of your lips, so exfoliation is key before using this one! SUCH a gorgeous colour, so glad my boyfriend purchased it me for my birthday, I think he wanted me to shut up about how much I wanted it!

Hint away to the partners ladies!! It is a winner, and then they can admire you in it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post lovelies! People often ask me what lip shades I am wearing in my photos, so I thought I would pop my favourites into a post! All three receive lots of compliments, particularly MAC Rebel.  

Do you own any of these lipsticks? Do you have any MAC recommendations for pale skin, I would love to build my collection even more, even if my bank balance doesn't want to!

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

*I have previously written posts about MAC Ruby Woo and Saigon Summer if you wish to view them!*

Saturday, 16 May 2015

EVENTS | #TheCityGirls in Sheffield

The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers

Hello lovelies!

I am FINALLY writing up my City Girl's blog post. Is it just me or has life just got a little bit hectic at the moment? I need to up my organisation game massively if I want to keep up with everything!

A couple of weeks ago, on a chilled Friday night, I happened to tweet about how much I wanted to go to a blogging event. With no events in the near horizon I guess I was feeling kind of sad! But at around 11pm, Holly / Lorna appeared on twitter asking me if I wanted to join them at their event the next day, because someone had dropped out - they were like my guardian angel, and of course I SAID YES PLEASE!

Then it dawned on me, I AM NOT READY FOR THIS EVENT AT ALL!

Do I even have any clean clothes?! I need to wash my hair! Everything needs to get on charge immediately! Do I know anyone going?! Will I find the venue okay?! All of these little things that all turned out to be absolutely fine! After a few hash tag searches #thecitygirls I found I knew a lot of people going - PHEW! I was then SO excited.

Beforehand I met up with the ever so lovely Sass and we decided to get a taxi to the train station, our taxi driver was very jolly - I so wish I vlogged this! We grabbed a Starbucks, of course, and made our way to our platform - we were surprised that we had to actually wait for the train, we thought we would be so late!

The train was really busy, which unfortunately meant we didn't get to sit directly next to each other and vlog and cool things like that. WE SOON ARRIVED IN SHEFFIELD! We kept asking..... why are there SO many Police men around!? We even went up to some and asked for the nearest post box, and they decided to tell a joke, that we didn't get AT ALL. It turned out there was a match on, and this explained the rowdy men drinking on the train at 11am!

The weather was weird at this point, it decided to pour it down as we left the station, but then it turned into a beautiful day! GOOD, because we got really lost, and it turned out we walked straight past the venue!

Once we arrived... at Bloo 88 in Sheffield, we ordered ourselves a cocktail pretty much straight away, YUM. (Even though Sass was really hungover and tired, she was still convinced by the barman...)

The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield Cocktails Bloggers
We then headed upstairs to the room we were based in for the day! And the lighting was PERFECT for photos, such a blogger priority! The room was so lovely, so much hard work and effort had been put into making the room so fabulous, with a beautiful atmosphere.

The City Girls Event Bloo 88 Sheffield VOSS Water Bloggers
VOSS water were making sure we were kept hydrated at this event. I really love the bottle, I plan on reusing it and making some fruity infused waters! The social media team for VOSS are also absolutely incredible - so supportive! 

The City Girls Event City Hearts Charity Bloo 88 Sheffield
The event was raising money for the charity City Hearts. A charity I hadn't heard of before, but a worthy one indeed! Amber made a lovely emotive speech, it really put life into perspective. Primarily, they support people who have been rescued from horrific life situations, such as human trafficking. I think they are a wonderful charity that need a little bit of a boost, every penny really matters to them, which is why I had to participate in the raffle!

The City Girls Event LUSH Cosmetics Bloo 88 Sheffield
LUSH Sheffield were at the event, and wow! What blogger doesn't love Lush, so I was so excited to see that they were there!!! The ladies were lovely, giving advice. You could also make your own face mask if you wanted to! I was particularly interested in a new product of theirs, Powdered Sunshine. It is a powdered Sun cream! I thought this sounded amazing because I am always SO greasy on holiday and sand just constantly sticks to me! The Sunblock also sounds FAB, sun protection that you can apply in the shower?! Lots of amazing goodies in LUSH at the moment to prepare you for your summer holiday. 

I then popped to the Benefit Stand, and had my eyebrows sorted out! I was shown by the lovely lady how to shape them to suit my face - this was really useful! I am such a brow newbie, but as a blogger I feel I need to up my game on them really, but I am SUCH an eyebrow wimp - like serious tears and sneezing fits when I even pluck one hair! 

The City Girls Event  Bloo 88 Sheffield Cocktails Bloggers
Then it was LUNCH! Yum! As you can imagine.... I didn't manage to really get any photos of the pizzas, they were wolfed down really quite quickly! But MmMm they were delicious and very fresh, I really liked the one with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and olives. (I think, I could totally be inventing my own pizza here) Plus a few more cocktails of course.... the raspberries mojitos were fab, and the personalised cupcakes were adorable!

The City Girls Event Panache Lingerie Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers
After lunch I went and saw the lovely Zehra at Panache Lingerie. I was really nervous about having my boobs measured, but it was a long time needed task, and I am SO glad I braved it. It is so great to now know my size! I was wearing the TOTALLY wrong sized bra that day. Panache have kindly sent me a set in my size, I received it yesterday and it is truly BEAUTIFUL, I will be writing up a post very soon on this! Thank you so much Zehra! 

Lots more lovely brands were about, but for some reason I didn't get photos of them! Just so much going on! Cinnamon Bun designs had some beautiful prints, I managed to feature them in my vlog below. 

Raffle prizes were then announced (some really great prizes too!) and then as we SADLY departed and said our goodbyes (IT FLEW BY) we were then given our goodie bags. WOW, I can't believe how much was packed into these, I felt like my arm was going to fall off. I would like to thank all the brands SO MUCH, your generosity amazes me, and I am sure to feature these products in future posts. Fancy a peek into the bag?


The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers
The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers
The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers
Isn't it a fab goodie bag! I love The Bloggers Programme bag too, lovely touch! Some fabulous brands inside here, including LushBatisteLee StaffordNairBlanxBenefit, and Manuka DoctorThere were also some Stoats bars, but they were munched extremely quickly on the train home - delicious, thank you Stoats!

The City Girls Event The Blogger Programme Bloo 88 Sheffield Bloggers
I forgot to feature this fabulous Enchanted Forest colouring book in the goodie bag above! The extremely talented Johanna Basford has produced a really gorgeous colouring book. I have really enjoyed using this - SO calming, and the detailing of these illustrations are AMAZING.

Finally.... I actually VLOGGED this fabulous day too! As much as I could anyway... You can watch that here if you wish! Thank you so so much Holly and Lorna, you did an INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE job, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for Leeds in the near future.

A few of the lovelies I met at the event: LornaHollySassGabbyAlexLauraLauraRinicaClaudia

If you could please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and give it a big thumbs up too I will be so so grateful! I love all your support, each and every one of you.  

Also, I fully recommend visiting Bloo 88 in future if you are ever in Sheffield. Lovely atmosphere, fabulous staff, and delicious food and drink! Thank you for having us! 

Thank you for reading lovelies, sorry it was a long one - hope I get to meet some of you at an event very soon!

Kayleigh xoxo


Saturday, 9 May 2015

NETFLIX | What I Am Currently Watching ...

What I am currently watching on netflix top tv series at the moment Once Upon A Time Orphan Black Peep Show Suits Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Pretty Little Liars

Hello lovelies!

I always see a lot of people on social media say "What am I going to do with my life when 'X' Tv series ends?!' Well, my response to that is always, well... START A NEW ONE?!

Netflix has so so many TV series to choose from, which can make it quite hard to decide which to watch next, so I thought I would share what I am currently watching at the moment, plus people often seem to ask me what I am currently watching.... it is a well known fact that I am addicted to Netflix. (Some of these I have just finished watching, so I am 'technically' not currently watch them, but I thought I would include them anyway)

I wrote another post like this a few months a go, so why not have a look at that HERE, there are some FAB choices here, like PLL of course. If you haven't started watching this, you have exactly 24 days to binge watch seasons 1-5 before season 6 airs in the US on June 2nd. GO GOyou will not regret it. Orange Is The New Black is also back soon.. *SQUEALS* 

I am the kind of girl who likes to have lots of series going on at once, so that I can flick between them... but I know this isn't the case for a lot of people. A lot like to commit to just the one series, I only do this when I am seriously hooked into something!


OHHHHHHH MYYYY. I just love this show! I am only on Season 1, so close to Season 2 so no spoilers please. But wow, I just love it. I didn't like it at all at first, and it took me a few episodes to get into it because I thought it was a bit strange, but ahh it is a fabulous TV show! If you are a lover of disney and all things fairy tale you will absolutely ADORE this.

I don't want to spoil it too much, so I am not going to say too much - other than I think you should go and give it a go RIGHT now. It is about the traditional fairy tales as we know them..... but with a twist! My favourite part is definitely finding out who the characters actually are.


This programme is absolutely fabulous! The lovely Rhianna recommended it to me a few months back and it is just great! Netflix has recently uploaded the second season, and I was pretty hooked onto it and watched it really quite quickly. I would class it as a sci-fi I guess, not usually for me but it is very gripping, they get straight to the point, with plenty of cliffhangers. Season 3 has recently aired in the US too!

The actress in this is absolutely incredible..... you will have to watch for yourself to see why, I can't quite believe how many people she plays! My only criticism to this programme is that I wish it had more than 10 episodes per season! 


Hahahaha, this show is just HILARIOUS. I have watched it before in the past, but one day stumbled across it on Netflix and just wanted a giggle. Quite childish comedy, but ah so so funny. One of the programmes everyone needs to watch, particularly on a poopy day. Just brilliant, a channel 4 classic. I love short 20 ish minute programmes, and this is one of them, perfect to watch with your meal. I can't wait for season 9 to be out this year! It makes me sad that it will be the finale though :( plus they only have 6 episodes per season. 


Another one of those 'shorter' programmes, and I am actually really quite surprised I haven't finished this yet, since there is only one season with only 13 episodes. But I do really like it, maybe not one of the most exciting programmes around since there isn't always a lot going on. But the theme tune makes me just feel REALLY happy... ahaha, and so does Kimmy, she is very positive and up beat, and I think you need someone like that in life - even if they are annoying sometimes. Also, her pink trousers and yellow coat are AWESOME. 

These two are a little bit different, because I have only watched one episode of each. 


I watched the first episode of this programme last night, purely because it popped up on my Netflix homepage and I was like oh.... what is this? I didn't actually expect myself to watch the entire episode but I did, I was just a little bit hooked because the whole programme is about quite a strange scenario to be in, that is all I am going to say.. maybe check it out for yourself? 


I WANT to like this programme I really do. I hear so so many good things about it and although I don't feel that hooked after the first episode (I know Kayleigh... come on give it a chance) but it happened to be like a 1 hour 20 first episode and not enough was happening for me. After a chat to one of my housemates who has given me kind of a brief outline of what happens at the beginning, it actually sounds really interesting - so I am giving it another chance! I am sure you will see me tweet about it if I begin to get hooked! 

So there we have it! I have a few more shows I would like to begin that I keep appearing on my homepage, but for now this is enough I believe! 

Thank you for reading lovelies, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like any of these TV shows? Do you have anything you are particularly loving on Netflix at the moment, that you would recommend to me and anyone reading? 

Kayleigh xoxo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

FAVOURITES | My April Favourites

My April Favourites Bloggers Beauty Random Loves

Hello lovelies!

Gosh, another month has passed - It's May, what?!? Can't believe I am writing up another favourites post for you all!

This month has been quite a random time for all things favourite in Very Berry Cosmo world, so I hope you enjoy what I have been loving this month! I haven't purchased a lot of beauty products or anything like that recently. I have actually just been trying to use up what I already own (Secretly SO PROUD about this.... although that is now not a secret.. is it? Oops)

Anyway... grab a drink, sit back, relax and maybe have a giggle at my random combination of favourites. 

*This post has been a nightmare to edit... I hope you enjoy it, please excuse the grey back ground photos :( *

Liz Earle Gentle Exfoliator Skin care

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator (£15.75)

I love this exfoliator. Use the Cleanse and Polish and this exfoliator together and you have the ultimate dream team. It basically does what it says on the bottle, I only use it once a week, but boy do I look forward to the day that I do use it! It makes my skin feel SO SOFT, I just cannot stop touching my face after using this product. Liz Earle is a brand that continues to impress me, I just need the entire collection!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum Skincare

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil (£13.00)

I really am loving this Oil from The Body Shop. You know when someone asks you why you like a product.... and you just say because I just like it?! Well this is how I feel about this one. I notice a visible difference in my face, but I just can't quite pin point what? But it is a good thing! My skin looks more healthier and more hydrated. It smells fabulous too, to me, it now smells like bed time! Yum! I will be using this soon! ZzzZzzZzz 

Gillette Venus Embrace Snap Razor Skincare Health

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace (£9.99, NOW £4.98) 

I think this product is AMAZING. Yes I am showing my razor to the world.... 

I grabbed it at the reduced offer price, I probably wouldn't have picked it up originally for £9.99. But I think it is super handy, particularly for summer holidays or for your hand bag. It is basically a mini Gillette Venus Embrace, in a case. When it goes blunt you can just simply buy a pack of any of the Venus refills, rather than the whole case again. Suffering from OCD, I think this is just FABULOUS. I was always using razors just once, for fear of contamination when just left about, but with this case it is just GREAT. Basically this product makes me very happy, plus the razor itself is a lot better than the disposable ones I have been using recently. BUY IT WHILST IT IS ON OFFER at Superdrug! 

Breville Blend Active Blender Healthy Smoothies

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender (£22.00)

I think everyone has one of these now, but I thought I would include it in my favourites anyway because it really is fabulous. I haven't been the most adventurous with this - I have only made smoothies so far, but YUM. It is so easy to use (when you know how to) I will admit I struggled to figure out how to attach the bottle to the body, but gosh I feel silly now because it was SO EASY. Minimal cleaning,  blends fruit easily - even frozen fruit, basically a fabulous product! I couldn't recommend this blender anymore, especially if you are a blender newbie, it is such a fabulous price! My blender came with two bottles as well! Look out for this, some are priced for one bottle and others for two. 

My personal favourite smoothie at the moment is my speciality Very Berry Cosmo - I will have to write it up for my blog soon! Ahhh I want a smoothie now.... but it is quite loud.... no late night smoothies for Kayleigh. 

TK Maxx Make Up Organisation

Make Up Storage (£6.00 I think) 

WOW I love this simple clear plastic make up organiser. I was looking around for one for a while. I know Muji do lots of amazing storage options but whenever I go onto their website they have really long delivery times, like weeks, due to low stock. 

I then watched a Youtube haul video by the lovely Olivia, and she had purchased one from TK Maxx, and here we are! I love it, it keeps my make up station in a much tidier state and I know where to find everything! (I wouldn't have lost my Soap & Glory Archery if I had this sooner, sob sob) I can't help but feel it is rude to not buy 4 more MAC lipsticks.... what do you think? 

TopShop Sunglasses For Smaller Faces

Topshop Sunglasses (£16) 

I don't know about you, but I find it REALLY hard to find sunglasses that suit my tiny, round face. Last year before I went on holiday with my boyfriend I trekked around all the shops that I could possibly think of, that might have sunglasses still in September, no luck. They were just either TOO big or just not the right shape AT ALL. I had to give in and put up with a pair that just didn't suit me. I was in Topshop in early April, that week where the sun suddenly decided to pop out, and I thought hmmmm maybe they will have a more suitable pair this year?! And I found these,  I wouldn't say they suit my face perfectly, but gosh they are the closest I have ever been - I love them! & you get a snazzy case with them. 

The same week I purchased these, Zoe Sugg uploaded a video that featured some Topshop sunglasses, she also found that they had some that suited her 'smaller face' so 'smaller faced' ladies, get yourself to Topshop!! For once I don't have to wear children's sunglasses - thanks Topshop! 

Bloggers Blogging Friends Meet Ups Events

My Final Favourite is..... BLOGGING.

What a surprise.. it is safe to say I am addicted. I love writing posts that people can relate to. I am extremely grateful for all the support you lovelies give me, and I LOVE meeting you all at events. Blogging events have definitely been a bit highlight of my year so far, and I can't wait for many more ahead!

I had a few other favourites this month, that I have chosen not to feature in this post.... purely because I plan on writing FULL reviews about them.... so you will have to wait and keep your eyes peeled for those! One is a book, and I think it is INCREDIBLE, so please don't miss that one!

Thank you for reading lovelies, I hope you enjoyed it! Are any of these your favourites?

Kayleigh xoxo 


Saturday, 2 May 2015

EVENTS | The Body Shop, NEW Releases

Hello lovelies!

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to attend a bloggers evening in a local Body Shop Store! (White Rose Leeds) It has taken me quite a long time to upload this post... quite simply because I took SO MANY photos - and I knew that sifting through them was going to be a challenge! Why Kayleigh. 

The lovely White Rose Store Manager Leah tweeted about the opportunity for bloggers to go to a Body Shop Event and I was like AHHH! I love The Body Shop, and this was just an opportunity that I could NOT give up. 

Let me just tell you something...... The Body Shop has the most PERFECT photography lighting.
Do you think they will mind if I take all my future post photographs in store? 

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter Body Scrub Body Sorbet Shower Gel Body Splash

We were invited to view some brand new products and also view some products that are to be released in May / Summer, and trust me... you are in for A TREAT.  

My particular favourite is the Virgin Mojito Range that is featured above. It smells divine, it is so fresh, absolutely perfect for that summer holiday! So so perfect for the summer - I need to buy the entire set! This isn't quite out yet but I can't wait to get my mitts on it. The range includes a body scrub, body butter, body sorbet, shower gel, and body splash. Being the shower gel hoarder that I am... (I have about 10 at the moment) I will SURE pick this up. SO EXCITED. *COMING SOON* 

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer Highlight Make Up

ANOTHER product range that I am really really excited about! The Honey Bronze Collection. The left shade is such a gorgeous highlight shade, I am sure it is going to be a hit! It was a perfect colour, not too shimmery, I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the swatch :( Sorry lovelies! It is a lovely shade and formula though! I think the right shade would be too dark for my ghostly skin, but I thought I would include it anyway. *COMING SOON*

The Body Shop Bold Oversized Felt Eyeliner
The Body Shop Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner
Rhianna was the PERFECT hand model this evening! Her nails were BEAUT .

These two eyeliners are available in store NOW. The Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner and The Bold Oversized Felt Eyeliner (Both £10) Felt tip pen liners seem to be the trend these days, but I have yet to find one that I get along with. Either that, or I seem to be getting duff products each time - they are always dried out when I get them / come out a grey formula rather than black! I am always on the hunt for new ones, so I might give these a go! I personally would go for the finer tip, because I seem to always make it too thick anyway - even with a small tip! But these were super pigmented and drew on my hand with ease!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser Glow Enhancer

NEW to the Vitamin C Range, for Dull, Tired, Grumpy Skin. (ME!!!) The Glow Boosting Moisturiser (£16.00) and Instant Glow Enhancer (£14.00) I am constantly looking for products that make my skin look healthy and glowing. I really like the look of these products, the glow enhancer works kind of like a primer I believe. Both products revitalising for the skin and anti fatiguing. Recently I have been investing in products to make myself look less tired... and then I am like WHY DON'T I JUST SLEEP MORE! But there we go... I think I remember this smelling nice too!

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range Skincare
The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range Skincare

The Fuji Green Tea Range is a NEW range that is available now! "Revive the body, Detox the mind" Drinking Green Tea is known for it's health properties, but it is also very good for the skin. It is quite a low toned fragrance, not overly powerful.

I quite liked the scent, but not as much as other people did! I am into fruity scents, and this isn't that. It is a very calming relaxing, kind of florally fragrance. I think it would be lovely after a day at work, it is a very fresh scent. Aww look at Rhi having a hand massage! Rhi's hands were so soft afterwards!

The statement product in the range for me, was the Bath Tea. For all you tea lovers, your dream is about to come true! Can you imagine having a bath in a cup of tea? Pop a little bit of the Bath Tea into the Tea Strainer, and swirl it around your bath for an extremely relaxing aroma, as well as lovely soft skin afterwards! It produces quite a creamy water colour (See above) One for the day where you fancy a bath, and would love to have really soft skin afterwards, without the bubbles.

The Body Shop Skincare Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

This product looks AMAZING. Unfortunately it was out of stock at the time of this event otherwise I would have walked away with it! The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£22.00) Yes, we do have to already think about anti-ageing :( It contains Edelweiss Stem Cells, the idea is that it is meant to make the skin look 'bouncier' with it's youth - enhancing formula. The product ACTUALLY bounces too - one of those products that you would constantly play with I think!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum Skin Care

I decided to purchase this lovely product. The Vitamin E Overnight Serum. (£13.00) I am really loving this! My skin looks so much healthier and replenished in the morning, it also smells divine.

Finally, this post ends soon, promise! We were kindly gifted a goodie bag at the end of the event, I can't wait to try these products! (I had a photo of this, but it looked totally pants compared to the above photos... need to take all my photos in The Body Shop!)

Thank you so much to The White Rose Body Shop Team, you were so lovely, as well as so helpful and I had a lovely evening! Excited for the next event! I also got to meet up with some fabulous bloggers including Rhianna, Gabby, Bridie and Leanne

Thank you for reading lovelies, do any of these Body Shop products take your fancy?

Kayleigh xoxo
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