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MOOGOO SKINCARE | Finding Confidence In Your Own Skin

MOOGOO Natural Skin Care For Healthy, Happy Skin 

Moo Goo, Happy Healthy Skin, Blemish Cleansing Full Moisturiser, Skin Confidence

Hello lovelies! 

I can't believe it has been over a week, I feel so bad :( But anyhow, here I am - I am BACK. I would just like to thank you all for the support I received for my previous post about my experience with the contraceptive implant. It was quite a hard one for me to write, but I knew you would all be as lovely as ever - plus I have helped a few people and that makes me feel really warm and happy :) 

Today's post features the Australian Skincare Phenomenon, MooGoo. "Finally an alternative to chemicals for troubled skin"  I have quite sensitive skin, and I often get rashes from certain washing powders and things, so the idea of MooGoo really got me excited! 

I was very lucky to meet two of the lovely ladies that work behind the scenes for MooGoo whilst at the #nyLDNmeet. The presentation that they gave us, was kind of an eye opener for me. Personally, I have never really looked at the ingredients on the back of any skincare or beauty product, for some reason it just hadn't ever crossed my mind, which now after having a little think about it, I have been very silly! In this relatively health conscious day we are constantly reminded to check what we put into our PHYSICAL bodies such as food and drink, but in fact, I rarely see anything about what we put ONTO our bodies. What is that all about?! 

A little bit about MooGoo

"MooGoo started when we made a moisturising cream for humans based on the udder cream used in dairy farms." (MooGoo Booklet)

Udder cream for cows, was made to keep the cows udders nice and soothed and in good condition for milking. The same principle was applied to humans, we needed something to soothe troubled skin too! The original cream was too greasy for us humans, but there is an adapted version for us. MooGoo noticed a gap in the market. To provide natural based skin care products without the little nasty hidden ingredients - to particularly help out with the troubles our skin may experience, such as eczema and psoriasis or general oily and dryness. If you suffer from a skin problem, I expect they will have something magical for you to try out, the range has expanded massively since! I believe all the ingredients are edible, but I will leave that decision up to you! Tested by humans, for humans to use. 

Moo Goo, Happy Healthy Skin, Blemish Cleansing Full Moisturiser, Skin Confidence


I was kindly gifted the Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser (£12.50)* as well as the Full Cream Moisturiser (£9.00)* Two lovely products, both packaged beautifully in milk carton boxes, such a wonderful touch. I really like moisturisers that come with a pump rather than just a 'hole' if get me... the pump allows you to get the amount you are after rather than causing wastage of the product. Both products smell fabulous, Mara described it as fudge, and I think that is about right, quite a creamy yummy treat smell! For me, with quite 'normal' skin, the Blemish Cleansing one is perfect for an everyday moisturiser, whereas the Full Cream one is more of a weekly / forehead moisturiser. (For some reason my forehead gets drier than any other part of my face) 

Whilst using the Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser daily it makes my skin feel really soft, and generally far healthier than without using it! A fairly fluid light texture which soaks into the skin really nicely. For £12.50 it might be a little steep for an everyday moisturiser on my student budget, but I feel the product goes a long way, and you are paying for the quality of ingredients. After reading the little booklet that came with the products as well as the moisturiser packaging, I was quite disgusted that a lot of companies put bleach in acne skincare. Who wants to put bleach on one of the most delicate parts of your body?! NOT ME...

The Full Cream Moisturiser has a really thick consistency, and trust me.. you don't need a lot. I have made the mistake a few times of pumping it out and whacking it onto my face and looking like a complete ghost because it takes quite a bit of work to soak it into the skin. (I wish I took a photo for you all) With this in mind, this product would be really amazing if you have dry skin or psoriasis on any part of the body. I don't use this as often because it is really thick, but I do enjoy using it for that little bit of TLC, it would be absolutely perfect in the colder months. 

Finding Confidence In Your Own Skin 

You may have seen / heard this week about the absolutely incredible Em Ford. The inspirational voice and brains behind My Pale Skin. I know I have mentioned her before in a previous post of mine. But once again this beauty has totally well and truly inspired me to write this post. As an adult acne sufferer, Em is very open about all this. Her 15 second Instagram acne make up cover up has pretty much gone viral, she is incredibly brave and humble, I am so pleased for her success. I think her videos are extremely helpful for those who are also suffering from the condition, in giving hope, plus you can see which products she uses to cover up! Not only is she helpful for acne, but she is such a breath of fresh air for anyone who may not feel confident in their own skin! (If you haven't checked her out before, you 100000% should) 

I feel that even just this week I have learnt a lot more than ever about skin confidence, ever since I first viewed Em's videos on Instagram, then on YouTube. She is utterly amazing. If you have read my post about living with my pale skin you will know that I have always felt quite ashamed and sometimes terrified to have my pale skin.

Everyone has their own imperfections and pieces they don't like about themselves, but they don't change you as a person. Your skin does NOT define who you are. Let's strip it right back... Your skin, as a life function, is purely there to act as a barrier to protect you and your inner organs from infection. Who seriously has the right to comment on YOUR own protection barrier? The way I look at it is, if it is doing the job it is meant to, then it is a beautiful thing indeed. Your skin is beautiful - No matter what skin tone, skin condition and whether you have any moles, freckles or burns. It is so good to finally be accepting of my pale skin, and my freckly upper arms! Unfortunately, skin confidence has to come from YOU, however much I would love to help you out. 

Moo Goo, Happy Healthy Skin, Blemish Cleansing Full Moisturiser, Skin Confidence

I had a stage in my life where I couldn't let ANYONE see me without make up, but here we are today, uploading my no make up selfie :) I have always had freckles, (they are taming) and spent a lot of my teen years covering them up. I am currently quite blessed with my facial skin and very lucky to not get many spots. I usually get them around a period or if I am eating particularly badly. (touchwood) But that doesn't mean it will always be this way. Just because I currently don't have any facial skin conditions doesn't mean I won't ever. I like to think that MooGoo, or any natural skin products, give a helping hand in keeping the skin as healthy and soothed as possible. 

Soothing and comfortable products are particularly important for troubled skin. I often suffer from eczema on the skin of the back of my knee (usually during the warmer summer months) and SO many products irritate the eczema even further. And that little vicious circle is often the problem, in further outbursts. So thank you very much MooGoo, I can't wait to kick eczema's bum if it pops up this summer!

Thank you for reading my post lovelies! Have you ever heard of, or tried any MooGoo products? If MooGoo sounds interesting to you, do have a look at their website - they have far more detail on there :) 

The products I have my eye on for my wish list include:

- Anti Ageing SPF15 Face Cream (£23.90)
- The 3 Vitamins Eye Serum (£20.00)
- Oil Cleansing Method for Normal Skin (£16.90)

I hope you and I, with the help of natural products, can hop onto the fabulous journey of happy, healthy skin. MooGoo has helped herds of people, can they help you and your skin confidence out?

Kayleigh xoxo

* This post contains gifted items, however - all opinions are my own! * 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

LIFESTYLE | My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant
This wasn't a great start for my post, since I really really couldn't think of an appropriate image....I didn't think a picture of my arm was suitable! 

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am going to share with you my experience with the contraceptive implant. I have been seriously umming and ahhing about whether or not I should upload this post, and whether it is appropriate for the content of my blog. (if you are reading... sorry dad!) But in reality, talking about contraception can only be a good thing, in fact a very safe thing indeed! Plus after speaking to a few girls, they thought that it would not only be an interesting read, but potentially very helpful for those trying to make a decision on a contraception choice! So here we are!

Just as a little side note, I am no means a professional in this field, I am merely talking about the experiences I have had with the Nexplanon Implant myself over the past year, as well as a little bit of knowledge I have. However, you always have to speak to a healthcare practitioner anyway before having the implant fitted, in case for any reason you are not suitable for it.

A Little Bit Of Technical Information

So, for those that may not know, the implant is a little 40mm flexible tube that basically stops egg production. It is inserted under the skin of your (usually) non writing arm and lasts for three years. To me, this is the best feature about the implant, once it is in your arm, it is there for three years, and you pretty much don't have to do ANYTHING. (Except keeping an eye to ensure you aren't taking medication that may impact on it's effectiveness, there are a few!) 

One or two things I would like to make very clear:

1 - The implant doesn't protect you from STI's - so still keep that in mind. 
2 - "If implanted correctly, it's more than 99% effective. Fewer than one woman in 1,000 who use the implant as contraception will get pregnant in one year." (NHS Website) 

I find these two facts are extremely important and something to consider that is still the SMALL chance you could get pregnant, but it really is very slim. Luckily in the UK, it can be obtained free on the NHS. You can find more professional advice HERE on the NHS website

A Little Bit Of Context

I thought I would share with you the background behind why I even considered getting the implant in the first place. Also to kind of demonstrate that I think getting an implant is something that should really be thought about a lot, and definitely not a spontaneous decision - let me remind you, you are getting something physically put into your arm!

So basically, like a lot of girls my age. (I imagine) I have quite a large phobia of becoming pregnant. The entire thing terrifies me. I worry about it a lot more than I should, and a lot than anyone I really know - I only really noticed this in 2013 during my first year of University. After going to the doctors they decided it was best that I go on the pill, which at first was absolutely great! But then after a few months or so... I don't really know what happened, potentially to do with the hormones, or something but the thoughts that were going through my head just were not right. I had even started to convince myself that I could get pregnant in so many situations, usually without any sexual contact at all. This obviously is completely irrational and SCIENTIFICALLY impossible, but it still wouldn't leave my mind. Not exactly the best way to begin a relationship!

I started to panic about taking my pill. If I didn't take it at 7.45am on the dot I would freak and shake and just be terrified. Then the fear of ever 'forgetting' to take one took over my life. All I can say was my pill free week was always the best week of my life back then, even whilst being on my period. The days I had 9am lectures - I would usually be fine, but the days I had to set my alarm specifically to take my pill became a living nightmare. I downloaded an app, which was truly incredible actually, where you could tick that you had taken your pill and it would also have a time stamp for when you took it. This helped out A LOT but then even this started to not be enough. I began to take a screenshot of the time on my phone, take a picture of the pill packet before and then a picture after to show it had been taken, and then also a screenshot after of the time. It was totally exhausting. (I also started to get really defensive with my phone, for the fear that people would see these photos and be like what Kayleigh?) You would think that would SURELY be enough? But no, there was that little voice in my head mocking and laughing at me telling me I was pregnant.

Because of my relationship with the pill obviously not being amazing, the anxiety I suffered when taking it was horrendous which made swallowing it extremely difficult even though it is TINY. It turns out I am definitely a "what if kinda girl" and there were LOTS of what ifs swirling around my mind. The one that occurred the most was the fear of it not being swallowed or potentially falling out of my mouth...  apparently very common thoughts. On the days that I questioned if I had taken it, I would start to take extra pills to be sure, sometimes three a day. This is NOT healthy and I strongly recommend you don't do this.

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant
FABULOUS idea by Lou of making little quotes like a magazine to break up the MASSIVES of text <3

I would constantly have 'the symptoms' of a pregnant woman. I always felt bloated, constantly needed a wee, all sorts. Plus, never ever ever ever, google anything to do with symptoms, or anything actually to do with healthcare, go to the doctors! Google diagnosing honestly ruins happiness. The minute I read that having a period doesn't necessarily indicate that you aren't pregnant really destroyed me. I cannot explain the amount of pregnancy tests I went through... my poor pennies!

The number of doctors visits I had for reassurance that I was not going to be pregnant was RIDICULOUS. It would be rare for me to go over a week without going. They pretty strongly, advised I get the implant fitted, but I was completely utterly terrified of the idea, however I told them I would look into it.

After LOTS of scouring of the internet, and freaking out at SO many negative horror stories (please try to ignore them) about the implant I looked into other contraceptive methods such as the patch, and the injection. All three of the contraceptions have their positives and their negatives, and I think that is where it came down to my own personal decision really. So I booked my appointment!  But it is up entirely up to your preference. I COMPLETELY understand why you wouldn't want an implant.

So there we have it, I felt it was good to explain why I initially chose to get an implant,  and as you can probably see, I very much needed it....

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

The Procedure 

I get asked about this A LOT. I feel this is an important part of this blog post, because knowing this, could potentially really really help make a decision on whether you want to brave the procedure. (I WISH I could have had this blog post to read....) I find I have a fairly high pain threshold, but honestly this didn't hurt at all when they fitted it. In fact, the injection was the most uncomfortable part of the entire thing. I even asked if she could warn me when she was about to put it in, and she was like oh I have already done it! It was quite surreal really! They then bandage you up and you have to keep it on for a few days, and yes this was quite a pain. I would be lying if I said it doesn't hurt after the injection wears off, and you do get quite a lot of bruising, but it soon wears off! They gave me a few things to read over. I believe I had to still finish off my current pill packet, I am not sure what happens if you aren't on the pill - but do ask at the doctors!

The Experience

I am going to do my best to not throw in TMI here. At first you can REALLY feel it, and it is kind of gross, every movement you have, it is there and it really creeped me out when I lifted things, but you begin to not notice it AT ALL,  promise. :) And one other thing, people WILL ask if they can touch it... 

So, you may or may not know some of the side effects that the implant typically has. Mostly from my friends I have heard that your periods can completely stop - and to a lot of people I know, this is something that is often quite desirable! I didn't actually want to lose my period, but it was a risk I was willing to take to get out of the pill nightmare. The other thing that may happen is completely the opposite and your periods can become extremely irregular. 

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

I kind of get the 'beautiful' experience of both, which means I genuinely have no idea when I am going to come on my period. (Something I REALLY miss about the pill is knowing my period pattern.) 

I can go without a period for about 3 months which is fine, but then the minute I do get a period, BOOM, I know I am going to have it for a while, often for about a month or so, which definitely isn't ideal! No girl likes being on her period. Saying that.. they are far FAR lighter... (sorry) BUT, every girl is unique, and the implant reacts to everyones bodies differently, you can kind of think of it like pot luck, luck of the draw. But I guess it is up to you and your priorities. It is definitely an extremely convenient effective contraception, which is exactly what I was after - but I understand this risk isn't for everyone. (You can take a pill to balance out these periods back into a regular pattern, which to some people may seem pointless, but this would help out the worriers like myself, and also the forgetfuls because if you forget to take one you would just get a period but still be protected from pregnancy!) 

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

I have had mine fitted for just over a year now and I do still have my occasional pregnancy thoughts, but NOWHERE near as strong as whilst I was on the pill. I used to envisage it snapping, but that has passed, I have learnt that I just need to trust it is doing it's job. There is no point in worrying because I don't have to do anything, it is just there in my arm, doing it's own thing, and I am living my life happily.

Thank You SO MUCH if you have read through this monster of a blog post, but if you have, I like to think you found the content interesting! I really do hope this will help on deciding whether or not the implant is for you. If you have an implant do share your experiences below or if you have any questions and you would like to contact me directly at I would be more than happy to assist, especially if you have had any similar nasty thoughts. - I do honestly think it is an amazing contraception, it has truly changed my life. 

However, after saying all this, I would absolutely love to have a child one day, just not for quite a few few years yet! 

Kayleigh xoxo


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MY LIFE | 33 Facts About Me!

33 facts about me

33 Facts About Me

So so so so so SO sorry for how rubbish I have been with posting lately, I really do hope from today I am going to get my bum back into regular posting because I really miss blogging, but sometimes life just gets in the way and takes over :(

So, hello you little nosey ones! I expect you are here to have a peek into my life.... since today I am going to 'attempt' to think of some reasonably interesting facts about myself. (I tried to do 50 but it was SO HARD, so I came up with 33, and it rhymes... hope you enjoy!)

So let's go!

1. I am a Graphic Design Student at the University of Leeds!
2. Born very premature, and only weighing 3lbs something... I am lucky to be alive!
3. I originally wanted to be a pharmacist, but I didn't do so well at chemistry AS-level, it was a bummer! .... So I had to re-take year 12 :(
4. I live with FIFTEEN other people.
5. My favourite colour is green.
6. I have NEVER tried a cigarette before, and I also don't plan on ever trying one.
7. I am a teeny tiny 5'1, But I have size 5/6 feet and for some reason people find this funny!
8. My laptop is called Millie, just so I can call her 'Millie Mac'
9. I have NEVER dyed my hair
10. My hair used to be soooo long that it reached my bum. It was TOO MUCH
11. I have 3 Step Brothers, 2 Half Sisters, but no 'full' siblings :(
12. I wake up about 5 times during the night, such a disturbed sleeper!
13. So if you ever wake me up when I am sleep, you won't get a nice response from me.. AT ALL.
14. I own 18 pieces of Cath Kidston merchandise (that I can think of right now... there may be more) This is a healthy problem I swear!

33 facts about me, cath kidston
Well this is where my bank balance goes... I can't believe I have added even more to my collection since this photo!

15. When I was about 14 I used to make Youtube Videos with friends, of us miming to songs, SOS. (did anyone else do this...?)
16. I also used to spend hours finding pictures on google images to create videos for songs with lyrics... here's an example! Click here. Yes, I totally fan girled that it got over a million views!
17. I wish I could dance.
18. I pretty much put jalapenos in everything I eat.
19. I am VERY MUCH addicted to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Asparagus. (Not at the same time...)
20. My bedroom is usually insanely messy, however I like my things to be 'clean'
21. I spend a lot of my life wishing I was a cat, and it is scary how much I think about this.
33 facts about me
My Cheeky Kitten, doesn't life look like a blast!
22. I don't like tea... sorry Sophie :(
23. I have a huge fear of losing my teeth, and any of my senses, these fears are always on my mind.
24. I only owned 1 MAC lipstick before I started blogging, I now have 9. Opps....
25. Salted Popcorn Wins.
26. Nick Sharratt is a family friend of mine, and he is such a lovely man! Childhood dreams have come true!

33 facts about me, MAC, Nick Sharratt

27. The other day I actually lit a candle with a match, it has been something I have avoided doing for 10 years, after burning myself in front of everyone in my girl guide joining ceremony hahah.
28. I am a very driven person, if I really want something, I will work my hardest to achieve it.
29. If I could only shop in one clothes shop for the rest of my life, it would be Oasis, SO pweeeettty.
30. I am utterly terrified of treadmills.
31. If Bradley Cooper is in a film, I will definitely watch it - even if it is the most boring film ever.
32. I will be Blake Lively one day. 
33. I am 'A'.......... hahaha #PLL

33 facts about me, Bloggers
Photocredit, to Laura and her Selfie Stick!

Another little extra fact..... Blogging has CHANGED MY LIFE, and I love you all so much - you make me a happier Kayleigh! :)

Thank you so much for reading this post - hope you got to know a little bit more about me! I applaud anyone that has even made it to this point in the post! Perhaps leave an interesting fact about yourself below? I would love to learn more about you lovelies :)

Lot Of Love,

Kayleigh xoxo

Monday, 2 March 2015

LIFESTYLE | 10 Things To Do When Feeling Anxious

10 things to do when feeling anxious

10 Things To Do When Feeling Anxious

Hello lovelies!

It's March! The best month of the year... not biased at all or anything :) I would like to begin by apologising for my quiet blog recently, life has just been a little bit hectic lately and whenever I have had a spot of free time I have tried to have some time to myself to relax!

For this post I have decided to write a mini little list of things I like to do whenever I am feeling particularly anxious! As a natural worrier in life, these things really help me stay calm and generally keep me going strong in everyday life.

If you are a worrier about things, you will understand that someone telling you to 'just stop worrying' doesn't really work, if anything it maybe makes you feel worse. Even if you say it to yourself, and it is something that you want SO BADLY to stop, which I do and it doesn't - our mind just doesn't work like that. So sit back, relax, and take a read at a few of the things I like to do in these poopy times!


I find a 20 minute nap is an excellent way to give your mind and body a little refresher. After a little nap I feel replenished and often my attitude is a lot more positive. I like to think the reason behind this is because it has given my little brain a little break from the constant worrisome thought processes. Although...I admit my naps recently have turned into about 2 hours, but more from utter exhaustion.  

10 things to do when feeling anxious


I find reading something really really helps! Whether it is a few blog posts, a magazine or a book I find that these help with anxious thoughts because they provide a distraction. There are times when my thoughts are a little too much, causing a lack of concentration and I am unable to get to grips with the plot. But the other times, reading is excellent! I love the escapism it gives, especially if I really love and get into the characters - I feel I am apart of the little book world! 

Watch Netflix

This works very similarly to reading, with the escapism aspect. There is nothing better than cosying up with your favourite programme, in your pyjamas, in bed, with a hot drink of your choice! This instantly makes me feel better. I feel I watch Netflix maybe a bit too much - but hey, I like getting my moneys worth! 

Rescue Remedy

I'm not going to talk too much about this one since I have written an entire post on this, which you can find here! but this stuff is really great at supporting potentially stressful times. As I said in this post, I feel it acts as a placebo - which, if anything helps at all, even just a little bit, I think it is awesome.


This a recent activity of mine. I like doing this in the evening, when I am almost about to go to sleep. I find that this has made me sleep deeper, with less disturbances in the night. Fabulous! I set my mat up (in my tiny box room), light a beautiful Yankee snowflake cookie candle and play Yoga with Adriene on youtube, she is incredible! She has an excellent approach to each of the sessions, and she totally understands for a lot of people, that it is potentially the first time they have done yoga. I admit, I am the least flexible / bendy person in the world, but I am giving it a good go! I also find going for a run is always a good way to relieve stress and anxious thoughts also, I am just waiting for the weather to get a little nicer! I WILL run 5K this year.

Write A Blog Post 

This tip only really works if you are a blogger, but essentially writing my thoughts down often helps me out. So you could write a diary or something instead! Writing them down kind of feels like a little release to me, they were in my mind, but now they are out there in the world. I use this as a visual too of them actually leaving my mind. I always feel a hundred percent better and relieved! Recently I wrote this post and I instantly felt better, even if it didn't make total sense. Plus all your lovely comments, as usual really help and support me! As I like to always say, whatever is going on in your life, you are not alone - the blogging community really helps to drum this into my mind. (This post is helping me too actually!)

Talk To A Friend

A little girly giggle and gossip with my best friend always makes me feel better. Whether it is just over the phone, or a meet up at lunch or dinner. Friends are there for you when you feel rubbish, and likewise - you are there for them when they feel rubbish. 

Liz Earle MooGoo

Have A Pamper Session

Everybody loves a good pamper session! I like to pop on Spotify and have a good experiment with my make up...  because who doesn't. Then I like to run a bath and select a few products with my Lush collection. I am particularly loving the Karma bubble bars at the moment. I like to read in the bath - but only if I have an actual book book, not the kindle app on my iPad - it would totally fall in the bath! Karma... (haha I just laughed to myself then sorry) I then give my face a really good clean and moisturise - I am LOVING the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as well as my Moo Goo Moisturisers* Then I like to paint my nails - I take AGES to decide on the colour though! Why must this decision be so hard?! This little routine really makes me feel happy, and gives me a chance to relax, give myself a little TLC and reflect on myself. 

10 things to do when feeling anxious

Treat Yourself 

So... who is guilty of a little retail therapy when they are feeling a little poopy? I totally am, but I feel life is definitely too short. If you want that lipstick? You buy that lipstick. A few of my recent purchases are above!

Having A Routine and Keeping Busy

I like structure. One thing I have found that is really really incredible since being on placement and having a full time job, is that it gets you into a routine. You are forced to get out of bed - which is a push that I really need some days, particularly last year when I was at my darkest days! On an average day I get home about 6, and then have a shower and dinner, and then I pretty much do some of the above! I like to keep myself busy, and working definitely helps - the minute I have time to myself is when that thinking monster arrives..... this is often why I find it hard to sleep! 

10 things to do when feeling anxious
Photo taken of my delicious cake, by the lovely Sophie <3 

Also... a little extra, CAKE. What isn't solved by eating cake?

These are just a few of the things I like to do when I am feeling anxious! I hope you enjoyed reading these - I also hope they help you out. Please leave a comment below if there are any things you do when you are feeling anxious - I would like to add them to my life! 

Finally - A little quote I have been loving recently: "Don't worry about things that MIGHT happen, concentrate on the things that ARE happening"

Kayleigh xoxo

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