Sunday, 22 February 2015

BEAUTY | A Guilt Free Lipstick!


Hello lovelies!

You know what it's like, you pop into a department or drug store planning on only buying a few items, ones that you essentially need. But you ALWAYS come out with way way more than you plan to... (Well I do anyway!)

The constant battle in your mind telling you that you NEED NEED NEED that new lip shade, or nail colour... even if you have shades very very similar. You end up buying it anyway. The guilt you feel at home at your lack of willpower when you open up your bags to see what you purchased. (& probably shouldn't have)

That is what I felt with this lipstick. In January I went into Harvey Nichols, where the MAC counter is in Leeds. I don't normally go in store, I feel very intimated, partly because I feel the workers there almost judge me because I am not the 'typical' looking person to enter their store. This means I usually buy my lip products online, and resist the temptation of someone trying to convince me to buy a product. But this day was different - I was on the hunt for Velvet Teddy, like everyone - and it was fully out of stock everywhere, so I wanted to take a chance and go into a store. No luck.

I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful the woman in MAC was, she really helped me out, and recommended this lip shade for me instead if I wanted to get a similar look. The shade is Viva Glam 2, safe to say I was easily persuaded! and I also picked up a lip pencil! Oops, my poor bank!

I felt INCREDIBLY guilty when I got home. I didn't even use it for about a week because I was deciding on whether to keep it, or to return it.


Viva Glam 2 Lipstick, and Staunchly Stylish Lip Pencil

During this waiting, guilty time I came across a video on Tanya Burr's Channel,  where she spoke about one of her favourite lipsticks, Viva Glam V I think. She mentioned that all proceeds from the Viva Glam Lipsticks go towards charity, which I think is incredible! I had always wondered why these lipsticks were in different packaging... 

The entire proceeds (minus VAT I believe) go towards the MAC AIDS foundation, which I think is an amazing cause. You never know when / if, you or someone you love is going to suffer from the illness. A lot of people have judgements about AIDS - by saying people should be more careful, but you have to consider that HIV and AIDS are silent diseases. You therefore can't always tell if someone has it, people often don't show symptoms. (People most often don't know themselves, scary right?) Then there are the babies that are born with the illness. When I heard this, there was no way I was going to return this product! 

You get to contribute to a brilliant cause, as well as having a beautiful product. It really is a guilt free lipstick! I just wish there was more awareness about this, since the woman in the store didn't mention anything to me at all about it, as well as there not being any signs or anything in the store. It would definitely sway my in store decision! I am just so glad I found out before I returned it! I thought I would mention this in a post because I expect a lot of other people don't know about this fabulous cause either! 


So Viva Glam 2 is kind of like a pinky mauve / taupe kind of colour. It is a satin finish - this is my first one! and I REALLY like the finish! It is kind of in between a creme sheen and a matte, which is just perfect. Not too drying, with medium staying power, fabulous! It is a very buildable shade, you can wear it up or down. I wear this shade quite often to work, since it is a 'your lips but better' kind of nude. But perfectly pretty for a night out too. 

Overall it took me a while to figure out if the colour suited me, but I have grown to love it. I think it is really really pretty, and is for an excellent cause. You should buy this lipstick or others in the range, they are all very pretty! They often have the limited edition celebrity ones around too, currently Viva Glam Miley is out. Plus, no need for that nasty guilty voice in the back of your mind, which I have a lot! Have you every purchased any of the Viva Glam lipsticks?

Kayleigh xoxo


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

LIFESTYLE | Student House Hunting Tips!

student house hunting tips

Student House Hunting Tips

Hello lovelies!

Today I have decided to talk to you about Student Housing! Now I am no means 'an expert' in this field, but this year was the third (thankfully final time) I have had to go through the procedure! Sadly, each year it turns out to be a truly STRESSFUL experience, but I do hope this post might give you a little bit of ease! Apologies, if it is wordy, but these are a few of the most important things I keep in mind when house hunting!

QUICK NOTE - I have only had experience of student house hunting in Leeds, so different factors may apply across the country / globe, but should be very similar! I also hope this post isn't too late :(
Some places like Birmingham (I hear from friends) that house hunting happens around October. In Leeds it begins in January usually, but my best friend in London literally leaves it until like summer.

Pick people you feel you can handle living with for AT LEAST a year

Now, this seems really very obvious. But moving in with people is a really big commitment, you are often all signed on a joint contract and therefore are all responsible. You will be surprised what you will learn about a person once you move in with them........ Plus, the house hunting section is quite a stressful experience itself, you don't want to fall out during this time! (It happens :( )

Decide on Price Range, Location and Tenancy Contract Time

It is often good to get price and location out in the open very early on, so that you aren't wasting time looking at properties that may be ever so lovely, but not where you or your friends actually want to live / afford. (I have experienced problems with this, every. single. year. ) People just have different opinions on location, but hopefully you can compromise and find a balance. Keep in mind, the nearer you are to university, the likelihood that it is going to cost you more!

In terms of tenancy contract, in Leeds you can have July - July or September - July tenancies, if you and your housemates can manage to get all your belongings back to your family home for the summer, this is a fabulous way to save some money during the summer! Unfortunately for me, this isn't usually possible, but some land lords do have half priced summer rent, so keep your eyes peeled!

Talk To The Current Tenants (if possible) 

If the current tenants are in, do try have a chat with them! They are the best people to speak to, who will be honest about the property they are living in, after all unlike the property viewer, they have experienced the house.

I often have a few questions in mind that I usually often ask when I house view. These include:

1. How much do you spend on bills a month
This one to me, is super super super important. Some houses are naturally warmer and more efficient, so I like to ask the tenants how much they spend, just so I can add a rough figure to my weekly price.

2. Is this landlord reliable? - Also, SUPER important. Any maintenance needed on the property, for example if it was an emergency, you would like to think that your landlord will come to you super urgently.

3. I sometimes (If I am feeling particularly nosy) ask the reason they might be moving out... - just for a thought. Often they just need to move because they have finished their degree / need to down size because people are moving abroad / placement.

I then often like to ask about the area, is it relatively safe, etc, etc, how loud is it, general questions like this really! But just by simply chatting to them, you can often tell if the property is a good'en.

Bargain With The Letting Agents 

This often works best when you have left your house hunting slightly later. In second year we finally found our house in about March, and by this time, landlords and letting agents are often quite desperate to make a sale. So do try bargain with them! You might be able to reduce the weekly rent, include half summer rent, or even gain yourself some new items! I believe we managed to get a clothes drier and a TV put in our house! DONT FORGET to make sure it is written in your contract though, otherwise they may not give it to you. 

Don't Rush, and Keep An Open Mind 

Try to take your time, although easier said than done! I know the feeling, you just want to get it done done done and out of your mind! There is always the worry that if you don't get to it quickly that all the 'good' houses will run out. Luckily in Leeds there are so so many houses available, lots of houses remain empty for the year because they don't get filled. (although this may not always be the case in other cities). But do try not to panic. 

Try to keep an open mind when house hunting. Some of the houses you view, may possibly be truly DISGUSTING. I have seen some absolutely terrible terrible properties mainly to do with the current tenants. Do try to keep an open mind and imagine what the property may look like with all your lovely items in it, just think, you can personalise it and make it so much nicer and cosier when you move in! 


Sometimes, some things are just not meant to be. Last month I found a house that I was totally smitten about, and it ended up not working out. I was devastated and truly upset, but the beautiful Sophie cheered me up by saying that some things happen for a reason, and losing the house was for the best, and better things were to come! 

As stressful as the experience may be, it is a truly lovely feeling once you do have it sorted, and the weight is lifted off your shoulders! Please do share some of your house hunting tips below in the comments? I would love to hear them! 

Hope some of these tips help,

Kayleigh xoxo 

Friday, 13 February 2015

MY LIFE | Goodbye Nasty Inner Voice

Hello lovelies!

As we are approaching Valentines  Day, there are currently all sorts of posts surrounding this topic! Today's post isn't to do with Valentines Day at all, however Rhianna wrote a post this week which has half inspired me to write this one. "Love Yourself On Valentines Day" The other half of my inspiration has come from the kind little voice in my head this morning when I woke up, which said....

"Sort your life out Kayleigh" 

Most people would say to me, why do you need to sort your life out? You have two jobs, a boyfriend, family, friends (including a load of lovelies through blogging) Now, I do appreciate these all very very very much, I am so so grateful for the people and things I do have in my life.

Yesterday I felt extremely disappointed in myself, for not really doing anything after work. I had a really sore stomach, with nasty sharp pains, so I had a 'nap' for 2 hours, opps. I didn't get anything on my to do list complete at all, and my list is absolutely huge, it is getting totally out of control.

However, how can a nasty little voice inside my head make me feel utterly disappointed and angry with myself, particularly if I don't feel very well?! I am the sort of person who gets really down when I don't reach my personal deadlines and targets. I feel like an utter failure. The problem is, I have such high expectations of myself, and pressure myself far too much. There is only so much you can do in a day!

Considering I wake up around 7.45, work, and then often not home until 6. Then I am also supposed to get eight hours sleep at night, in order to function again the next day. This really doesn't leave an awful lot of time to get any of my other bits completed, (such as blogging, graphic design competitions, other projects, as well as generally socialising with my friends) and there is just too much that I always want to achieve.

How I plan on 'sorting my life out' 

1) Sleep

This is probably the biggest thing I need to sort out in my life. I admit, that it is kind of like a little rebellious side to me. I just won't let myself go to sleep. Working so much, I feel I never have 'me time' as people like to call it. If it gets to like 11 or 12 at night (and the nasty inner voice comes along) and I haven't completed some of the things on my list that I planned on that evening, I will often stay up until I do so, and it can end up being like 2 or 3 which is ridiculous! I then wake up extremely tired, and repeat the same cycle again. It is such a VICIOUS CIRCLE. Even the days I go to bed 'early' which is like 1 for me, I suffer from insomnia. I find it extremely difficult to sleep, as well as having a deep sleep - often waking at least 3 times a night.

To sort my life out, the minute it switches to 11, I need to shut everything down, whether it is finished or unfinished, and relax and cosy up in my bed ready to sleep and replenish for the next day. I think my body, physically and mentally will really thank me for this. (I am writing this at 11.34, so I have already gone against this, but this is to begin sunday evening! My best writing comes to me at night unfortunately :( )

2) Relaxing

When does a girl relax?!

The trouble is..... I don't really know how to relax. I always seem to be on this little anxious edge, waiting to fall. Even when I try to full on relax, it doesn't really work. My body is always tense, my mind is always racing. I just never ever mentally switch off. There is always something else worrying me.

To sort my life out, I plan on giving yoga by Adriene a go since I have heard a lot of great things, and giving the internet a little bit of a break each night, kind of like a social media cleanse. If anyone has any ways to relax, I would really appreciate hearing them :) 

3) Eating Better

I admit I am not the best eater. Especially at the moment. I am definitely eating at the heart of convenience currently. I don't have the energy to cook delicious fresh hand made meals, as much as I want to. But I really need to. I have been experiencing a really sore tummy recently, and after visiting the doctors she believes it is down to diet, stress and quite simply not enough movement. It bothers me that my pressurising behaviours are having an impact on my overall health.

4) Finally, Learning To Accept and Love Myself

This is where this post kind of fits together. I NEED to love and accept myself. I NEED to stop being so hard on myself. I NEED to tell myself, that yes I am doing a good job, and that I am doing enough. I NEED to put my health first, before anything else, because I am not sleeping or eating particularly greatly at all.

I am a graphic design student, a potential perfectionist, which often means I spend far longer on things than other people may well do. I also struggle to say no to things, I constantly just want to please people. We are currently always being encouraged to say yes to all the opportunities that come our way. I am learning to overcome these two problems on my current placement, which I think are great skills to learn, however out of my comfort zone they may be at the time. A year in industry is an incredibly rewarding thing to do.

Maybe "sort you life out kayleigh" was a bit harsh... instead.... Goodbye nasty inner voice, I am doing fine. 

So if that nasty inner voice ever tells you, that you are not good enough, or you aren't trying hard enough, please try not to listen to it! I always tell myself that I only really want to hear happy positive things!

Apologies guys for the ramble, I don't even know if it makes utter sense, but even writing this out, I feel a little better. It is off my chest, and out into the big wide world. Can anyone relate to any of the content I have spoken about today?

Pah, I need a hug!



Saturday, 7 February 2015

NETFLIX | What I Am Currently Watching....

What I am Watching on Netflix

Netflix, What I Am Currently Watching... 

Hello lovelies! 

People may know that I am little bit of a Netflix addict. I like to say 'Netflix is life' a lot. I have no doubts that my obsession with Netflix is unhealthy, it was down for an hour or so the other and I seriously missed it! I only intended to have Netflix for my first free month trial, like everyone else I became hooked. I am jealous of the US version though, the UK one seems to be a little bit dated, and slow at keeping up with the trends :( I like to watch on my iPad, because I often watch whilst blogging! I am watching Gossip Girl right now! 

I love curling up in bed with a delicious, and I must say, probably highly calorific hot chocolate like the one above, and these two! But I feel if you are having a treat you may as well do the full show! 

What I am Watching on Netflix

Anyway, back to the actual content Kayleigh! I hate how easily distracted I get.... 

I was tagged by the lovely Megan to do the Netflix tag. I had already planned on writing about my current Netflix watches, so although I am not answering the set questions I would like to thank her for the tag!

I am the kind of person who likes to have lots and lots of series on the go, so that when one ends I don't feel completely lost, so I thought I would let you know the series I currently have on the go! (Since, let's face it... who doesn't like a good new series to begin) I sometimes watch films on Netflix, but no where near as often as I watch series!

Now, this post couldn't be written at all without this being mentioned. I adore PLL, and I kind of squealed with excitement when Netflix FINALLY put it on. A new episode gets uploaded each week and I am absolutely hooked! I only started watching this about September 2014, but I managed to rapidly get through the 5 seasons, it was taking up a lot of my sleeping time! (Eek) but seriously, it is so good, and I couldn't recommend a series more, once you get started I am sure you will be gripped to find out who A is also! Although they may be dragging it out for a bit too long now, it contains a lot of twists, and it is one of those programmes where the plot is extremely clever and slots together like a puzzle, and these are my FAVOURITES to watch and read. If you love murder mysteries and girly programmes like I do, you are sure to love it. I am currently re-watching this because I am trying to create my own 'A' theory. I won't lie, it kind of scares me though, especially when I walk through the woods to work! 

Although I feel that this is a series that every single person has already seen, I would like to mention it in case (for some crazy reason) someone hasn't! I am watching this at the moment... for perhaps maybe like the fifth time? (Does that not sell it to you?!) I find it incredibly easy to watch, with many girl and boy crushes, such as THE Blake Lively of course. The classic chick flick film in 6 seasons of amazingness. Packed full of many romances, enviable fashion and filled with twists, it is a must see girly classic! 

This is a new series for me! People have mentioned Dexter to me for quite a while now. I am on episode 4, I admit it is one that is taking me a bit to get into it. I feel I need to pay my utter attention to it so maybe I will become hooked shortly! The main character, Dexter (of course) really really creeps me out... and everyone is like... well Kayleigh he is a serial killer. Dexter is a forensics expert - with a weird obsession with blood, and a secret life of killing criminals. The opening sequence is creepy and makes me cringe A LOT.  From what I have seen so far, it is not particularly gruesome, nor scary. I just looked now, OH MY GOD there is a whole eight seasons.... so if you are bored and want to start something new, maybe Dexter is the one for you! 

Now this is a series that has been majorly hyped about I think. Everyone seems to love it, but it almost seems like a bit of a drag for me... everyone is like 'it gets better during season three, that is when it get's really exciting' I am just beginning season 4, and I am still finding it quite dry. I would say the reason partly behind this, is that this is a series I am watching with my boyfriend. When I am addicted to a series I just want to WATCH WATCH WATCH, but often he just likes to watch the odd 1 episode every now and then. I don't remember the last time I even watched an episode of this, so I definitely haven't had a chance to get into it... since I couldn't even tell you what happened in the last episode I watched! Does anyone else not enjoy this that much? 

5) HIM & HER 
A very light programme, at only 28 minutes long. I love the short bite sized programmes. It is a programme I can have on whilst doing something, I often watch this with my boyfriend when we have dinner or something. It is about a relationship between Steve and Becky, quite low budget I would say, since they never leave their flat! In parts, often quite relatable, although the comedy in it won't be for all peoples tastes. It is the kind of comedy, that is actually annoying, and really quite childish, but me and Sam still sit there cracking up (often because it is insanely cringey, like the inbetweeners) & we sit there with our head in our hands like WHYYYYYY.

This is one of these programmes, that I started watching and thought it was insanely weird! It took me a while to get into / kind of understand what was going on. (Creepy opening again) But when I got into it, I couldn't stop watching! I have just started season 2,  and it has saddened me that it is one of these series that the new season is a completely different story because I am lost and struggling to get into it again :(  But people tell me that season 2 is their favourite so I really need to get into it I think! If you like ghosty, demony kind of things, you will love this! 

These are the ones that I am currently watching, but I have also recently finished Orange Is The New Black, and Orphan Black - they are both really good! (totally different to each other) I am just waiting for more seasons to be uploaded to Netflix, soon I hope!

I've previously tried to get into Suits because I hear so so so many good things about this, as well as The Vampire Diaries, so these may be adding to my list shortly! Oh I would also like to begin Broadchurch, but that isn't on Netflix.... I LOVE TV SHOWS!

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Any Recommendations? 

Kayleigh xoxo


Thursday, 5 February 2015

BEAUTY | Benefit Puff Off - Worth The Hype?

Benefit Puff Off

Benefit Puff Off

Hello lovelies! 

Worth the hype? Quite simply, no. 

Writing today's post saddens me deeply. My little place on the web isn't normally for any negative thoughts, I like to call it my happy bubble. But I also like to be completely honest to my readers, to help them make their own decision on whether or not they want to splurge on a product, this is why this post is here. 

When I first read about this product, Puff Off, by Benefit I was absolutely ecstatic. I was just so so excited to get my little mitts on it. It all sounded so perfect, the packaging is absolutely stunning(as usual), they had a clever little marketing concept, and even better - there were lots and lots of amazing reviews about how amazing this product was! It sounded too amazing to be true.... but I HAD to know for myself. I am a little night owl, my under eyes are absolutely terrible, so I pounced at the opportunity to purchase this on Saturday whilst at my first bloggers meet up in London. 

It turns out this product really didn't live up to my expectations! (They were very high, mind) I haven't actually seen a bad review about this product yet, partly because a lot of them had this product gifted to them. If you are gifted something you often find it hard to think of anything negative about the product. I perfectly accept this, IT'S JUST HOW THE HUMAN BRAIN WORKS! My boyfriend has always said that 'food tastes even better when it is free' and he is very right there, the same thing applies to make up. Just as, the same would happen if my best friend gave me a lipstick for my birthday, and asked me what I thought of it - I would naturally want to tell her I love it, even if I didn't :( It is just human nature and psychology that we don't want to hurt someones feelings especially to go against their generosity. This is just something I am going to keep in mind next time with reviews before I fork out £22.50! 

Benefit Puff Off

Benefit Puff Off

Packaged beautifully, with the cute little iron applicator, to iron 'those puffies away' - the concept is extremely clever. I applaud them. 

Okay, so the first time I used this product I was like oh... I literally didn't see anything different. I then used it again, and hoped for the best. The sensation of the 'gel' felt kind of nice on my tired under eyes, but not nice enough for £22. This time I noticed the SLIGHT difference, but the kind of difference that I only I would notice after starring at my eyes for so long. (so small that other people just wouldn't notice) I then popped it in the fridge for the next day - because I heard that this was good. Once again I hardly noticed anything at all. I am trying to feel optimistic that it is one of these products that once I stop using it, that I will begin to notice it's amazing effects. But only time will tell. I would definitely not class this an essential product, more a luxury but if you have some money spare you may want to try it, after all, we all react to products differently!!!

I will let you be the judge.... (this was really hard to photograph at 10pm / to sit in the same position to get the same lighting on the face... LIFE)

Benefit Puff Off

Without product. The eye on the left also naturally looks more defined.

Benefit Puff Off

1 eye has product... but which one? 

Benefit Puff Off

Both eyes with concealer on. 

Even if there is a slight difference in these photos, I used A LOT of the product, when it literally says you only need a small dot. If I could, I would probably return it and exchange it for the new Roller Lash mascara, because that is just WOW. Or investing in a really good concealer would do the trick...

For the price, I just expected a little bit more.

Have you tried this product? Do you think it's worth the price tag? 

Kayleigh xoxo


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BEAUTY | My First Essie Product

Essie Naughty Nautical

Essie Nail Lacquer 266 'Naughty Nautical'

Hello lovelies!

I kind of jumped on the Essie bandwagon a little bit late. I have always eyed up all the beautiful shades in Boots with the little emoji with heart eyes, but I have always been a bit reluctant about paying £7.99 when in my Boots store BarryM is directly opposite. What normally happens is I spend ages looking at Essie, I then turn around and realise I can get two beautiful BarryM shades for the same price, and well you can guess what usually wins. BUT NOT THIS TIME.

I had a day off, it was Blue Monday actually, and I finally purchased my first Essie shade. This certainly brightened up 'the most depressing day of the year' I chose Naughty Nautical,  since this is my favourite colour in the world and in the bottle it had little sparkly tints in it, and I just fell instantly in love. Unfortunately these little sparkles don't really show up on the nails, but anyhow it is still an absolutely stunning shade.

Application goes on like a dream,  it has a slightly wider brush than BarryM polishes, designed for less brush strokes to be required when applying, I loved this feature so much! In terms of drying, it dried relatively quickly, but I then went to sleep soon after and I had the groovy fabric marks from my bed! This always happens to me because I do tend to do my nails quite late in the evening, so that is my fault! You never know, could be the next fashion trend! 

Now for the impressive bit... 

I am guilty of being a bit of a nail polish picker, especially if I am nervous or bored. But whilst wearing this I really tried to resist! I was SERIOUSLY impressed with how long it took for this polish to even chip a little bit. Please ignore my nail shape, for some reason my nails keep splitting. But this is what my nails look like after NINE DAYS, and the same has come off on this nail on the other hand too.  I usually change my polish every 6/7 days but wanted to see how long this one would last!

Essie Naughty Nautical
Essie Naughty Nautical

I have done all sorts whilst wearing this nail polish too! Of course washing up is quite a baddy, and with my arts and crafts making business cards for my meet up the other day, these nails were absolutely caked in spray mount, and the polish still didn't budge! I think the only thing that chipped my nails was when I used some sellotape! For a base and top coat, I just used the BarryM one, which apparently acts as a nail hardener too! It is only £2.99 and I think it works a treat!

I fear I may have started a crazy Essie addiction, I can't wait to get my hands on another shade! Does anyone have any recommendations? If you haven't got an Essie nail polish, I strongly suggest you head to Boots,  hmm.... RIGHT NOW? You won't regret it!

Kayleigh xoxo


Monday, 2 February 2015

Saturday 31st January | My First Bloggers Meet Up!

#nyldnmeet My First Bloggers Meet Up

My First Bloggers Meet Up - Bloggers Market and #nyLDNmeet

Hello lovelies!

The 31st of January was a truly exciting day, and I had so much fun! I went to my first blogging event and was able to meet up with some of the lovely people I've been talking to over the last few months, and met some new people too! I feel really sad that I didn't get an awful lot of photos or vlog much of this event because I was trying to talk to as many people and basically just enjoy my day! I got a few though, so I hope you enjoy this post, it might be a bit long, but I wanted to get most of the details in!

Because I was travelling from Leeds to London, I started the day at 5.45am (ouch) people that know me may know that I am a serious night owl and a really bad morning person so this was seriously impressive for me! I stupidly stayed up until 1.30am creating hand-made business cards, and I only gave out one! Opps! (Charlotte, @vanityfairestx you lucky girl) When I flicked my light switch at 5.45 my bulb blew, doh! So I had fun getting ready in a pretty much dark room! I got myself ready, putting make up on at this time in the morning was certainly an interesting task!

Once arriving at Kings Cross, with this being my first blogger event, the mixture of nerves and excitement was seriously overwhelming my stomach! I found Sophie @sophkean and we popped along to the Bloggers Market in Camden. I didn't intend on buying anything really, but I had never been to Camden before and wanted to check it out! Plus the beautiful Kate @KCAllen_xo was going to this event and I really really really wanted to meet her, and fortunately I did! It was short, but sweet and she was so lovely :) Really sad we didn't get a photo together though! I also met Sass @sassbristow and found out she lives about a 5 minute walk away from me, which is INSANE, can't wait to meet up with her more!

#thebloggersmarket camden
Lena Rose Bakery Cupcakes
Carrie @wishwishwish Work Hard Postcard

These cupcakes from Lena Rose Bakery were just so so beautiful, I couldn't miss the photo opportunity! Look at the cute little pipettes! I also really love the branding for the bloggers market event, the inking is so so lovely! I loved the style so much I purchased one of the post cards in a similar style, from Carrie @wishwishwish I am someone who thinks that if you work hard, you will achieve what you want to, so this post card means so much to me! (I am a bit of a workaholic actually, and perhaps need to relax more!) But I LOVE it, I collect lots of postcards like this from Paperchase on my notice board! 

Then some other lovelies arrived Rhianna @robowecop, Emma @essaysandwine, Sophie @sophierebecca_,  Laura  @elelibeeblog, Mara @marashares and Gee @gee_castrell, which was SUPER amazing, I have been talking closely to these beautiful, kind girls for almost a month now, and our Whatsapp makes me laugh out loud when in public, and I feel like I have known them forever. So seeing them was INCREDIBLE, and I miss them so much already! (I also wish Lou and Hazel were there! Waaaaa) We had a few giggles getting on the wrong tube, popped for lunch and then we arrived at Bittersweet in Soho for the #nyLDNmeet! 

We arrived, and we were all super excited, and the venue was pretty PACKED. There were so many things going on. I really wanted to get a henna tattoo @designedbyhenna but unfortunately was inappropriate for work! But I do have major Instagram envy right now seeing all of your lovely henna hands! You could get your hair, and nails also done, but for some reason I didn't, I seemed to be too busy talking to people! But this was certainly a nice touch and especially for hair since it was raining when we arrived in London, so a quick hair touch up was a must!

Nakd Propercorn Mallow&Marsh

There were lots of goodies at this event! I hope you appreciate my will power, because it is two days after the event, but I have been waiting to photograph them before munching them! It has been a tricky task. All packaged absolutely beautiful, packaging design is one of my dream career paths, and I would have been SO proud to have designed any of these. I have been a fan of Propercorn for a while now, the two above flavours are my favourite. Nakd is a newish brand for me, I have tried about 8 different types and have been wanting the try the bakewell and cocoa orange for so while but couldn't find them so I got super excited when I saw these! I saw Mallow & Marsh on Dragons Den a few months back, and I am really glad the product has come alive! I am looking forward to trying these very muchly, I lost the little sheet that was with them but I am super intrigued to try a vanilla one inside a sweet potato! Thank you all so much for providing us with these goodies! 

MooGoo DrZoo DustyGirls
Dusty Girls Make up
We were lucky enough to listen to a presentation from MooGoo and Dusty Girls. Originating from Australia but they are coming to the UK! I believe we were literally the first in the UK to see the Dusty Girls brand, which is kind of exciting! A range of products to suit skin types that may suffer from allergic reactions in other brands. Mineral based and chemical free, with all natural ingredients you could potentially eat it if you wanted to! I fell in TOTAL love with the Pink Ladies blusher, which is above, look how pretty it is! We were lucky enough to receive some MooGoo samples in our goodie bag, and I can't wait to try them out, as well as Dusty Girls in the future! Thank you so much :) 

We got the chance to participate in a cocktail making class, I wasn't the best at this I won't lie hahahaa, but it was fun, I didn't get any photos of this, it was quite dark at that end of the venue, but it was all very fun anyway, the staff were great!

Blogger Friends
Blogger FriendsBlogger Friends

Of course some selfie / group photos were taken..... yes we took these in the middle of a narrow street, we momentarily blocked people getting through, but we felt it was totally justified!

Benefit Puff Off

Once I heard that Benefit was virtually around the corner from our event, I couldn't resist getting my hands on the new Benefit Puff Off, I haven't actually tried it yet, but keep your eyes peeled for a future post! 

Goodie Bags

I think it is fair to say, we were well and truly spoilt! We were all lucky enough to receive TWO goodie bags at the end! One from Myprotein, and the other with lots of goodies from brands. I feel really lucky and I can't wait to try everything out! The event had a raffle, raising money for Look Good Feel Better. The charity helps women and teenagers with cancer, to feel better about themselves, we were given a leaflet about fundraising ideas and it is something that I would like to do this year :) I was also lucky enough to win a Pro Blo Curl Me in the raffle, I was absolutely ecstatic and I can't wait to try this! I would like to thank all the brands who provided for the event, you were all so generous! 

I finally got home at around midnight, after a long long coach journey back to Leeds, but it only cost me around £6, so bargain! My taxi back from the coach station to my house cost £7.50, crazy that is cost me less from Leeds to London! It was lovely to meet you all and I would like to thank Lauren, Tamsyn and Amy so much for this event, I had an amazing time and you have made me totally excited for more blogging events in the future, you did an excellent job! 

Were you at this event? If we didn't meet please leave your link below, would love to check your blog out, and if you have made a post about this event please also leave a link below - I would love to read it!! :)

Kayleigh xoxo
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