Monday, 26 January 2015

MY LIFE | No Make Up Confidence FT Nanshy 4 in 1 Blending Sponge

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

Hello lovelies!

I apologise that I haven't posted on here in a week! I have been so so worn out, and I keep randomly falling asleep without even remembering getting into my bed! It has been very weird! But I am back! :)

I have been meaning to upload this pretty much all week, but I got to about Wednesday (& still hadn't uploaded) and felt that I needed to mix this post up slightly, since I didn't want you to all be bored of all the other Nanshy Sponge Reviews! So I have tried to make my post a little different. This will explain why it has taken me longer to upload, since the content was all muddled in my little head, but I hope you enjoy it! :) It might be a long one!

I would like to begin this post by saying Thank you so much to Nanshy for sending me this product, this is the first product on my blog that I haven't purchased myself, so I guess this is quite exciting! (Except Christmas presents / gifts)

Blending sponges seem to be taking the beauty market by storm, with the likes of Real techniques and the original beauty blender. I own a RT sponge, but what I like about Nanshy, are it's brand values. Nanshy is a cruelty free / 100% vegan, affordable organisation, as well as the products being of excellent quality! Nanshy products are latex free, non - allergenic, and odour free, which is perfect for sensitive skins like my own! The point of the beauty sponges is that they can provide a flawless finish to your skin, like a face brush, but perhaps without the brush strokes.

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

Nanshy claims for this sponge to be '4 in 1' so I thought I would share how! (In case you didn't already know)

1) The tip is perfect for blending harder to reach areas
2) The flat shape for stippling the areas around the eyes and nose
3) The waist of the sponge making it really easy to hold
4) The rounded bottom in order to blend the larger facial areas, as well as making it stand upright. PLUS it is SUPER soft :)

This sponge works really nicely, like my RT sponge I thought that it might soak up all my make up, but it didn't. I found I was a lot quicker at applying my make up with a brush, but perhaps because I haven't used a sponge in a while, I also don't think I was using this beauty to it's full potential by using the rounded bottom for larger areas! TOP TIP: defo try and squeeze a lot of water out when you wet the sponge, since it only needs to be damp, otherwise the water kind of washes the foundation / concealer away rather than blend. They are not on sale yet, but keep your eyes peeled, they are on sale in February for £5.95 which is a real bargain! You can preorder your sponge here


ANYWAY, these sponges being around, kind of remind me of my year 11 days, when everyone had those really nasty filthy triangular sponges! Did anyone else use these? I never thought that they were that good, just felt the application was better than using fingers! (Along with my orange dream matte mousse, oh dear) I think beauty sponges are there for simple effective application, even for the beginners in the make up world. [just to point out, this sponge, is FAR BETTER, than the triangular ones ever were]

These little sponges have made me reminisce about how my life used to be around year 10/11. I was the girl that chose to never wear make up. I had extremely long hair down to my bum, that was in terrible condition. The girl that at sleepovers, everyone would want to do your make over. I didn't really care, I was happy with focusing on my studies.

And then one day I think I felt the pressure to start changing my appearance. My friends started to get more attention from boys, which I never ever got, people often made me feel ugly because of my skin tone and hair colour. (You can have a little look here about life with my pale skin, a previous post of mine)

So I started to wear make up. I was literally terrible at applying it, because it was something new to me. (I am still not fabulous, but that's okay) I used to get foundation all in my eyebrows and I was probably quite orange, I DESPERATELY wanted to cover up my freckles. I didn't even really know what foundation was for?! Every profile photo, or photo I uploaded to bebo / facebook I would automatically make it black and white just because I felt it made me look better, as well as taking away the ginger from my hair! How could I go from having such a care free mind about my appearance to being so self conscious?

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

I haven't got the really old school photos, since bebo has pretty much gone off the internet, but this is one of the older ones I found on my facebook. Like seriously kayleigh, you can't see my nose or mouth at all! WHAT was I thinking. Did anyone else do this?

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

I began to make my webcam on msn b&w, and would pile and pile on the eye make up, just to make it more visible on camera, and then take a photo for my Facebook. Nasty girls started to comment saying that it looked nothing like me, I guess they were right, but I still didn't stop., 'I wanted to look like this' (This makes me SO sad thinking about this right now, why was I not happy with my golden locks, and sunkissed freckles)

4 in 1 Nanshy Blending Sponge

No Make Up Confidence

I then moved schools to complete my AS Levels, chopped my hair a few times, and boys actually began to notice me! It was a really nice feeling, but did I really need to change my hair and add make up on for this occur? This happened, but the black and white phase didn't die.

People are always questioning why do girls feel the need to wear make up etc to be happy. Saying that beauty bloggers and youtubers are bad role models, because they encourage make up to be worn. But in reality, people like my previous self, wear make up to fit in with the rest of society. If my personality was enough, I probably wouldn't have gone through all these efforts! But that is the rollercoaster of high school.

I would wake up everyday, and couldn't leave the house without my face full of foundation and absolutely cake loads of eyeliner in my waterline, and my lash line, I pretty much looked like I had been punched. (Partly because I was pants at applying liquid eyeliner, I still am actually) For some reason I thought it looked really good!

It took my a while to quit the black and white filter, but I think during my A2 levels I just decided that I loved my hair colour. It was as if once I had started to accept my hair colour, it released a lot of my self hate! People started to compliment my hair telling me to not dye it, rather than diss it, it was such a nice feeling. It made me realise, if I really didn't like my hair colour that much, I would have dyed it by now! I now love my hair colour, I like how unique it is.

Since being at university and living with a wide range of different people. (I actually lived with 16 people in my first year of university, I also do now) At first, the daunting feeling of 15 other people seeing me without make up a lot of the time, was too much. No one had really seen me without make up for a good few years, not even my boyfriend at the time, I refused to let him see me without make up, that just isn't healthy.

No Make Up Confidence

University really really helped me so so much, all the girls in my house would wear hardly any make up around the house, it was just natural, and I loved how my confidence grew. I also loved how clean my face felt, and began to ditch the heavy heavy eyeliner. Now, all I wear on a daily basis is concealer, powder, a little bit of blusher with minimal mascara (I have blonde eyelashes) and maybe some lip product. It is also so much better for my skin :) It now makes nights out more exciting because doing my make up is fun, rather than a chore! AND I have ditched the black and white filter!

WOW. I never thought a sponge could bring back so much! I just wanted to write something a little different to all the other reviews out there, apologies for the rambling and going kind of off subject, but if anyone can relate to this, and it helps, that is all I ever want.

I hope one day we are all happy with the way we are, even if it takes little journeys like this, it is nice to get there eventually! <3

But seriously, this is an awesome sponge, and you should totally buy it! Have you tried out any beauty sponges?

Kayleigh xoxo


Monday, 19 January 2015

SHOPPING | Your Phones Best Friend!

Hello lovelies!

I admit today's post won't be the prettiest to look at, but it is definitely an extremely practical and useful one! Today's post features my recent purchase of a portable phone charger!

I expect a lot of you are like myself. My phone is constantly attached to my wrist, always checking up on the latest happenings on twitter, instagram, snapchat, or my blog. You could say I perhaps rely far too much on my little gadget, because I do not feel particularly safe when my phone is out of battery when I am out the house! I like to be able to get in contact with someone if I am lost, or stuck.

I'm not due an upgrade anytime soon and my iPhone really won't last for too much longer, it keeps cutting out when it says it still has about 40% battery (I know these readings aren't precise) but they need to be more precise than that I'm afraid! I always find people on twitter complaining about iPhone battery life, because it is pretty poor... I admit I leave some apps running all the time, and should close them down, but there are some apps I constantly use so I leave them open!

In a few weeks time I am attending a bloggers meet up in London, #nyLDNmeet (which I am super super excited about) BUT my train is at 8am, and my coach won't get back to Leeds until 11pm and there is NO WAY my trusty little iPhone would last that long. (Like seriously I go to work, and only go on it at breaks, and it still dies before I get home!) So I knew I had to get one of these, since we are probably going to be taking selfies all day! hahaha and that is where this search began!

I am one of those people, (like most people) that HATES buying something that doesn't work / isn't very good. I had a little browse on Amazon, and came across the 'Anker Astro Mini' which was £12.99 RRP £39.99 with 2500 or so reviews, at a 4.5 star rating & I thought that sounded pretty good and promising! There were other cheaper ones for like 3 or so pounds, but I really did want one I trusted and that worked! Remember you get what you pay for! 

So I took the plunge and purchased it, and it arrived ever so quick, I was super impressed! You can choose from a selection of colours, and it comes with the charging cable and a little bag, awwwww :)

Just a quick note, IT'S NOT JUST FOR IPHONES! I would assume any phone that uses a USB connecter as a charger, but do obviously check on the amazon website before purchasing!

It comes with a few instructions and things, for how to take care of your new product, so that it lasts longer etc! But it is really simple, you pop it on charge and a green light comes on... soon after my light goes off when it's hardly been on but I assume it still charges! I have only had it since Friday, so I can't comment on how long it lasts or anything, but I used it in my house on Saturday as like a practise and the next day to work (without recharging) and it managed to re-charge my phone up two times, which I thought was pretty awesome, and will be super super helpful for when I am out and about! I haven't been to a festival before, but I could see this being pretty handy! I couldn't be more happier in this product, it is my phones NEW BEST FRIEND, and mine. 

Will you be purchasing one of these magical products? <3



Saturday, 17 January 2015

TOP TIP | Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD. (And Other Little Nasties)

Hello lovelies! 

Apologies that I haven't posted in a few days, I have had quite a busy week! I also would like to thank you all my so much for the response and support on my previous post. 'Living with my pale skin' So glad you have enjoyed reading it and can relate to it! It is always nice to find other people in the world of the web that feel the same way as you do. :)

Anyway, today's post features the Bach, 'Original Flower Remedies' Rescue Remedy. I have both the spray and the dropper, but there are other products in this range including little yummy pastilles and chewing gum. I had never heard of this product before, until my friend who always swore by having a pastille before taking an exam. I thought I would write this post and share this product with you all, in case you had never heard of it before! 

People that read my blog, twitter, or people who I have talked to a little bit more, may know I am a little bit of a 'worrier'. So I looked into this range and ended up purchasing the spray for myself, purely for convenience. My auntie later gave me the dropper one, since she loves using it too.

On the bottle is says "Rescue Remedy provides support at times of emotional demand, such as before a driving test, or interview, exam or flight, or when you simply need a little help" Who wouldn't want to use this?

With the spray you just use 2 sprays on your tongue, and the dropper you either have 4 drops on your tongue or pop 4 drops in a bottle of water. I quite like doing this because it also makes me drink more water! Which I think everyone wishes to do! 

I admit I was a bit sceptical about this at first, I don't really know how it works - MAGIC, but it contains dilutions of flower extracts, it is free from artificial additives and is suitable for vegans! :) 


So, I guess you would like to know if this works?.. I admit I haven't used it in an awful while because I started to get worried that you could overdose on it or something because I was using it an awful lot... which I guess makes it pointless if you are trying to stop worrying! 

BUT other than that, I think it does really help, or at least your mind convinces yourself it works, acting like a placebo I guess. I have also spoken to people who also use this, and they say it helps because often it provides a distraction and something else to focus on, which helps them and I guess can only be a good thing! 

I would fully recommend anyone that suffers from perhaps, OCD, anxiety or panic attacks to give this little bottle of magic a go. Even if you don't suffer from these, you can definitely still use it! Because after all, everyone worries about certain things in life sometime, it is definitely normal! This little bottle helps to comfort, and balance these worries whilst de-stressing and restoring your happiness. 

It may not work for everyone, but for about £7 it is worth giving it a go! 

Has anyone else used this? I would love for you to share your experiences below <3 

Hope it helps and thank you for reading lovelies,


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MY LIFE | Living With My Pale Skin

Pale Skin Is Beautiful 

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is another chatty personal one about myself, that I hope people can relate to. After a little late night blog reading session last night I found some inspiration to write this post. Thank you Em! (@mypaleskinblog)

My life with my pale skin has kind of been a little bit of a journey. I am not sure how to word all of this, so we will just see how it goes! As I have grown up, I am a lot happier in myself since I have learnt to except that pale skin is BEAUTIFUL too. But unfortunately I haven't always felt like this. 

For some reason pale skin is often seen to be 'not as attractive' as tanned skin. This leads to feeling really self conscious and unhappy in your own skin if you aren't this 'admired skin tone' The amount of times I have actually cried in the past, just from remarks about my skin colour is absolutely ridiculous! 

Everyone always says 'I'm so pale, I need to tan' then they compare their arm to mine, and luckily for them, they feel better... but it just makes me feel worse! Yes admittedly my arms are white, but my legs are WAY paler, because they never ever get out and see the world!

Summer in the past has been a difficult season for me. Everyone loves stripping down to their shorts, but I just can't seem to escape from the tights or even jeans. Even when a few years ago there was a heat wave, I was still parading around in my black tights, or occasionally skin coloured ones. I admit I was getting some few stares for wearing my tights, but those looks seemed to hurt less than people starring at my gleaming white legs.

One time during P.E in I think about year 10, I didn't have my P.E kit with me. This was because I had a note for my lesson the week before, I had sprained my wrist during skating so I was excused, and it was still hurting so I thought my note would excuse me again. Apparently not, the teacher went to go and get me some spare kit (shorts) and I ended up crying (not because spare kit is GROSS, which it is is but) because I had so little confidence about my pale skin that I couldn't let me class mates see my legs...  Looking back, this makes me really sad :( 

Year 11 Prom.

This is a night that you are supposed to be insanely excited about! But all I could think about was having my legs out. I am actually wearing tights here, just to give my legs a fragment of colour, and I actually went through the effort of DIY cut the toes off my tights... oh my life. 

Often wearing skin coloured tights results in having totally mis-matching legs to body, not always the best look! 

Woooo Tights. 

Rockin' the pale leg, no tights look in Bulgaria. I think I have caught a teeny bit of sun here though! Apologies, my skirt is FAR too short. 

Now I've been lucky enough to go on two party holidays. 1 with my girls, and another with a mix of boys and girls. I am just really proud of myself that I managed to have these opportunities and go on them, rather than worrying about my skin. Just think about it, the terrifying thought of being in a bikini. But also, being pale, I burn very very easily, (factor 50 is an absolute) so perhaps I don't enjoy being in the sun as much as other people do. But I did really enjoy these two holidays :) 

Sadly, every holiday I have been on in the last 5 years, someone always makes the EXACT same comment, like seriously, where is the originality?! "Hahaha you are so pale, did you only get here today" And when I say no, I am actually going back to the UK tomorrow, they laugh and are really rude to me. I do not find this funny or an okay thing to say to a random person, but ok! As people say, if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it at all.  

I went on holiday to Rhodes with my boyfriend last year (2014, Weird to last year say now!) and it was lovely. I'd like to thank him if he is reading, because I definitely think my confidence in my skin has grown because of him. It is lovely that he loves my pale skin, and wouldn't want me to change it :) I had the same comment said to me as above, but being with him made it all okay, we just laughed it off. 

On another note, let's just say, Emma Stone looked absolutely beautiful at the Golden Globes Last night, doing the pale girls really proud <3

Apologies for this huge ramble ramble post, I guess it is just something that I am really passionate about, and it has hurt me a lot in my life. I still don't go without skin coloured tights on a night out, but that is also partly because it is sososo cold in Leeds. 

Does anyone else feel like this? It is really horrible but I do hope you learn/or have learnt to love the skin you are in. All skin tones are beautiful in their own way, and we should just embrace them! :) 

PALE SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL! I am just so glad I know this now <3

Thank you for reading, although I don't expect you to have read it all!!!


Saturday, 10 January 2015

MY LIFE | A Hobby I Really Really Miss

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is one of those 'nosy' ones, which myself, I personally love. I love getting to know more about people, peoples lives really interest me! So I thought I would share a previous hobby with you all, and I don't know, it may even inspire you to find a club near you and join! It is truly a fabulous hobby. Okay, so my previous hobby (If you hadn't already guessed with the image above) was Artistic Roller Skating. Some of you may know what this entails but some of you may not, so I will try and do my best to explain!

When I went home for Christmas, and got back into my bedroom, I saw these looking at me. I REALLY miss skating as it is, but these starring at me didn't help! I decided to photograph them for this post, and here we are! Apologies if they are dusty etc, I really haven't used them in like 5 years :( (that figure really saddens me) They were my BABIES.

Okay, so basically.. Artistic Roller Skating, is typically split into 3 types - Dance, Free and Figures. I was 'a dancer' As a dancer you learn the routines such as different types of Waltz's, Tango's, Foxtrot's etc, skating them as perfectly as you can. Obviously there are different standards, with some really really incredibly hard dances, with lots of frightening moves, such as scary turns, I was never the best at dancing backwards, I won't lie! I always went into people opps! Free Skating is often a routine that you choreograph yourself, including jumps and things. The club in my home town only really typically did dance skating, which was lucky because I was actually too scared to do jumps! But some people prefer this type. I don't know an awful lot about figures sorry :(

A really fun hobby, you meet so so many lovely people across the country when you compete, as well as it keeping you fit, because it is extremely tiring! (This is the UK, but some compete nationally, so I am sure there are skating clubs for you to join all around the world!) I LOVED, the getting ready for the competitions. Wearing such a beautiful dress, and being covered in glitter and having my hair and make up done. LOVED IT. Although the competition part it self is really daunting, because it is usually just 2 people skating at a time and you are being judged by 3/4 judges. But I guess it is a good way to build confidence, but always the fear of I'M GOING TO FALL OVER because of a bobby pin. They were so deadly.

(I have blocked my team mates face in case they didn't want to be seen)

Coming first was an AMAZING feeling. I always seemed to come 4th place, which was annoying but also still an achievement because there were often about 18 of you. 

Awwww. Wow my hair was SO long. 

It upsets me that these were the only photos I could find since the rest are on my old broken laptop, and I didn't back it up :( opps! The above I am only wearing my clubs colours dresses, whereas for my events I wore really pretty sparkly dresses. My favourite was like BRIGHT cyan blue and so so gorgeous. There are also events where you dress up in couples and dance together, they were really fun. Me and my friend dressed up as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. I am SO disappointed that I cannot find this photo for you to see. We were in HUGE costumes, incredibly hard to skate in, but SO much fun. 

I would love love love to continue this hobby because I MISS it soooo much. But unfortunately, the nearest club to my University is Bolton, and Bolton really isn't that close to Leeds in all honesty. (I think the Leeds one has shut down booo) 

Plus it is really quite an expensive hobby :( I have been thinking of creating a society at my uni, but never been too sure if people would be interested in it. I WILL skate again in the future.

You can find more about UK artistic roller skating here: They have a list of the clubs around the country!

Hope you enjoyed being nosy and learning something about me!



Tuesday, 6 January 2015

MY LIFE | My January 'To Do' List

My January To Do List

Hello lovelies! 

Today's post is going to be about a few things I would like to hopefully get done / achieve during January! So apologies, that this is probably going to be quite a wordy post! But I thought I would share it with you anyway, just in case you want to do some of the things that I hope to do! 

Plus, I am also writing this so that I also remember my to do list. Some are probably cliche, and tasks that everyone is thinking of doing because of the New Year, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to do them! Some things are easy and some are harder than others, so maybe I am being a bit ambitious to plan on doing this whilst working 6 days a week, but who doesn't love a good challenge in life! 

1 - Get my hair cut. 
I meant to get this cut whilst I was home for Christmas, but with it being Christmas and New Year it meant that the hairdressers were open for limited times making it hard to get an appointment. And my hair needs some SERIOUS TLC. So if anyone has any recommendations for any hairdressers in Leeds I would be really grateful!

2 - Visit the doctors.
Another thing I have been meaning to do for a while, I have been suffering with headaches for quite some time now, and I have never been to the doctors about it, but I would like to get this seen this month! I always have excuses for example, I can't go because I am so busy etc etc and working, but seriously what is more important than your health? So I am going to get my appointment booked in ASAP. 

3 - Get measured. 
Now, this is more personal but something I am really guilty for and I am probably not the only one.... I haven't been measured since I was like 14, and currently all my bras definitely do not fit me properly, they are all SO uncomfortable. I thought I knew my size but I really don't... I am getting serious back ache from bras being too tight I think! Ouch.. So this is a much needed chore, but I guess a daunting one which is why I have put it off for so long.

4 -  Drink MORE water.
I already drink a fair amount of liquids, particularly flavoured water. But I would like to drink MORE. I plan on getting into plain water, I have purchased one of these Bobble filter water bottles from John Lewis, and I should be able to collect it tomorrow! Yippeeeee. 

Photo credit to John Lewis.

5 - Read at least 4 books.
I really do love reading, I expressed my reasons why in my last post, which you can click to find here. I have already completed one, 'Before I Go To Sleep' which I loved, and was totally hooked on, it may even appear on the blog soon so stay tuned! I hope to read 3 more this month, which shouldn't be too hard, I hope! 

6 - Write daily in my happy book.
I previously spoke about 'my happy book' in a previous post, which you can click to find here. (Sorry for another promo) But basically it is a book I used to use earlier last year in order to write down the positive things that happen during my day. Thus focusing on the positives in my life rather than the negatives. ANYTHING positive in my day, I will write in my little book. Even if it is so small, it all adds up! With it being January, and Christmas holidays being over / being back to work, January is often a month that people often feel depressed. So I think I am going to get my happy book out again! 

7 - Get back in the gym.
Not only have I eaten serious amounts of food this Christmas, but I noticed something when I walked to work today. I was completely breathless, just on my everyday walk to work, and I wasn't even walking fast, at all. This is quite terrifying, and basically I would like to up my fitness and stamina again, so I don't feel so sluggish. I haven't been to the gym since August. OPPS. Which is such a waste of the free gym membership I get from work. I plan on going tomorrow, even if it is just for 20 minutes, it's a start!

8 - Keep an eye on my budget.
Now I am on no means on a spending ban, but I would really like to lower the amount of money I spend on potentially unnecessary items. January is the month my rent goes out, so I really need to be careful and watch the pennies! (I would still love to try an Essie or Nars product for the first time though!) 

9 - Have a clear out of my room.
I really really need to have a clear out of my room, I have so many things that I haven't touched since moving to Leeds for university, and thats 2 and a half years. So do I really need all the clutter I have in my tiny tiny university room? No. So I plan on having a clear out and giving some of the bits that are in okay condition to charity. 

10 - Reach 450 Bloglovin followers. 
This would just be super super cool, I absolutely adore all of the support I get off of you lovelies, and I am so happy you enjoy reading my blog! 

11 - Get more into Youtube.
Those of you that don't know, 2 weeks a go I uploaded my FIRST VLOG. This was really scary and perhaps a little bit of a fail, but it was my first video, so I hope you can bear with... you can find it here if you wish to have a little peek... MY FIRST VLOG 

I really plan on upping my Youtube game this month, or even the next coming months. (I have a vlog that I still need to edit, probably instead of this blog post actually!) But I would like to do some more vlogs, and maybe a 'main channel' style video. And potentially reach 25 subscribers, because that would be pretty awesome. 

12 -  Organise a 'Northern' Bloggers Meet Up.
This is something that I may not completely do in January, but it is something I want to think a lot about, and maybe start planning! So if any of you would like to help out, (Gabby has messaged me about this, thank you lovely) I would really like to get this planned for the future! Would be amazing to meet some of you <3 

So these are just a few things I would like to get up to this January! I hope to inspire you do something similar! What things do you hope to achieve this month?


Sunday, 4 January 2015


Me Before You - JoJoMoyes

Hello lovelies! 

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year, I certainly did :) 

(Oppsss, this is the first time I have blogged in the New Year!) Can't believe it is already 2015, 2014 seemed to fly by! I am really excited for the new year though and I have set myself a few goals this year, which I may do a post about very soon! Like a lot of people I really want to read a lot more this year, I have been reading a lot since I began my internship in June, and would really like to continue this in 2015! I find reading really soothing, helps me sleep better, improves my writing skills and provides me with a little bit of escapism in my life. Basically reading is fabulous!

This posts is about 'Me Before You' by JoJo Moyes. I had my eye on this book for a long long long time, after such brilliant reviews on Amazon! It currently has 4863 reviews as I write this, with a 5 star rating, which really is incredible! Whilst I was purchasing some Christmas presents off Amazon, I decided to add this little gem to my basket! I thought I would bring this title to my lovely followers eyes, in case you hadn't heard of it before! 

I am SO glad I purchased this! I read this really quite quickly, I was very hooked! I don't think I actually read the blurb for this book, because whilst I was reading it, it really wasn't about the subject that I thought it was. It is a girly romantic kind of story, with a twist. I really like JoJo Moyes as an author, after reading The One Plus One on holiday to Rhodes this year. I find that Sophie Kinsella has a similar writing style / subject, and I really like her too! 
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