BLOGMAS#22 | The Perfect Christmas Nail Shade!

Hello Lovelies!

I apologise in advance if this post seems a little bit rushed! I went home to my family today, after being in Leeds for my placement so I have been travelling, napping and socialising with them! BUT I am determined to keep BLOGMAS going, I am seriously impressed with my progress! 

This post features the PERFECT Christmas nail shade, it is truly gorgeous and unfortunately the photos don’t quite do the colour justice…. and also maybe my nail painting skills! (Opps got a little on the cap already…)

I picked this up the other day whilst finalising my Christmas Shopping, I really wanted a Christmassy deepish red colour. I was walking past Boots to head to Superdry, and I saw Kiko. I had heard of it in the Youtube world before but had absolutely no idea we had one in Leeds! It is a very new store, opposite Trinity Boots (ish) if you were wondering! I am not sure where other stores are, but you can always use the website!! 🙂

I popped in and it looks beautiful, lovely store layout, and it looks like it would be expensive… until I looked at the price and was so shocked! I expected perhaps MAC prices and to my pleasant surprise they weren’t! I got this nail varnish for £3.90 which is less than the glittery Barry M ones I usually go for and the quality seems really good.

The staff were really friendly and helped me out picking a shade, I really liked that they like little pieces of tape that you could rip off and stick to your hand and paint the testers onto, which gave a really good indicator of whether or not they suited your skin tone! Brilliant!

There were such a HUGE range of colours and it took me a really long time to decided which I was going to buy, I could have seriously purchased so many products in this store, so I am really happy with my willpower to only go for the one! I went for this one because it was classically festive, and goes really well with my berry swing dress which is what I am wearing on Christmas day, PERFECT! 🙂

In terms of the product, I can’t really comment on the lasting, and whether it chips easily or not because I have just put it on! But I really like the brush of this product, quite a wide one which meant that it glided on nicely, even if it doesn’t look like it! I usually like to neaten it up with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover but I forgot to bring some home with me, doh! 

On another note, eek it took a while to dry unfortunately and I kept knocking my nails and getting smudges 🙁 Maybe I was layering it up just a little bit too much but luckily it was a polish that was easily to fix when you do make a mess!

I am really pleased with the finish, rather than a glittery Barry M kind of top coat style polish, this is completely kind of ‘coloured one’ which means it should be easier to take off! Brilliant! Glitter and easily removed. ( I hope)

Have you tried any KIKO products? If not, you should give them a go!

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow lovelies, only a few sleeps till Christmas!!



    • December 29, 2014 / 1:40 pm

      totally gorgeous especially when it catches the light! 🙂 xx

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