BLOGMAS #8 | It’s Okay To Treat Yourself…

Tasty Treats by Pots&Co

Hello everyone! Ahhh my blogmas organisation has totally gone out the window… & I was doing so well! It is currently 8.45PM as I write this oppsieeee, but I guess it is fine as long as I upload it before 12 🙂 

Today I am talking about these puddings. If you follow me on instagram (@veryberrycosmo) you will already have seen that I was eating these this week!

‘It’s okay to treat yourself’ Ok Ok this is totally true. but I do admit I am treating myself a bit too much at the moment, particularly the Christmas drinks in Costa and Starbucks. It appears I seem to ‘treat’ myself every single day, but I guess it makes me happy so, why not! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and after Christmas I plan on cutting down on sugar, not completely but I definitely need to REDUCE my sugar in take. My poor toothies are crying at me!

Anyway, my point is… is that it is definitely ok to have a treat every so often, & these puddings are the perfect way to do it! 

I admit that I was drawn to these originally because of the packaging. Seriously it is BEAUTIFUL. I am a sucker for packaging design since it is something that I am interested in doing myself. (or book design) If I could make something like this I would seriously be SO proud of myself. IT. IS. GORGEOUS. Particularly the inside design, which is above. The handwritten style type is just SO wonderful, that yes they are pinned on my wall.

Anyway back to the delicious bit. The PUD. The idea behind these beautiful pots of yummyness is that you could call them a ‘luxury’. They are made to be restaurant quality yet to be ‘oh so convenient’. Their chef ‘Julian’ has worked with many Michelin starred chefs… (basically, he knows what he is talking about!) 

I purchased mine in Waitrose, and I have seen them in Tesco too. In Waitrose they are £2, which I guess is fairly expensive… but not for a once in a while treat, or for the quality of these puddings! Remember ‘Restaurant quality!’ 

(I am really annoyed with myself that I didn’t upload this post whilst Waitrose had them on offer, but I didn’t eat them quick enough to tell you my opinion, sorry 🙁 ) 

There are lots of delicious flavours to choose from! 

– Lemon & Lime Possets

– Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot

– Sticky Toffee Pudding

– Passionfruit & Blood Orange Cheesecake

– Chocolate & Orange Pot

– Caramelised Apple Crumble 

As you can see I went for the Salted Caramel and The Apple Crumble One. I admit my favourite was the Salted Caramel One, it was really really yummy. Although maybe a bit on the sickly side, but I still managed to polish that baby off very quickly! The Apple Crumble was nice, but I felt there was too much apple, and not enough crumble. OR I am too used to having apple crumble with custard and it just seemed odd without it… With the crumble being my favourite part I guess you could say it was a teeny teeny bit disappointing. But it was still tasty! I will definitely be buying the Pots & Co products again 🙂

The next two on my list are the Passionfruit Cheesecake and the Chocolate Orange Pot. I have a weakness for cheesecake and I love me a chocolate orange combo mmmmmmm!

I love the little pots that these puddings come in, they are cute, and I am going to reuse mine for my rings / earrings! 🙂 

Have you tried any of this range? Would you recommend any? If so, which ones <3 

Ahhh I’ve just eaten and I am already hungry again after writing this post! 

Thanks for reading you lovelies, catch you tomorrow,



    • December 9, 2014 / 6:32 pm

      Yummy! They have a few of the range in the Little Waitrose in town (leeds) do take a peek! xx

  1. December 8, 2014 / 10:51 pm

    You have been KILLING ME with these photos on Instagram! They look sooo good. I really want to try the salted caramel and the chocolate orange ones but I've not seen them in any shops yet 🙁
    Megan x

  2. December 10, 2014 / 9:32 pm

    The lemon & lime posset and the blood orange & passionfruit cheesecake are incredible! I always pick them up when I go to London because that's my nearest waitrose haha! I'm not a huge chocolate cake fan, and was tempted by the crumble but don't like cinnamon and always fear it has it in, so they're the only two I've tried so far!

    Sophie x

    • December 11, 2014 / 10:04 pm

      Oooh I really want to try the cheesecake one now!! Ooh I don't know about cinnamon, I wouldn't be much help because I love it! I find that when you don't like something though it is all you can taste… like banana in smoothies 🙁 xx

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