BLOGMAS #3 | MAC Ruby Woo Loves December

MAC Ruby Woo Loves December 

Hello again Lovelies, #BLOGMAS #3 is here!

Since it is December my MAC Ruby Woo is loving life, she is cheeky and loves December because she gets used way more! I find red is a beautiful colour especially around the holiday season for parties and special occasions. I would love to wear red more of an everyday wear, but I am not quite confident enough for it yet since Ruby Woo is quite a vibrant red! I have a lot of parties and work dos etc coming up so this baby will be exploring a lot of December with me!

This was actually the first MAC product that I purchased myself, I really wanted a statement lipstick, and thought a red would be the one for me. I had never really worn red before, but really wanted / hoped I could pull it off. I researched which lip product to get for AGEEEESS & I could have got myself a far cheaper alternative like some of the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection (which are lovely) but I felt like treating myself! 

So this is what it looks like on…… 

Ruby Woo, I believe is described as a blue toned red in a Matte formula. Makes your teeth look really white, which is always a nice feature! I have read a lot of reviews saying that it is a beautiful colour but a really drying lipstick. It is quite dry, but I always moisturise my lips just with my Nivea / Carmex stick either the day before or during the day that I know I am going to wear Ruby Woo. 

I find that with all lipsticks I like to have moisturised lips anyway, otherwise the product seems to cling to the dry ‘white’ skin bits and that isn’t a good look, I find this happens particularly with MAC cremesheens, still love them though. ( I really love the lip scrubs that Lush do to get rid of the white bits, which reminds me I really need to buy one! I love the bubblegum one and I’m kinda intrigued by the Santa one…. ) 

Saying that, the pigment lasts a reaaaaallly long time, which is something I LOVE. I am quite lazy and don’t really enjoy reapplying my lipstick all of the time. 

1. I am not the best at applying lipstick, I am quite messy and take ages! 

2. I don’t want to be worrying how my lips look all the time, I just want them to stay full of colour! 

I find this colour suits a lot of skins tones, and it is a MUST for every ladies make up collection 🙂 I never thought my hair colour would suit this colour but I admit it is now one of my favourite looks!

If I was buying another MAC red? I may have considered Russian Red or Lady Danger, I hear Russian Red isn’t as drying as Ruby Woo, but from swatches it looks not as vibrant as RW (I am not sure it would suit me)  Lady Danger is a lovely bright coral red shade. 

Which MAC red shade will you be using this season? Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading, Until next time,



  1. December 3, 2014 / 3:10 pm

    This looks gorgeous! I have Russian Red and I don't really think you'd need both. Russian Red is slightly darker rather than being a really bright red! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • December 3, 2014 / 7:56 pm

      Thank you lovely girly! 🙂 I think ruby woo would look better on me thankfully! Although at first I admit I didn't like it on me at all, but it has defo defo grown! xx

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