BLOGMAS #23 | Meet My Cute Kitties

Hello lovelies!

So now I am home for Christmas, it was always a ritual of mine when I came home to take photos of my cats! I am such a cat person, they are so adorable, I am also a little scared of dogs. I Mainly took photos of Bailey, but sadly he passed away earlier this year :'( RIP Bailey you beautiful kitty! 

I thought I would show some to you!

Above is Henry and Felix. Henry is a Balinese and Felix is a Siamese. We only got Felix this year in about July, so yesterday was the first time I met him! He is so so so so cheeky, gets everywhere, and is a little bit of a pain really! But he is a cutie. BASICALLY, siamese cats are just as mischievous as they are in Lady & the Tramp! I love the photo above, taken by my step – mum, these cats don’t usually get along at all actually, but this is such a cute photo! 🙂 

A photo my step – mum took when Felix was younger! Awwwww 

These photos are some I got of Felix today and yesterday, he is such a hyper little kitten, so it is really hard to get a good shot of him because he moves so much resulting in really blurry images! But I got these few. The first one is cute, and probably the first time he has actually looked at the camera! The second.. hahaha I love this, basically he waits for the postman everyday! He’s a bit like a dog, he plays fetch too! My step-brother decided to tease Felix by putting some post through the letter box, and felix grabbed the letter and nibbled Callum’s poor hands 🙁 The third one is to show how high he jumps and climbs, he is a little nuisance, he keeps grabbing all my things and chewing them! He licked my sandwich yesterday 🙁 He is extremely clever and can open closed doors, and use a light switch. It is insane! 

Now I will show a few of Henry and Bailey, they got along so well bless them! I could show you hundreds, but I have picked out a few 🙂 

Bailey watching the Turkey last christmas :'( 

The last time I saw him 🙁 SO SO SO beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting my cats, Are you a dog or a cat person? 


Talk to you tomorrow on Christmas Eve, eeek!!



    • December 29, 2014 / 1:39 pm

      Haha it is cute but he grabs their hands! He is a cheeky naughty boy! xx

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