BLOGMAS #11 | My Winter Lip Saviours

My Winter Lip Saviours

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post is about my current winter lip saviours! It is officially winter and it has definitely got ALOT colder this week, brrr Leeds is CHILLY. My skin and my lips are truly feeling this chill and therefore suffering quite a lot! (I could do with a new facial moisturiser if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know in the comments, because mine doesn’t seem to be doing an awful lot of good!) 

I apologise for the photos, but this was quite a spontaneous post of mine this evening so I took this just now and the lighting isn’t fabulous! 

Anyway, these two lip products have really saved my dry, sore lips this winter, and if you have sore lips too you should try them! I mix between these two products depending how I’m feeling. For example, if I am out and about the Carmex Lip Balm is just so much more convenient!

It’s party season and I rely a lot on my my lipsticks for my party looks, I feel they really change your face depending on what colour you choose, so I want my lips to be in the best condition they can be, particularly when the lipsticks are matte and drying! (Ramble Ramble Kayleigh…)

Carmex Strawberry Moisturising Lip Balm:

I love how super convenient this lip balm is! I picked this up the other day in Boots, I walked past the lip balms and was like oooh Carmex, I used to love that stuff! I originally had the cherry one in a little round pot, but decided this is easier to apply and you don’t get greasy fingers. When you apply it this is kind of tingles, which some people may not like but I really do! (Kind of like Blistex, another fave of mine!)

I have seen a big improvement in my lips after using this product. I apply it a few times a day and I am just really happy with it! Saying that, strawberry? really? I don’t really get a lot of strawberry from this product, it is more kind of minty but I don’t mind because it WORKS!

Lush: Santa’s Lip Scrub “Prepare your lips for Santa Baby!”
I do love myself a good scrub! I previously had the bubblegum one, but it was SO delicious and I used to pretty much put it on, to eat it. (Not fully true, the finish these lip scrubs have on your lips is INCREDIBLE and I just loved the feeling) This product will give you totally kissable lips! 

The Lush lip scrubs are about £5.50 I believe, which may seem a lot because I think its basically a pot of sugar, but I think these last a really long time because you just need a little amount. I think this product is worth the money, just for how good your lips feel!

These lip scrubs like ‘satisfy all of your senses’ This sounds so weird but…

SIGHT – you can notice the visible difference when you use this scrub! No more white dead bits!
TOUCH – your lips feel SO soft, I love it sooo much.
SMELL – these scrubs smell so so amazing
SOUND – it’s almost like I can hear my lips thanking me for using this product! :]

This Santa one is cola flavoured, it tastes nice, I prefer the bubblegum flavour but this is probably for the best so I don’t just eat it! It contains extracts from cherries and dates, yum! It has cute little hearts in it, which is a nice touch, but I find they get in the way a little bit. I scrub a little bit on my lips to exfoliate them, and then I am ready to apply my lipstick and I can be confident that my lipstick won’t cling to any of the dead white bits on my lips, because THEY HAVE GONE! Love these scrubs so so so much <3

Lush scrubs would be the perfect stocking filler, or a treat for yourself! Better grab this Santa one quick, it won’t be around for much longer 🙁 Although I defo recommend the bubblegum one!

Have you used any of the products mentioned in this post? Do you love them? Do you have any winter lip saviours of your own?

Thanks for reading!! <3  Catch you tomorrow!



  1. December 11, 2014 / 10:35 pm

    I picked up a tube of Carmex for the first time – you read that right, the FIRST time – last week and I'm a complete convert! I keep a tube of it in my coat pocket so I have it on me at all times!
    Megan x

  2. December 14, 2014 / 3:55 pm

    My lips have been so chapped recently, the cold weather is definitely not good for my skin!
    I really want to buy a Lush lip scrub, they do seem expensive but iv'e heard amazing things.
    Bethan Likes

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