BLOGMAS #1 | My Very Special Advent Calendar

Hello!! 🙂

WOW, It’s December! Which means it is almost Christmas! I don’t think I have been this excited for Christmas in about 5 years…. but I am SO excited to see all my friends and family this year, I haven’t been home since April 🙁 🙁

This year I am attempting BLOGMAS!! Blogging everyday until Christmas will be such a challenge for me but will be something lovely to look back on!

I am really looking forward to reading everyones blogmas editions! I hope you will follow me on my journey!

My Very Special Advent Calendar #CharityAdventCalendar 

I decided to do this as my first post today because I believed a lot of people would be showing their calendars, whether they are chocolate ones or beauty. Sooooo, above is my advent calendar! 

Can’t see anything? That’s right, I have decided to not buy one this year. 

This year I felt I just didn’t really need an advent calendar, so I decided to give the money I would have spent to Winston’s Wish. The charity is a lovely lovely charity that supports children who may have lost a parent or sibling. Losing someone you love is so so hard any time of the year but particularly is highlighted at Christmas. Saying this, I felt they needed my money more than myself having a few chocolates or beauty products!

Losing my nan earlier this year had such a big impact on me,  and really put things into perspective, I honestly can’t imagine how a child must feel during the horrible feeling of bereavement, I imagine they are so so confused, utterly lost and devastated. Which is where Winston’s Wish come in….

“My £5 can pay for the candles WW use at their candlelight ceremony at their residential groups – helping each child to share a special memory about the person who died.”

For more information on Winston’s Wish click here.

Maybe you could donate to a charity of your choice? 🙂


Thank you for reading my first BLOGMAS post, and I will see you tomorrow!



  1. December 1, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    That's a really great idea! I've not had an advent calendar in a long while because I don't think the chocolate there is that great nor worth the price. I might have to donate to a cause as well once I've been paid!

    • December 1, 2014 / 3:50 pm

      Thanks for reading! I agree, good deed of the day and all that! 🙂 do! and let me know who you choose #charityadventcalendar xxx

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