Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Hello lovelies! 

Today's post includes another one of my lovely gifts that I received for Christmas this year! It was one of the gifts that I asked for but really really really didn't expect to receive! When I opened this one I was so so so so excited :) I still am, I am so grateful! It is a fragrance I have been starring at in stores for so long, just haven't been able justify buying it for myself! 

Ahhh I also love love love how much better the lighting here is at home rather than my university room, so I thought I would write this post whilst I have better light! 

I received this gorgeous Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Gift Set. The box, itself is absolutely STUNNING. I love the design with the bottles made into snowflakes for the christmas set, utter perfection! 

Inside was the 50ml eau de toilette, and the 75ml body lotion and shower gel. I always love the body lotions and shower gels because I find they enhance the smell of the perfume, body lotion scents also seem to last longer on my skin, so to have the set is truly wonderful :)

Let's just take some time to appreciate how gorgeous this perfume bottle is! I always feel Marc Jacob's perfumes are always incredible bottles, such as Daisy and Lola, they are all so beautiful! 

In terms of the fragrance, I find that is is really really fresh, (Apologies, I am not the best at describing scents...) But it is a lovely light fresh fragrance. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is described as a floral fruity fragrance with notes including White Woods, Coconut Water, Musks, Lychee, Grapefruits, Blackberrys and Pears. I don't normally like florally scents all that much, but this is an exception, it is beautifully captivating and extremely feminine.

It isn't too overpowering, which in some ways is a positive but also can be seen as a negative because it may not be as long lasting, but that is okay, I would just top up with some more. I have one of the Travalo little handbag perfume dispensers which can be found on amazon. (These are super super handy, although they seem to have gone way up in price since I purchased mine...) This perfume will only really be worn on nights out or special occasions, it's not my everyday perfume, Lacoste Touch Of Pink is my everyday scent which I also adore and was lucky enough to receive some more for Christmas! Santa treated me very well this year <3 

I hope you had a lovely lovely Christmas, did Santa buy you any perfumes this Christmas? If not, what scent are you wearing at the moment?

Thanks for reading lovelies, talk soon!


Sunday, 28 December 2014

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | A Very Merry LUSH Christmas

Hello lovelies! 

I do hope your have had a fabulous Christmas with your friends / families, and that your bellies have been extremely full! Mine sure has, except now actually.... I need to have brunch! 

Welcome back to my blog! Thank you so much for your support and everything, this is my first post since Wednesday, which doesn't seem that long a go, but it feels like forever after blogging everyday for blogmas! I always find that everyone always smells particularly nice after Christmas, especially boys haha, think everyone gets a new perfume or aftershave off santa! 

So today's post features a nice smelling one, A Lush Gift Box, that I was very lucky to receive on Christmas Day :) It is a truly a fabulous box! So I thought I would share it with you! (Although sadly it may only be around Christmas.. I am really not sure! But it contains products that are around all year, so I hope you enjoy this post!) 

So, this is what is inside! I was really really excited because I haven't actually tried any of these products before! It is always nice to give new products a go I find because you may find your new absolute favourite! I was particularly excited that this box contained Northern Lights, because this is one I REALLY wanted to try, but it wasn't in my Lush store when I looked, so this is super exciting, can't wait to use it! I have seen so many lovely lovely photos on Instagram of this one! The thing that is lovely about this box is that all of the products are really bright and full of vibrant colour, I absolutely LOVE IT! 

As I opened the box, I was surprised by this kind of tasselled decoration thing, think it is to resemble a like party popper or jack in the box or something! I thought this was imaginative and a cool touch, I apologise now for ruining the surprise for you, but I just thought it was a cool thing to show! 

And here are all the lovely products inside! I think they look and smell absolutely delightful! 

Did you get anything from Lush this Christmas? Or have you been in the sales! Let me know what you got or purchased! :) 

(I would have purchased from the sales, but I still have a load of things that I got myself, as well as this box, and I also got some more off my step-mum, spoiled with Lush things this year, so grateful!

Thanks for reading lovelies, and if I don't post before Thursday, I hope you have a wonderful New Year and celebrate in style...... xoxo GOSSIP GIRL. 

(Haha oh dear, I am a little obsessed with gossip girl at the moment it would seem!)



Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BLOGMAS#24 | The BEST Product EVER

Hello Lovelies!

It's CHRISTMAS EVE! Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! :) 

I can't believe that is is Christmas tomorrow, it just doesn't feel like it, and that means Blogmas is coming to an end! I am sad about this because I feel I have met so so so many more bloggers by doing Blogmas, and I have loved the support from the community whilst doing this. But I will admit that it will be nice to have a few days of rest from blogging! I am totally surprised I have even kept up with this! 

Am I supposed to blog tomorrow? Really unsure!

Anyway, today's post is talking about a product that I feel is really important for my wellbeing. My wonderful 4head stick. I am forever recommending this to people I know so I thought I would share it to my blog too, it really is my go to product! It is about £4.50-£5.50.

I suffer sometimes / quite often with really painful headaches (like today :( ), close to migraines but perhaps not quite so bad. This product is AMAZING. I find that paracetamol and pain killers don't really work with my headaches. This little stick gives pretty much INSTANT relief, which also makes it incredible. You just do a couple strokes of this on your forehead where the pain is and it IS non-greasy or colourless. Do not apply too much! I did this and it made my eyes water like crazy! 

The only thing you will notice is that it kinda smells minty, because it has menthol in it, and it tingles, kind of like how a Carmex stick does! But DO NOT EAT THIS! And the pain magically disappears!

"Use as required but avoid excessive use" Which is also a really good part, because with paracetamol you need to wait between doses, and the pain ALWAYS comes back before your dose end! 

I am on my third one, although my last one was damaged from heat, do not accidentally leave this near or on your radiator! But they last a really long time, they are just so tiny I always lose it and panic because I NEED this stick. It is the only thing that has ever really worked for my headaches, it is a truly incredible product and I would fully recommend it to anyone that suffers from bad headaches! 

* Obviously please read the handout before using it, it may not be able to be used by everyone, I am not a doctor! :) *

Do you suffer from headaches? Have you found any products you love? You should try this one! 

Thanks so so so so much for following my Blogmas journey! I couldn't have done it without you lovely people <3 

Catch you soon!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope you have a fantastic one xxxxxxxx


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BLOGMAS #23 | Meet My Cute Kitties

Hello lovelies!

So now I am home for Christmas, it was always a ritual of mine when I came home to take photos of my cats! I am such a cat person, they are so adorable, I am also a little scared of dogs. I Mainly took photos of Bailey, but sadly he passed away earlier this year :'( RIP Bailey you beautiful kitty! 

I thought I would show some to you!

Above is Henry and Felix. Henry is a Balinese and Felix is a Siamese. We only got Felix this year in about July, so yesterday was the first time I met him! He is so so so so cheeky, gets everywhere, and is a little bit of a pain really! But he is a cutie. BASICALLY, siamese cats are just as mischievous as they are in Lady & the Tramp! I love the photo above, taken by my step - mum, these cats don't usually get along at all actually, but this is such a cute photo! :) 

A photo my step - mum took when Felix was younger! Awwwww 

These photos are some I got of Felix today and yesterday, he is such a hyper little kitten, so it is really hard to get a good shot of him because he moves so much resulting in really blurry images! But I got these few. The first one is cute, and probably the first time he has actually looked at the camera! The second.. hahaha I love this, basically he waits for the postman everyday! He's a bit like a dog, he plays fetch too! My step-brother decided to tease Felix by putting some post through the letter box, and felix grabbed the letter and nibbled Callum's poor hands :( The third one is to show how high he jumps and climbs, he is a little nuisance, he keeps grabbing all my things and chewing them! He licked my sandwich yesterday :( He is extremely clever and can open closed doors, and use a light switch. It is insane! 

Now I will show a few of Henry and Bailey, they got along so well bless them! I could show you hundreds, but I have picked out a few :) 

Bailey watching the Turkey last christmas :'( 

The last time I saw him :( SO SO SO beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting my cats, Are you a dog or a cat person? 


Talk to you tomorrow on Christmas Eve, eeek!!



Monday, 22 December 2014

BLOGMAS#22 | The Perfect Christmas Nail Shade!

Hello Lovelies!

I apologise in advance if this post seems a little bit rushed! I went home to my family today, after being in Leeds for my placement so I have been travelling, napping and socialising with them! BUT I am determined to keep BLOGMAS going, I am seriously impressed with my progress! 

This post features the PERFECT Christmas nail shade, it is truly gorgeous and unfortunately the photos don't quite do the colour justice.... and also maybe my nail painting skills! (Opps got a little on the cap already...)

I picked this up the other day whilst finalising my Christmas Shopping, I really wanted a Christmassy deepish red colour. I was walking past Boots to head to Superdry, and I saw Kiko. I had heard of it in the Youtube world before but had absolutely no idea we had one in Leeds! It is a very new store, opposite Trinity Boots (ish) if you were wondering! I am not sure where other stores are, but you can always use the website!! :)

I popped in and it looks beautiful, lovely store layout, and it looks like it would be expensive... until I looked at the price and was so shocked! I expected perhaps MAC prices and to my pleasant surprise they weren't! I got this nail varnish for £3.90 which is less than the glittery Barry M ones I usually go for and the quality seems really good.

The staff were really friendly and helped me out picking a shade, I really liked that they like little pieces of tape that you could rip off and stick to your hand and paint the testers onto, which gave a really good indicator of whether or not they suited your skin tone! Brilliant!

There were such a HUGE range of colours and it took me a really long time to decided which I was going to buy, I could have seriously purchased so many products in this store, so I am really happy with my willpower to only go for the one! I went for this one because it was classically festive, and goes really well with my berry swing dress which is what I am wearing on Christmas day, PERFECT! :)

In terms of the product, I can't really comment on the lasting, and whether it chips easily or not because I have just put it on! But I really like the brush of this product, quite a wide one which meant that it glided on nicely, even if it doesn't look like it! I usually like to neaten it up with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover but I forgot to bring some home with me, doh! 

On another note, eek it took a while to dry unfortunately and I kept knocking my nails and getting smudges :( Maybe I was layering it up just a little bit too much but luckily it was a polish that was easily to fix when you do make a mess!

I am really pleased with the finish, rather than a glittery Barry M kind of top coat style polish, this is completely kind of 'coloured one' which means it should be easier to take off! Brilliant! Glitter and easily removed. ( I hope)

Have you tried any KIKO products? If not, you should give them a go!

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow lovelies, only a few sleeps till Christmas!!



Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS #21 | Graphic Design Journey

Hello lovelies! 

I thought I would share with you another designy post, and this project feels relevant because I am travelling home tomorrow for Christmas! I am so so so so so so excited, I haven't been home since APRIL.

This was a second year university set brief called "start at the end with a big idea" which basically was to design the brand identity for an end of degree graphic design show! I was really proud of the outcome and my mark for this piece, I worked hard on it! My concept developed through research into the life of a graphic design student, as a student you learn so so much during your time at university. You gradually progress and develop your skills and I felt that this end of year show would be an excellent way to show the journey from undergraduate to graduate.

Above is the logo I created for my brand identity, I looked into different ways to represent 'a journey' but I decided to go with a London Underground design style because it is extremely iconic.

This is the poster for my exhibition, to be placed around the University and also around Leeds City Centre, perhaps near the gallery. 

Keeping within the theme of my logo I had a look at the London Underground design, and how they choose to represent informative information. This was my favourite way to demonstrate the timeline of events of how a student progress whilst at university. The loop section describes how a year in industry is a pathway that some students may choose to take. (Like me!) 

Luggage tags to act as invitations to the show.

Above is the homepage for my microsite, I kept it fairly simple, with the basic information the user would require such as date and location, as well as the ability for them to follow them on various social media websites. 

Another context shot of my microsite, but with the interactive aspect shown. When the user hovers over the various 'change overs' (circles) the middle panel will show a preview of a students work. The dot doesn't always show the same students work. 

The disk which would allow the user to re-visit the journey of the students work. 

A business card style a like a train ticket. 

These will be handed out as well as the luggage tags around the university and city. If you were to bring one of these cards to the degree show, you would be given a voucher code to give you 10% off your next train journey. 

So that is my brand identity for my end of year show! I hope you like this project of mine, do let me know in the comments if you would like any more design posts in the future, I like to give you a little glimpse into what I get up to! 

Thank you so much for your support, catch you tomorrow! :) (WHEN I AM HOME AHHHHHH)  


Saturday, 20 December 2014

BLOGMAS #20 | CHRISTMAS Flavoured Crisps

Hello lovelies! 

Christmas is in FOUR / FIVE DAYS (however you look at it) 

Woweeeee that is exciting! I've been getting in the festive spirit all week, with far far far too many Christmas parties and my bank account is curled up in the corner crying her poor eyes out right now... so today is quite a chilled day! A little bit of catch up on rest is needed! 

I am currently curled in bed with these Roast Turkey & Chestnut Stuffing Crisps and episode one of Suits, because the lovely Kate Allen keeps telling me I NEED to watch it! hope it's as good as you say hun!

Anyway, I came across these crisps whilst buying lemonade in a One Stop, and I just felt I wanted to try them because they sounded interesting and unusual! I am a MASSIVE crisp lover... I know they aren't good for you but I wish they were, I could probably give up chocolate for a bit but noooooo not crisps:( 

I don't really like 'meaty' crisps (except smoky bacon and chicken) but turkey and chicken are similar right...? Plus Burts crisps are so YUM, I love the sea salt ones. The packaging is also really cute and festive!

Okay, so I opened them... and hmm the smell wasn't the nicest, it wasn't exactly like MMMMM christmas dinner. I then went to try one, I got really nervous actually! I am perhaps not the best person at trying new foods, I quite often find the foods that I avoid and then finally try are my favourites like ASPARAGUS. 

The taste, I didn't really find I noticed much of the turkey, but I tasted the stuffing, so it was basically like eating stuffing flavoured crisps, so if you absolutely adore stuffing... which a lot of people love the most at Christmas Dinner, then you will probably really love these crisps!

My personal favourites are either the dessert, YUM, the prawn cocktail starter, but for the main.... hmmm I like the pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and parsnips, oh and the yorkshires. Basically I love me a Christmas Dinner!

They wouldn't be my go to flavour, but it still didn't stop me from munching my way through half the bag! But I could stop... so I guess that speaks for itself, I usually can't stop eating crisps because they are so moreish, meaning I tend to try and avoid big bags!

Let's just say.... these crisps are kind of average, I definitely wouldn't trade my real Christmas Dinner for them! EEK I really want a Christmas Dinner now!

Is stuffing your favourite part of a Christmas Dinner? You should probably try these... What are your favourite crisps? 

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow!



Friday, 19 December 2014

BLOGMAS #19 | One Of My Biggest Fears...

Hello Lovelies! 

Today's post I have decided to mention one of the fears I battle with everyday. I think it's healthy to talk about your worries, so I have decided to express this on my blog... hope you don't mind! 

I realise currently it kinda looks like I am scared of toothpaste, and that really isn't it! haha.. I originally just wanted to talk about how amazing I felt this toothpaste was, but my boyfriend said that post would be really boring! 

But anyway... one of my biggest fears is my teeth falling out. & I know it is a very common dream that people have but I seriously have it most nights... I worry about how much sugar I am eating for far too much of my day and how damaging it is for my teeth, I am really trying to cut my sugar intake down.... it's harder at Christmas. (boooo you costa christmas drinks and delicious cupcakes!) Constantly throughout the day my teeth are just on my mind... 

Whenever a tooth of mine ever soooo slightly hurts I kind of panic, I guess I just don't like the dentist, but I always think of the worst, that my tooth will either fall out, or need to be taken out. (This has happened, but luckily my wisdom tooth has covered that gap) so I guess this has scarred me for a while I guess!

Anyway, in August my tooth really hurt when I ate on it.. and I was like oh dear.... got really panicky because it hurt a lot, and I didn't have a dentist at university, only at home. I decided to give this Sensodyne Extra Fresh Repair and Protect to see if it would help out, since I wondered if I just had a sensitive tooth. A lot of people always told me a toothpaste is a toothpaste and that they are all the same and the cheaper ones are just as good... they really couldn't be more wrong! 

Yes, maybe Sensodyne is a little pricey, but if you can grab it on special offer like I did (£2.99) it isn't too bad, and it is totally worth it! For one, it actually tastes rather nice, a lot of toothpastes are really disgusting. Secondly, by the time I had booked an appointment and attended the dentist, my tooth didn't actually hurt anymore. AMAZING?! How does a toothpaste do this.... MAGIC.

The dentist said that my teeth were fine, and I just didn't believe him, and kept asking him to check again just because I was totally confused with why it had hurt so much?! He even took a x-ray and there was nothing wrong! 

Since then I purchased a different toothpaste because this one wasn't on offer, so it was £4.45, and my tooth pain has come back :( I have now re purchased this again, admittedly it takes a few weeks or so to work, but I can't wait for painless teeth again!! 

In future, I am going to buy this toothpaste whether it is on offer or not, it has become an essential product in the happiness of my life! It also beats any nasty dentist bill any day! I hope this post has helped anyone that may find this product useful! 

Apologies for this strange post, does anyone worry about their teeth as well? Or do you have any fears you would to share with me? You can either comment on here or email me, would love to talk to you!  - veryberrycosmo@gmail.com 

Thanks for reading you lovely lovely people,


Thursday, 18 December 2014

BLOGMAS #18 | Steve The Sprout

Hello Lovelies! :) 

I can't believe it is christmas in just A WEEK! I don't feel like it is Christmas that near.. possibly because for the previous 4 years of my life I have worked at Waitrose pretty much everyday until Christmas. Since I have my design internship I am not working in Waitrose everyday, just Sundays, and it is just so so weird! As busy Waitrose is at Christmas I do love the festive vibe the store has, it can get quite exciting, so it is odd to not be working there! But I am so excited to be able to spend Christmas Eve with my family because I don't usually get to :) :) 

Anyway, back to the point of this post! Meet STEVE the sprout (I named him) :) 

Ahhhh maaaa god isn't he the CUTEST sprout you have EVER seen. I never ever thought in my life I would call a sprout cute. I really really do not like them, but AWWWW Steve and his pals are so so cute! I went a little crazy with this range and decided to buy the wrapping paper, tags and also a pack of christmas cards too! I really like the design, you are a genius whoever designed this! The little santa hats and reindeers ears are so cute, as well as all the expressions the sprouts have, love the shocked one! (I apologise in advance for how many times I say cute in this blog post...) 

The range is for sale in a stationary store called Paperchase, I am not sure if this store is only in UK so apologies, but I guess you can just appreciate how CUTE HE IS. I absolutely adore Paperchase, I could definitely buy out the entire store.... Paperchase always have the most beautiful designs, graphic design heaven! But oh my, yesterday was so so unbearable in there :( It is only a tiny little store, and as you can imagine at Christmas it is CRAZY! 

8 Pack Charity Christmas Cards

I got this pack for the people that I work with in my office, I am giving them to them tomorrow so I hope they like them :) :)  The cards are on 3 for 2, but I only needed one pack. I thought it was nice that 50p of my £3.50 purchase is given to charity. Paperchase's chosen charity is Children with Cancer UK, a very worthy cause! 

The cute little tags! 5 pack for £1.50

The wrapping paper was £3.50 and also on 3 for 2! I wanted to make an effort this year whilst I have a job, I usually have to buy the cheapest I can find and it rips really badly when I am wrapping :( 

I have almost completed all my present shopping, just a few bits for the boyfriend and brothers left... So.... I best get wrapping!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Steve! :) 

Do you like sprouts? Any Paperchase fans out there? Will you be buying your own little Steve's?

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow! 



Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BLOGMAS #17 | Hair Heaven

Ultimate Hair Heaven! 

Hello Lovelies! Late night writing this today.... I am determined not to miss a day of blogmas even though I am up to so much at the moment, I should be packing to go home right now! Opps :) 

Today's post is about two hair products that work wonders and these are the Co Lab Dry Shampoo and the amazing Tangle Teezer! Using these together, will make your hair very happy and smiley! 

Co Lab Dry Shampoos, currently £2.32 in Superdrug:
I love dry shampoos, I sometimes feel quite dependent on them actually! Those days where in the evening and you are like 'aww my hair stills good, I don't need to wash it' Then in the morning you are like OHHHH MY DAYSSSSS my hair is like a chip pan, and you have no time and need to get to the office super quick, you just grab your dry shampoo and your day is saved! Dry shampoos are also amazing for a quick 'freshen up' I love it that I can trick my boyfriend into thinking I have washed my hair and I haven't hehehe...

Now I have always been a Batiste kind of girl, but after using this dry shampoo I feel I have been converted! There are many beautiful scents in the range, but I have only tried the 'flavour' London. I don't really know how to describe the scent of this... but it is just nice. (The bottle says: A classic yet contemporary fragrance of bergamot, musk & magnolia.) The packaging designs are also GORGEOUS. The product comes in 2 sizes, 200ml and cuteeee travel one, which is always really handy for on the go!

I find I have to probably use more of the product than I would with Batiste, I think it's a finer finish and consistency. Saying this, it makes it brilliant because it's invisible, and doesn't make your scalp all white, which is GREAT. Oh so many times in sixth form where people would be like 'what is that white stuff on your head...' My hair looks cleaner and smells really nice, an all round winner! I can't wait to try out the other scents, well done Ruth!

Tangle Teezer:
Oh maaaaa god, what a fabulous invention! I have had mine for around a year and a half now, and I LOVE IT. I remember the hype around these hair brushes, and being like.. seriously? is it that good.. IT IS. 

I have always had really fine hair that knots and tangles really so bad, my dad used to call it my 'rats nest' at the back of my head. I have used so many products previously, such as detangling sprays but this brush is just AMAZING. I am not sure how it does it... it just looks like a pretty standard brush in a different shape to be honest, but WOW.

My heart kind of stops for a moment when I can't find it... which is a lot, this brush just likes to go missing?! One of my friends has like 4 or 5, as her 'spares' which she has bought when she can't find hers haha! 

If you haven't got one, (GO GET ONE) they retail between around £10.99-13.99, which may seem a lot, although hairbrushes are surprisingly actually quite expensive anyway! But you won't regret it, I seriously haven't :)

You can get a range of colours, they quite often have limited edition ones (mine might be) you can also have a compact one, which would be super handy! They also have one that you can use in the shower, which is something that I am looking to purchase in the near future! :) 

These two products together are ULTIMATE HAIR HEAVEN. Have you used any of these products? What are your thoughts on them.... 

Thanks for reading, See you tomorrow beautifuls :) 



Tuesday, 16 December 2014

#BLOGMAS 16 | Plum Lip Colour BARGAIN

Hello lovelies! 

Ahhhh I am so so so busy at the moment! I currently have plans everyday (9 till at least 9, mostly later) until I go home monday! This makes BLOGMAS really hard, and I am seriously trying my best! I am currently supposed to be drying my hair and doing my make up for my friends 22nd instead of this! Sorry Mel :( 

Today's post is talking about this gorgeous lip colour, that turned out to be a bit of a BARGAIN. I was on the hunt for a colour that would go pretty nicely with my velvet boohoo berry swing dress. I wore this dress to my Christmas party the other day and got lots of compliments, even if I didn't feel in my comfort zone in it! It is very different to what I normally wear, and it was quite long on me, being only 5'1 but I EMBRACED IT hahaaa. 

But anyway, whilst on the hunt for the perfect lip colour I came across this one. I was originally considering MAC Diva, which is really stunning. But I came across this little beauty. I have my days where I like it on me and my days where I think it looks awful and doesn't suit me. But it goes with the dress so well! Anyways, this was £5, and I got it for £4.50 with student discount. I thought it was a total bargain!!! 

So... here it is! This is actually my FIRST Topshop beauty product.... Shocking I know! I have heard such good things.

It's a matte lip bullet in 'get me bodied' in the smaller christmas special version, which means it's £5 instead of £8, which I thought was great because lip products seem to last me AGES anyway :) & it comes in this cute little hanging 'christmas' tree shape carrier. I found it in the christmas kind of gift area rather than with all the other lipsticks. I think there were only two shades in this range, but that may have just been my store!

Let's look a bit closer..... It's a gorgeous berry plum kind of red wine colour. I don't find it particularly drying even though it is a matte formula. I am not sure if it is just the lighting of the photo but it makes my teeth look a bit yellow :( booooo. 

Overall, a really lovely lasting lipstick, although sometimes maybe a bit too 'lasting'. *TIP* I would definitely advise you either use a liner, or a lip brush when you use this lipstick. BECAUSE if you make a mess / uneven kind of edge, it looks really silly because it really stains when you try to take it off :( I did this the first time and I didn't look the most pleasant! For the above photo I used a Real Techniques detailer brush to line the edges and filled in, and it turned out A LOT better, so I fully recommend! 

Another sad point, because of the white packaging it can get a little grubby, but easily solved by giving it a little wipe :) and it's ONLY £5!!! (£4.50 Student discount) Such a bargain, perfect autumnal christmassy shade, I couldn't have asked for a better shade for this dress. <3 

Have you tried any of the Topshop Lip Bullets?

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow lovelies! :) 



Monday, 15 December 2014

BLOGMAS #15 | Costa Christmas Hot Chocolates

Hello lovelies! It is less than 10 days until Christmas!! There is something about the days being in single figures that makes it even more EXCITING!!

Today's post is another yummy one, oh I do loveeeee a yummy post! As you can probably guess from the above photo and title today's post is about the delicious festive hot chocolates that Costa have on offer! I am usually a Starbucks kind of girl but Costa have definitely won me over with their festive selection! Sorry Starbucks....... 

I absolutely ADORE these hot chocolates at the moment! I am going to be so sad when they leave the menu, they are SO delicious. My favourite is the above one, the Orange hot chocolate. It is gorgeous, I do love a good chocolate orange combo though! It is sparkly and creamy and chocolatey and orangey and it is soooo good. The best touch is that amazing chocolate lattice on the top which melts into the drink mmmmm!! 

White hot chocolate. 
Now now, I have adored white hot chocolate for a while now, and usually it is the one I drink at home, my friend got me some thornton's White hot chocolate as a present once and it was lovely! This is beautiful, perhaps a little sickly, but I find hot chocolate usually is and I quite often leave a little at the end oops! The cherry sauce on top is a nice touch too! And awww the stars are so cute and make it magical!!! :) 

Brownie hot chocolate 
This one is really yummy, think it has a shot of walnut or something in it, it really does taste like brownies! The little brownie pieces on top are lovely too! However I think this is my least favourite, not because I didn't like it, just I like the others more! This one felt the most sickly for me, probably because it is very chocolatey! 

There is also a Black Forest one, with black currant and cherry, but I wasn't sure if I would like this one.... Has anyone tried it? Is it nice? 

So these are the 2014 Costa Hot Chocolates, have you tried any? Which are your favourite? If you haven't you NEED to, but quick! They won't be around for long :'( 

Thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow!


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