21 Problems Short Girls Encounter On A Daily Basis!

21 Problems Short People Encounter On A Daily Basis

21 Problems Short Girls Encounter On A Daily Basis


Todays post is something I very much enjoy reading myself, so I thought I would create my own list! I always laugh so much on this kind of post because every point I’m like yes yes yes yes yes they all apply to me….

People may not know this because you can hide behind a blog, but I am only 5’1 and I have been for about 10 years. All I have heard is ‘You will grow soon’ I still haven’t had that growth spurt I am afraid!

Let’s Begin…

1. My photo – (Really Old) “Win your height in pizza” not exactly fair really…….

2. Heels. You feel obliged to wear them on a night out to give you some height whilst other people waltz about in really comfy pumps. 

3. Even worse, when everyone else wears heels, you really really have no choice! Unless you want your face in your friends chests all night…..

4. When even primary school children are taller than you. (I remember walking to sixth form and walking past some children horrified 🙁 )

5. When you are sharing food with people ‘Kayleigh can have the smaller piece because she’s smaller’ NO! I can sure tell you us small people have a MIGHTY appetite.

6. When shopping online and the model for clothing is 5’10, you have to imagine how long the skirt is, usually past the knee :'(

7. The nicest clothes are rarely in the petite section, you always like that one item in the standard section or even worse, TALL.

8. Kiss those dreams goodbye of ever wearing a Maxi Dress or Jumpsuit.

9. (I work at Waitrose) and a customer once asked me to reach something off the back of the top shelf. And he was taller than me! I had to go and get someone else to help, it was pretty embarrassing! Also, for old layouts of Waitrose I am actually too short to be allowed to work on the counters and cafe!! 🙁

10. Just as bad, when you are shopping and having to go up to someone to ask them to reach something for you. What you want always  seems to be the item out of reach….

11. Having to buy TopShop jeans because no other jeans fit your waist as well as your leg length. #poorstudent

12. Being a permanent arm rest.

13. ‘Cute’ is the word that you are described as on a daily basis, not always a bad thing but it gets old!

14. Being told you are really short, yes I know.

15. The middle seat in cars, always the most uncomfortable.

16. Not only am I short, I have such a baby face… ID will be glued to me forever.

17. The struggle of trying to keep up with people walking, our little legs have to work so much more! It is so tiring!

18. This also happens with stairs, yes I can only do one step at a time.

19. REALLY tall people always stand or sit in front of me in a concert / cinema. I love staring at the back of a head for a few hours!

20. When you stand on tip toes you are still really really tiny. 

21. Cropping your profile or cover photo on Facebook with a group of friends, such awkward times! Someones head is of risk of being chopped.


As people always say, at least the men are always taller than you! Too true!

I really enjoyed writing this one! Do any of these apply to you?

Thank you for reading,



  1. November 27, 2014 / 1:34 am

    I can imagine those things must get annoying but at the same time, I'm sure there's a lot more good things about being petite! 🙂 I am 5'4" but most people treat me like I'm 5'8" haha- every time something needs to be reached from up high, they ask me to do it because I'm "so tall". I don't get it at all. I'm not even tall but I guess if they think I am, that's okay with me. It seems people are so weird about people with noticeable height differences haha

  2. November 28, 2014 / 1:09 am

    That is pretty tall to be honest;) I quite like my height really, just we get picked on lots!! & just the few everyday struggles we face :} But yeah people make such a big deal about them!! xx

    • November 30, 2014 / 8:45 pm

      thanks lovely! Will defo need to do this when I get a chance <3 xxx

  3. December 5, 2014 / 3:12 am

    This is totally me! I am 28 next week and still get asked for ID. The most embarrassing one was when I was 20 buying fake nails in a beauty shop, the girl got the manager. She didn't explain why. The manager came over and said you have to be over 13 to buy these because of the glue. I wanted to crawl under the counter. I presented my ID and the manager was really sorry. I am also short. I just tell people I am adorable.



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