Wednesday, 26 November 2014

21 Problems Short Girls Encounter On A Daily Basis!

21 Problems Short People Encounter On A Daily Basis

21 Problems Short Girls Encounter On A Daily Basis


Todays post is something I very much enjoy reading myself, so I thought I would create my own list! I always laugh so much on this kind of post because every point I'm like yes yes yes yes yes they all apply to me....

People may not know this because you can hide behind a blog, but I am only 5'1 and I have been for about 10 years. All I have heard is 'You will grow soon' I still haven't had that growth spurt I am afraid!

Let's Begin...

1. My photo - (Really Old) "Win your height in pizza" not exactly fair really.......

2. Heels. You feel obliged to wear them on a night out to give you some height whilst other people waltz about in really comfy pumps. 

3. Even worse, when everyone else wears heels, you really really have no choice! Unless you want your face in your friends chests all night.....

4. When even primary school children are taller than you. (I remember walking to sixth form and walking past some children horrified :( )

5. When you are sharing food with people 'Kayleigh can have the smaller piece because she's smaller' NO! I can sure tell you us small people have a MIGHTY appetite.

6. When shopping online and the model for clothing is 5'10, you have to imagine how long the skirt is, usually past the knee :'(

7. The nicest clothes are rarely in the petite section, you always like that one item in the standard section or even worse, TALL.

8. Kiss those dreams goodbye of ever wearing a Maxi Dress or Jumpsuit.

9. (I work at Waitrose) and a customer once asked me to reach something off the back of the top shelf. And he was taller than me! I had to go and get someone else to help, it was pretty embarrassing! Also, for old layouts of Waitrose I am actually too short to be allowed to work on the counters and cafe!! :(

10. Just as bad, when you are shopping and having to go up to someone to ask them to reach something for you. What you want always  seems to be the item out of reach....


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Other Side To Me.... | M&S Packaging Design

M&S Packaging Design - University Brief 

Drink Packaging Design


Today I am writing a design blog post, I do love myself a beauty girly product, but my passion is being creative and designing things! I thought I would give you a glimpse of something I made in Second Year! Hope you enjoy seeing 'the other side of me' And the animals are super cute :))))

A live brief set by M&S. I had to pick 4 pieces of criteria to follow out of a hat. I chose a range of 4 waters, artisan, photography and 6 colours.

Below are the front and back labels as well as the lid stickers for my artisan range of children’s waters. (My interpretation of artisan is kind of 'hand-made') Each drink represents a different season, through colour, imagery (animal) and flavour. The animals are suited to each season and are constructed out of the fruit flavours of the drink. I used red yellow green and blue as the backgrounds and chose to suit the specific seasons. I did this because I wanted the drinks to be fairly gender neutral rather than using pinks etc. The typeface is a fun bouncy one, suitable for children. I named the animals on the drink using alliteration, I felt this suited the child audience, animals are often named on products for children, and it means they are easier to remember and engage them too.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Lush Haul!

I Love Lush <3 

Hello! Today I am writing about my recent Lush haul. Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@veryberrycosmo) may have seen that I spent a little bit too much in Lush recently. Oops!

I personally love these posts, so I thought I would write one myself! I think this summed up to the largest amount I have ever spent in one go in Lush! Some may say I went a bit OTT but I really didn't realise how much I was piling into my basket until the lady at the till said the price and I was like Ahhhh.... it all adds up! BUT they aren't all for me, some are Christmas presents. (sorry if you are reading!!!)

At University I don't have baths, so I have purchased myself some goodies for when I get home for Christmas. I am going to cram so many baths into that 2 week period and I AM SO EXCITED!

I picked up a few seasonal pieces but also some of the everyday range! My favourites are the bubble bars, rather than the bombs or melts, because I love LOTS of bubbles! I am shocked that I didn't buy my all time favourite 'The Comforter' but turns out I wanted to try something different since I have only used 2 before of the 11 I have purchased! 

Maybe you will find something you like the sound of and wish to purchase!

Karma Bubble Bar (The Orange Swirly One) £3.25

I have purchased this one many times because I LOVE it. If you love a citrus fruity fragrance you will love this bar. The Karma scent I find is quite a well established one for Lush, since they have many products including the perfume with this scent. The sweet orange oil in this bar makes you feel so fresh, crumble this up and it will turn your bath a bright orange! A very happy uplifting one!

Twilight Bath Bomb (Pink One With Moons And Stars) £3.35

When I first smelt this one I really wasn't sure, but so many Bloggers and Youtubers (particularly velvetgh0st) have mentioned how much they love this bath bomb, and that it is their favourite one, so I thought I would give it a shot! It contains lavender oil so this would be a beautiful sleepy one and be very calming!

Cinders Bath Bomb (The Orange Bath Bomb With Red Bits) : £2.50

This one smells soo nice, cinnamon, almond and orange, I am a lover of cinnamon, so if you don't like cinnamon this probably isn't for you, but if you are a fan of cinnamon I don't see why you wouldn't like this one! Very autumny and cosy, I just wish it was a bit bigger!

(Only 3/11 done, eek! I apologise for my rambling!)

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb (Round Pink colourful one with a piece of holly on top) : £3.50

I have seen this one on Instagram so much, and the colours look so STUNNING so I am really really excited to use this one. I have heard that the scent itself is similar (or the same) as Twilight, but who could resist the colours of this one?!

Butterbear Bath Bomb (The cute bear!) : £1.95

I picked this one up purely because it is so cute, I mean - look at his little nose! At £1.95 I thought why not! It has a lovely cocoa and vanilla fragrance making it quite creamy and good for the skin.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Original Source 'Skin Quench' Moisturising Shower Range


Today I am going to be talking about the 'fairly newish now' Original Source Skin Quench Range! It contains natural oils, with little soft oil beads as well as 100% natural fragrance and is VEGAN!

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the bright and beautiful colours 

I am an absolute lover of shower gel. I am really not sure what my obsession of it is.... I currently have 9 different ones... including Lush Snow Fairy OF COURSE. I especially love a good fruit scent, which is why I LOVE original source, the lime one is beautiful.

Anyway back to this range, I popped into Boots last week and saw that these beauties were on offer! HALF price! So they were £1.35 rather than £2.70. (They still are on offer by the way) I have had my eye on the watermelon 'flavour' for a while now, so thought I would snap it up whilst on offer!!!

The range contains 4 scents I believe:

Watermelon & Jojoba Oil
Blackcurrant & Moringa Oil
Peach & Apricot Oil 
Pineapple & Coconut Oil

So I originally only had the Watermelon one... but this week I ended up buying another watermelon as well as the peach and blackcurrant!

The watermelon is my favourite of the range, but then again I love watermelon, the taste as well as the smell. IT IS SO NICE. One word I would use to describe this fragrance would be FRESH. It is so so fresh, absolutely perfect for waking you up in the morning. ZzZz

The blackcurrant one is lovely lovely too, it smells like a blackcurrant fruit pastille which is quite often everyones favourite!   (I like the green ones the most) I just used this one, so I am proud to admit I smell like a fruit pastille.

I haven't used the peach one yet, but I am sure it is lovely lovely!!

I didn't purchase the Pineapple and Coconut Oil one because the smell of coconut always reminds me of Malibu!! (Yuk!!) But if you love coconut I am sure you would love this scent! :)

I am not sure if I have noticed any difference in the finish these have had on my skin yet, but they are worth it for the scents, they are cheaper than the originals at the moment anyway!!

On a design point of view, I LOVE original sources branding, it is playful and cheeky. Love the quote on the back! "Be careful to avoid your eyes, it's not for them it's for your body!'

Have you tried this range? What did you think of it? 

What shower gels are you loving? (I always like to add to my growing collection..... even if I do have enough to last me a year)



Saturday, 15 November 2014

My 'Happy' Book

Hello :)

This blog post is quite a personal one to me, but if it helps even just one person, that would be mean a lot.

I must admit 2014 hasn't been my favourite year of my lifetime for various reasons. My lovely nanny sadly passed away in January and my life kind of spiralled out of control. I was absolutely devastated and my mental health was at an all time low. I had lost the kindest person in my life. 

My friend gave me a suggestion to create this 'happy' book. This can be in the form of any notebook or anything, you can use a diary like I do. Mine is from Paperchase because I LOVE that shop, but you can buy anything for yourself, this is a personal book that only really you will look at.

Each day you just have to write a few good things that happened that day. For example really small things like 'I caught the bus on time' 'Helen complimented my new jumper today' 'It's really sunny today' 'I had a really delicious lunch'  These are just a few of the kind of things I write, I may go into a lot more detail of the meals I had or if something particularly made me smile throughout the day.

These little things add up to a much bigger picture and allow you focus on the positives, rather than the negatives and realise that you have a lot in your life to be thankful for! No Negative things are allowed to feature in this book, it is all positive happy emotions!

I haven't really written in this book since about June, but it really helped me in my darker days at the beginning of this year! I still have my down days, and find myself flicking through my days in this book and it does make me smile.

Now it is November I look back on this year, and I feel I have achieved a lot even with the difficulties I have had! I managed to get myself a 2:1 in my 2nd year at university, got myself a placement year sorted which I am currently on and I do hope my Nanny would have been very proud of me.

RIP Nanny, I love and miss you so much xxx

I do hope this post has helped, leave a comment below if you have any techniques that are also helpful when you are feeling at your most low. And remember, it is okay to feel sad sometimes! After all we are all human!



Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Taylor Swift 1989 ♥

Helloooo :) 

I am absolutely loving Taylor Swift's new album '1989' I apologise that I don't have a lovely photo of the album cover, but I ordered the album off iTunes. I am a bit impatient like that, I wanted it STRAIGHT AWAY! If I can collect something from the store rather than wait 3-5 days, I will!

If you have not already purchased this album - what are you doing?! It is SO GOOD!! 

It is a platinum album / biggest album selling in a week since 2002 for a reason! 

I am not sure I can even distinguish my favourites, because I like them all but I really really really really really like:
- Welcome To New York
- Blank Space
- I Wish You Would
- Bad Blood
- Wildest Dreams
- How You Get The Girl
- I Know Places
- Clean
So basically all of them...... 

They are catchy, and being Taylor Swift songs, very relatable to her target audience. I am a sucker for listening to lyrics that I feel are 'special' towards me. I seriously can't stop listening to this!! 
Is anyone else loving this album?



Saturday, 8 November 2014

What Helps Me Sleep Better?

Hello! :)

I have always been someone who doesn't sleep amazingly. Whether this is falling asleep quickly or constantly waking up during the night. I have problems with both of these. Over the years I have been using various products and rituals in order to help with these problems. Although I still do not sleep amazingly, I have definitely seen an improvement! I thought I would share a few of these with you because I know how horrible it is when you can't sleep :) 

Sleep Mask

As you can see in my top image I have a 'sleep mask' I am not sure of the official name for these... but this is what I call it. Mine is an anatomicals one, with a quote I really like "Nod off and let the world sod off" I am not sure where this is from since my friend got it for me when she knew I was really struggling with my sleep, which was lovely of her! 

I am not sure if these work all that well in keeping you asleep but I do find they help with blocking out all light to help you fall asleep. (The purpose of them I suppose....) They never are on my head still in the morning though!!! 

Badger Sleep Balm

Another little present off my friend as well as the sleep mask was this balm. It is called the Badger Sleep Balm. Certified Orgnanic, Lavender & Bergamot. "a soothing temple rub. Use to improve natural sleep" It smells quite herbal, reminds me of certain sleepy bubble baths. I normally use this in combination with the Boots Pillow Spray above. This balm is lovely, not too greasy on the skin. I have read really good things about this product!!!

Boots Pillow Mist

Boots Re:Balance Dream Pillow Mist.

I really really like this product. I was slightly unsure about purchasing this product at first, because I was originally looking for lavender oil. (my auntie always used to put a little drop on my pillow, it was amazing, but so expensive)

I use it together with the sleep balm because it creates a sleepy aroma all around my room, and I also think I am the kind of person who face plants her pillow when I sleep! I am so close to finishing this bottle off :( waaaa.

I chose this one because it was affordable. It is £6.15, which is really cheap in comparison to others on the market plus its 100 ml which is a good size! I have used a product similar by 'this works' and it did work, but I wouldn't say any better than this one and it was so much more money! 


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Benefit 'they're real! push up liner' review.


I am the worst blogger ever it seems!!! But I am finally uploading my second post! It has taken my a while to do this second post because of the lack of natural light for my photographs :( I guess that is the problem with working 9-5 pretty much 6 days a week and now it is autumn!

This month Elle is kindly giving readers the chance to test the Benefit They're Real Push Up Eyeliner. I have wanted to try this for ageeeeeess and with a love for Emma Watson and her feminism speech I decided to purchase the magazine!

Sadly I didn't have an excellent experience with this eyeliner :( I really really really wanted to love it I just found it incredibly difficult to use - I like to think I am being silly so please let me know in my comments if you had a better experience than I did!!! But I just found it really tough to squeeze the 'gel' up, maybe I am a little weak...

I didn't even a finish one eye until I decided to give up, but I may give it another chance in the near future! One good thing though it did get much closer to my lash line than my current eyeliner! I just found it really hard to apply.

I have heard so many mixed reviews, similar to Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

Has anyone else had any problems with this eyeliner, or is it just me? I also wonder if the sample is harder to use than the proper sized one!

Please let me know of any good eyeliners, I always am on the hunt for a new one!


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